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5 > Image 5 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1919

Part of Lexington City Directories

l [ ._ Q ;l: E; l IY g lz , 3; 4 INTRODUCTION T , tl R. L. 1olk & Co., publishers of the Lexington, Ky., city directory herewith submit their 1919 edition of that work con- il fident that it cannot fail to satisfy the most critical. " y A So far as the publishers have been able to secure the in- 1, j formation from the homes of the city, the name of each soldier , and sailor for whom each star in the service flag stood, has been \ incorporated in its regular place in the alphabetical portion of , the directory, thus making a record that will be of inestimable " j l value in the years to come. I l l FACTS ABOUT LEXINGTON I l)REIAREl) nv C. F. DUNN, T Secretary-Manager Board 0f Commerce. ~ Population, Post Office estimate, 46,000. Altitude, 954 feet. Thirty-four churches. _ Three high schools (two white and one colored), I3 public schools and 2 parochial. Ten colleges, including llniversity of Kentucky, Transyl- vania. llamilton and Sayre Colleges. Annual enrollment of 3.000 students from Kentucky and elsewhere. `\i Model community school, with outdoor classes, vocational A `o I courses, gymnasium, swimming pool and other educational and development facilities. . Two line hospitals, also tuberculosis sanitarium and Eastern . State Hospital for Insane. Commission form of government, with five departments, over which the mayor exercises general supervisory control. Handsome public library building. Free circulation of 59,- ' 438 books during IQIS. - Electric light and power, cheap coal and natural gas, piped from the Eastern Kentucky fields, for all purposes. Light and ` power furnished to surrounding communities. _. Five modern, tireproof oftice buildings, from eight to fifteen ~ stories. Daily observations made by U S \\'eather Bureau from highest building. - Assessed \`aluation: Realty. $:4.517,600; Personal, $8,814,- 961 _ (iii) _ Li . . T