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8 > Image 8 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1919

Part of Lexington City Directories

._QQj vi 1NTRoDUcT1oN Lexi11gton has the tinest trotting track in the world and offers the largest purses. Two running meets are held each year, _ A in addition to the worldfamous annual trots. The two tracks is net an income to Lexington of $2,000,000 yearly. . Center of Eastern Kentucky Oil development, with a pro- T _ , duction for the present year of approximately $20,000,0oo. ` Headquarters for operating companies and Kentucky Oil Mens ' 5 Association. . Headquarters for Eastern Kentucky coal producers. Outlet ~ for fields that produced 30,000,000 tous mined in 1918, an in- . crease of IO per cent over previous year. Greatest blue grass seed market in the world and one of the I . {ive great hemp producing sections of the country. -_ Distributing center for large wholesale trade over Central, I . . Eastern and Southern Kentucky, Tennessee and \Vest Virginia. Q Annual income from this source $15,000,00o, in addition to $8,- . r 000,000 brokerage trade. \\-holesale products are dry goods, shoes, hats, caps, gloves, groceries, milling products, drugs, meats, feed, produce, ice, cigars, automobiles, agricultural implements, _ baking products, lumber, cement, coal, hemp, tobacco, coffee, j` . dairy products, candies. fruit, ice cream. harness,. hides, mantels. ` . monuments, tents and awnings. E ` Automobile trade center; 34 automobile and accessory dealers, realizing an annual income of more than $1.000,000. . , Finest fair grounds of any city its size in the United States. j Q ._ The Blue Grass Fair. an annual event. attracts thousands of _ outside visitors. s ; Noted as a convention city. Metropolitan hotel facilities C . and central location of city make Lexington popular for national C and state conventions. - Amusements: Opera house, booking best legitimate attrac- i tions; auditorium seating 2,500, vaudeville house and three high- class movie theatres with large seating capacity. Plans projected , A for $500,000 municipalauditorium building. $ ` _ The home of Henry Clay, one of many historic points that ., - attract thousands of tourists to Lexington. ` . A city of beautiful homes, comprising stately Southern man- sions of ante-bellum days and the most costly modern structures. . " in To the Board of Commerce for its assistance, to the __ i merchants and manufacturers for their support and cooperation ` and to the citizens of Lexington, the publishers extend their ` _` thanks for the unfailing courtesy extended them in thc issue of 4. - this directory and assure them that no effort will be spared to j make each succeeding issue a credit alike to both publishers and patrons. R. L. Pork & Co., . i Publis/zcrs. -, ; 404 Central National Bank Bldg. _ I