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5 > Image 5 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

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2 ABBREVIATIONS AND EXPLANATORY NOTES Ch. ------------------ - ------- chapter Const. ------------------- - --- Constitution Gd. ------ - ----------------------- ~edition " ct SGQ. --------- et sequens, and the following ibid. ----- ibidem, same reference as the preceding " Op. cit. ------ opere citate, the work cited P-: PP- *''*'**'''''*'**' P& P&SS par., pars. ~--------- paragraph, paragraphs ' sec., secs. ----------------- section, sections All references such as (see cffice of ) per- { tain to sections in this volume only. Other citEt5E?YTEF to _ statute numbers as indicated. ` " References in the index to this volume apply to the * _ section numbers of the various offices and to the paragraphs contained in each office section. According to the constitution of l89l, the various cities and towns in Kentucky, for the purpose of their organi- zation and government, are divided into six classes according to their population. In many cases change in classification ' has not kept pace with change in population, and many munici- palitics are no longer classified strictly according to present population. The general assembly, however, may change the assignments made as the population of cities and towns changes, and, in the absence of satisfactory means of obtaining the accu- rate population, it is governed by the last preceding federal f census (Const. of l89l, scc. 156). The basis of classification is as foll6wE?__-__ First class. ..... ........l00,000 or more Second class.. .......... .moro than 20,000 and less then 100,000 } ' Third class. ............ .more than 8,000 and less than t 20,000 Fourth class. ..... .......more than 5,000 and less than 8,000 Fifth class..............more than l,000 and less than 5,000 Sixth class. .... . ...... ..less than l,0OO A complete list of the names and classes of incorporated l cities and towns is included in the statutes (arroll's Kentucky Etatutes, l956 ed., secs. 27ho, et seq.). T nas-M-h