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12 > Image 12 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

9 Circuit Court (IV) secs. 1051, 1086) and over criminal actions where the fine upon conviction exceeds $20 (ibid., sec. 1095). It has appellate jurisdiction over all . judgments in civil actions where the amount involved is over $25, over all judgments granted by the county courts where the amount is more than $50, (ibid., secs. 978, h502a-1), and over judgments of the justiccs* courts in fdrcible entry and detainer proceedings (Civil Code, sec. M65). Further jurisdiction extends over actions of the board of tax equalization (Carroll, , cp. cit., sec. 2992); judgments of the public service commission (ibid., ` scc. 5952-hh); and judgments against defendants in criminal actions in the lower courts for imprisonment or fine of $20 or more (Criminal Code, sec. 562). The general assembly has power to change the jurisdiction of the cir- cuit court (Const. of 1891, scc. 126). (5) The circuit court also has jurisdiction of violations of the common carrier laws (Carroll, op. cit., secs. 201e-12, -15, -21, -22); exclusive jurisdiction of inquestE`EEHerning the mind or mental faculty of persons, appellate j risdiction from the county court in cases for the restoration of persons to sound minds (ibid., secs. 216aa-68, 216aa-101), and juris- diction concurrent with the~EEEnty court in the care and custody of idiots and lunatics and their estates (ibid., sec. 2lh9). The circuit court also has jurisdiction of claims upon thE"treasury (ibid., sec. 5hOa-2), and, concurrent with the quarterly and justices* courts (police), of violations of the local option laws (ibid., secs. 255hb-79, 255hc-52), and of the of- fense of vagrancy (ibid., EEE? M7585). It further has power to postpone _ judgment and probate persons charged with crime (ibid., sec. 979b-5). (M) Additional duties of the circuit court are; to license newspapers to publish advertisements which by law are required to be published (ibid., sec. 15); to order delivery of fugitives from justice over to state_dEmand- ing their return (ibid., sec. 1927); to appoint guards for prisoners (ibid., sec. 20Qh); to ordEr*Eut the militia on occasion (ibid., sec. 2711a-1h5sS; and to render commitments to houses of reform (ibid., secs. 2095c-1, et seq.). (5) The circuit court is empowered to sell land belonging to societies, such as charitable and religious societies, which have been dissolved, when the land has been granted to public uses for the purpose of re-investment in similar property (ibid., sec. 52h). The circuit court meets three times a year in the county (Const. of 1891, sec. 151). Special terms may be called by the judge (Carroll, op. cit.,secs. 971-12, -15). Circuit courts in county containing cities of_thE_Econd class have jurisdiction over con- demnation proceedings by such cities (ibid., sec. 5905). (6) The circuit court is authorized to appoint: elisors to act in place of sheriff (ibid., scc. 1597); an attorney pro tempore to act for the common- wealth atterney (ibid., sec. 120) and in vacancy pending election (ibid., sec. 1528); guardians ad litem for persons under disability (Civil Cdde, sec. 58); two physicians to examine alleged insane persons (Carro1lT~ep. cit., sec , 216aa-76); and committees for the care and custody of the_pEr- (sons and estates of idiots, lunatics, and others incompetent to manage their own affairs (ibid., sec. 21h9). V HRS-211-12