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671 > Image 671 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1919

Part of Lexington City Directories

\ `V LEXINETUN UMNIBUS & BAGGAGE TRANS- _ _ A cu, mz Auruoiuzzu RAILROAD TRANSFER co. L Established 1863 . Main Office: Union Station EFFICIENT TAXI SERVICE . uaxmcrou CITY DIRECTORY 661 _ *TOILET PAPER W DUST-KETCHER MFG CO (Inc), 575 W Main (See 2 right top lines) TRAINING STABLES 2 ` Bowerman Michael L, Fair Grounds ` Cahill David, Fair Grounds Davis john VV, Fair Grounds ` Dodge john L, Fair Grounds _ Hayes Bernard, Fair Grounds Horine Henry T, Fair Grounds I I I - ` jones Henry N, Fair Grounds McAllister james O, Fair Grounds Mclleekin j \V jr, Fair Grounds Miller Roy, Fair Grounds Moody Hunter C. Fair Grounds Moore Hugh. Fair Grounds Moreland Robert E. Fair Grounds Owings \\m A, Fair Grounds Railey Macey, Fair Grounds I Rogers Lawrence K, Fair Grounds Sanders Millard. Fair Grounds Saunders U Grant, Fair Grounds G M. LO WENTHAL and SUITSl mass w. mm sr. TgL$,P;;* > Schlessinger H j, Fair Grounds Snell james. Fair Grounds Starr George, Fair Grounds Stewart john B, Fair Grounds U S Bureau Animal Industry. Fair Grounds *\\'illis Edward D, Fair Grounds TRANSFER COMPANIES Q _ FARLEY WAREHOUSE & TRANSFER CO (Inc), 12g-131 S Mill (See left side lines) LEXINGTON OMNIBUS & BAGGAGE TRANSFER rj cn O CO (Inc), Union Station (See right top lines) gg g Q, S Murphy Transfer Co (Inc), 524-536 \\ Vine V, 5 =%=TRUssEs 5. gg *2 DUNN WILL DRUG CO, Broadway at Main (See E 2 right center lines) E- E 7; *TRUST COMPANIES 5 Z g 1 Phoenix & Third Trust Co, 123-125 VV Main ` TITLE GUARANTEE & TRUST CO, 201-203 W Short cor Upper (See back cover) _ I UNION BANK & TRUST CO, 164 W Main (See right ( top lines)