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13 > Image 13 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

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10 Circuit Court (IV) Circuit Judge Q (7) The circuit judge is elected every six years in the judicial district. E He is a conservator of the peace and must be at least thirtyfive years of age, have been a practicing lawyer for eight years, and be commissioned by the governor (Const. of 1891, secs. 129, 150). The circuit judge, as pro- _ vided by statute, is empbwered to call special terms of court and to order ( _. grand and petit juries to be empanelled whenever necessary (Carroll, op. cit., sec. 971-15). He may further appoint a court reporter for the judi- _ Elal district (ibid., sec. h657) and a master commissioner for each county . A ~ , in the district for a term of four years (ibid., sec. 592). Where the mas- ter commissioner does not act as such, themcircuit judge appoints a receiv- er (ibid., sec. h09). The circuit judge is a member of the judicial coun- _ cil (ibid., sec. 1126a-1), and he appoints three persons as jury conmis- e sione?s(ibid., sec. 22hl) and two or more examiners in the counties of his j district tEtake depositions (Civil Code, scc. 559). A majority of circuit judges may appoint an official interpreter in single county districts with V a population of more than 75,000 (Carroll, op. cit., sec. 1019c-1). Commonwealth Attorney (8) The commonwealth attorney is elected in every judicial district every six years. He must be at least twenty-four years of age and have been a practicing attorney for four years (Const. of 1891, secs. 97, 100). His compensation is by salary and such percentage of fines and forfeitures as ( y may be fixed by law. His office, however, may be abolished by the general . assembly, in which event, the duties of his office are to be discharged by the county attorney (ibid., secs. 98, 108). (9) It is the duty of the commonwealth attorney to attend each circuit ` l court session held in his district and prosecute all violations of criminal and penal laws therein. He must attend to all civil cases and proceedings . in the circuit courts of his district in which the commonwealth is inter- ested, but in civil cases the governor may employ counsel to assist him (Carroll, op. cit., sec. 118). ln his absence the circuit judge may appoint an attorney_tEaEt in his place (ibid., see. 120). ` (10) Other powers and duties specified by statute are to; advise the col- lector for the commonwealth in regard to delinquent collecting officers (ibid., sec. 122); file a statement in writing setting forth the reasons fEr_his dismissing an indictment or entering a nolle prosequi (ibid., sec. 125); investigate all unsatisfactory judgments in his district iYTTavor of the commonwealth (ibid., sec. 150); prosecute delinquent attorneys and those failing to pay thblr clients money collected (ibid., secs. 102, 105); represent the commonwealth in inquests concerning insanity (ibid., sec. 21aa-71); and prosecute suits instituted by the state auditEr*for collec- _ tion of taxes due the state (ibid., sec. hle9). He is also to enforce the ,"~ game and fish laws (ibid., secj_l95hcl8); to assist the forestry depart- _ ment in the enforcement of its regulations (ibid., scc. 2007i-25); to prosc- cute violations of sanitation laws (ibid., sec. 2060b-11); and to represent the state board of health in cases whiEh'ccme under his jurisdiction (ibid., 21 1