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3 > Image 3 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

FOREWORD This manual has been prepared for the purpose of con- solidating into a single compilation the current duties and func- tions of all offices and courts permitted by constitution and statutes in the state of Kentucky, All of the offices included are not in existence in each county; however, it was necessary to include each office authorized so that a complete abstract of Kentucky county governments would be available, The arrangement of offices in this manual has been to classify the offices according to administrative, recording, ju- dicial, taxation, law enforcement, and service divisions. The chart of county governmental organization is indicative of the manner in which offices are filled and courts, boards, and com- missions composed, showing also the relationship of one office to another, To increase the use of the individual office abstracts, an alphabetical index of duties and functions is included in this compendium. ,1, , _ f _//;'/ yl,} ,/2Y// cx ,4? ,/C/ ,4 Qz / ' ' "/"%-* /// , 4// / /fl//[Ji;) _, Q? .__A&