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[8] > Image [8] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2005-04-may10.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

6 - J. Change in Degree (AACR 4) Ms. Sparks said that AACR 4 recommends that the Board approve the change in the name of the Master of Science in Vocational Education to Master of Science in Career, Technical, and Leadership Education and approve the creation of a non-teaching option. This would be effective in the fall 2005 semester. This proposal has the approval of the Graduate Council, Senate Council, and University Senate. The Provost also supports this recommendation. On behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee, she moved approval of AACR 4. Professor Kennedy seconded her motion, and it carried without dissent. (See AACR 4 at the end of the Minutes.) Mr. Hardymon changed the order of the agenda and said the Finance Committee report would be later. He called on Ms. Smith Edge for the Student Affairs Committee Report. K. Student Affairs Committee Report Ms. Smith Edge, Chair of the Student Affairs Committee, reported that Dr. Patricia Terrell and her staff gave an update on the Code of Student Conduct at their meeting that morning. The code had previous changes and additions, but there has never been a comprehensive review and update. The proposed revisions were posted on the web for over two weeks. There was Kernel coverage and also meetings were held with several student groups, including the Student Senate and the President's Roundtable. The comments and suggested changes have been incorporated along with University Counsel suggestions. The proposed revised code will be submitted to the President and Provost for final review before coming to the Board. The goal is to make the code very user and student friendly and easy to navigate without legal counseling. Once the proposed draft goes to the President and Provost, the committee will get it. It is requested that the committee consider the revised code at the June Board meeting so it can be incorporated into the new information for the upcoming year. Ms. Smith Edge reported that the Student Affairs Committee will have a special meeting on June 8. This meeting will be open to all Board members to allow full discussion of all of the proposed changes and to receive any input from them prior to the June 14 Board meeting. A draft of the proposed revisions will be mailed to the Board prior to the meeting so the Board will have the opportunity to have input. Ms. Smith Edge reported that approximately 25 percent of the student population goes uninsured every year. They basically have no insurance. Student Health Services plays a key role, and the administration will continue to look at some insurance issues in the future.