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11 > Image 11 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

8 Circuit Court (III, IV) 1062); a county indexer, with the consent of a majority of the circuit judges, in counties having a population over 75,000 and constituting a . separate judicial district (ibid., sec. 908); three members of the county library board (ibid., sec. 958d-1); probation officers (ibid., sec. 55le- 5); from six to ten persons to serve as an advisory boardt8 the juvenile court (ibid., sec. 55le-19); in counties having a city of the first or second class, a stenographer for the juvenile court (ibid., sec. 55le-17); with the school superintendent, three or five members of the county chil- drens' bureau (ibid., sec. 551L-16); inspectors for inspection warehouses (ibid., sec. 2l88)?`procossioners of land for the county (ibid., sec. 2567); a public administrator (ibid., sec. 5905); and a manager of the workhouse (ibid., sec. h868). __`_ (6) Additional appointments which the county judge is authorized to make include; patrols for each patrol district of the county (ibid., sec. 5780); three persons as a board of water cormdssioners (ibid., secsT958g-1, -2), who shall appoint a legal advisor, elect a chairman, secretary, and treasur- er, and appoint a superintendent of water districts (ibid., secs. 958gh, -18, -21); a board of viewers where ditches, drains, et75;tora, are to be constructed (ibid., sec. 2580-2); a board of drainage commissioners (ibid., secs. 2580-7, 2380b-l2);i Crmtauiua police commissioner (ibid., sec."52Ha ` 2); three commissioners to divide the county into justicesTdistricts (ibid., secs. 1079, lhhh); a physician to vaccinate the poor (ibid., sec. h6lh); three commissioners to assess damages in railroad condemnation proceedings (ibid., sec. 855); one or more deputy surveyors on the recommendation of the i county surveyor (ibid., soc. L675); and personal representatives, guardians, `Q trustees, committees? curators, and other fiduciaries (ibid., sec. 1057). (7) He may also appoint a judge pro tempore (ibid., sec. l0h9), and may fill temporary vacancies in the majority of OEE*rriss (ibid., secs. 151, 1526, 1527, h0h2a-6). Except in counties having a city of the first or second class, the county judge is a member of the county building com- mission (ibid., sec. 188la-1). IV CIRCUIT COURT (1) The present constitution established the circuit court in every coun- ty and gives the general assembly power to divide the state into a number of judicial districts (Const. of 189l, secs. 125, 128). The circuit judge, the presiding officer d27HT$clrcuit court, is elected for each judicial district (ibid., sec. 129). (2) The circuit court is a court of record and has original jurisdiction over all matters both in law and equity, which jurisdiction is not exclu- sively delegated to some other tribunal. It also has jurisdiction in all cases where the title to land is involved or in which it is sought to en- iforce a lien upon or to subject land by provisional remedy to the payment of debt (Carro1l's Kentucky Statutes, 1956 cd., soc. 966). The circuit court hascEgniEaneE8fa11persbnZ1`actions involving over $50 (ibid., MRS-M-ll