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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2003-03-apr1.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2 - D. President's Report to the Board of Trustees (PR 1) President Todd called attention to the following items in PR 1: 1. The University of Kentucky Alumni Association presented six faculty members with Great Teacher Awards in late February. President Todd said that, in his opinion, this is one of the finest awards given at the University and congratulated the recipients for their teaching efforts. He mentioned the reactions that he has received from recognizing academic awards at the basketball games. He said that he planned to continue recognizing faculty and students at football games as well as basketball games. 2. UK and U of L win $4.2 million in federal funds for Community Transportation Academy. He urged the Board to read about our cooperation with U of L and thanked Congressman Hal Rogers for his help in ensuring that UK and U of L received funding. 3. The Agricultural Development Board has awarded a $1.4 million grant to the UK College of Agriculture to develop a program to help 19 northeastern Kentucky counties end their dependence on tobacco farming. This is another one of the University's outreach efforts. 4. Four UK College of Engineering students were selected for the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program. This is the first time any university has gotten more than two positions. Out of twenty- two nationally available positions, UK received four. The University got more students than MIT, Cal Tech, Georgia Tech, Princeton and the Naval Academy. 5. Kyle Green, a student in the UK Martin School of Public Policy and Administration, has been selected to receive the prestigious Administrative Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore. He was a Transylvania undergraduate, an All-American basketball player as well as an academic All-American, and came to UK. 6. The UK Jazz Ensemble won top awards at the 36th Annual Elmhurst College Jazz Festival. Dr. Todd said that the plays, the performances, the operas, and the core groups that perform at this University are superior. He encouraged the Board to support these groups. 7. The Women Writers Conference was brought back last year. It has been successful on campus again hosting a conference that focused on the Roll of Food in Literature.