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7 > Image 7 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

L I FISCAL COURT (1) The fiscal and governmental affairs of each county in Kentucky, as authorized by the constitution of 1891, are administered by the fiscal court, composed of the justices of the peace and the county judge who is c the presiding officer, or three commissioners, in certain counties, who together with the county judge constitute the fiscal court (Const. of 1891, sec. lhh). The majority of the members of this court Ettttittte a court for the transaction of business (ibid., sec. lh2). (2) The county judge is elected in the county every four years (see of- fice of County Judge) and a justice is also elected every four years in each justice*s district (seo office of Justices of the Peace; Const. of 1891, see. 99) The clerk of the countyhtttzt acttas clerk ofrthe fis- taleourt (Carroll*s Kentucky Statutes, 1956 ed., sec. 1855). Two regu- lar sessions of the court are held oath year at the county seat, but the county judge may callspecial terms (ibid., secs. 1858, 1859). (5) Unless otherwise provided by law, the fiscal court exercises the cor- porate powers of the county (ibid., scc. 185h). It has jurisdiction to; appropriate county funds authorized by law to be appropriated; erect and keep in repair necessary public buildings; secure an adequate jail and a confortable, convenient place for holding court at the county seat; erect l and keep in repair bridges and other structures; regulate and control the fiscal affairs and property of the county; cause correct accounts and rec- ords to be kept of all receipts and disbursements of the public funds of the county, having all accounts of county officers audited; make provi- sion for the maintenance of the poor and provide a poorhouse and farm for the maintenance of the indigent sick and for hospitalization for such per- sons; provide for the good condition of the highways of the county; appro- priate funds to secure immigration into the county and advertise its re- sources (ibid., sec. 1880). In addition to these duties other statutes authorize the fiscal court to; offer bounties for each crow killed in the county (ibid., sec. 18hOf-1); levy and collect a poll tax and ad valcrom tax to pay`Eff the existent current indebtedness (ibid., sec. 1882); pro- vide for the support of the blind (ibid., sec. l895aYlC); appropriate money to carry on extension work intagticulture and home economics in the county (see office of County Agricultural Agent; Carroll, op. cit., sec. h656g-2); provide for crippled children (ibid., sec. 55lm-9); buy and sell land for the county (ibid., sec. 927); create county health districts (ibid. secs. 205ha-l, et seqT)?maintain sanatrriums for the treatment of tubercu- losis (ibid., sec. 206la-5); acquire and construct armorios (ibid., sec. 271la-128TY establish and maintain playgrounds and a recreatitEEystem ., (ibid., sec. 5909a-2); issue bonds to finance indebtedness (ibid., sec. 18575; contract for the reclamation of swamp lands (ibid., sEET`2hl5); and publish the financial condition of the county annualty (ibid., sec. 1886). (L) The fiscal court makes the following appointments in each county; the county treasurer (ibid., sec. 929); a person to fill a vacancy in the of- fice of county judgE(ibid., sec. 5758-1); one member of the county board mas-m~6