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9 > Image 9 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

6 County Court Clerk (II) with the county court (ibid., sec. 1069); prepare all ballots, et cetera, = for voting purposes (ibid]T`secs. lh55, et seq.); return all unused li- censes and stubs for thE`provious year to the state game and fish com- , mission (ibid., sec. 195hc-50); issue marriage licenses and record same. V (ibid., SEEET 2106, 2108-1); make a biennial report to the county judge 1 of all law books received on public account (ibid., sec. 2h29); and safe- - guard all books for which he is responsible under bond (ibid., sec. 2h50). (5) Additional duties require the county court clerk to keep a medical . register of all physicians in the county (ibid., scc. 26ll); administer official oaths (ibid., sec. 575h); record allinstruments of writing ac- _. knowledged or proved before him as required by law (ibid., sec. 511); rec- . ord all settlements made by the county treasurer (ibidTT`sec. 955); re- ceive applications for automobile licenses, distributE`registration plates, and report and remit to the state tax commission for same (ibid., secs. 2579g-Ea, 2759g-62); record wills (ibid., sec. h86h); and seemthat records _ ` are not taken out of the county exceptnin great emergencies or by court , order (ibid., sec. 577). He must not be interested in contracts with the V county (ibid., sec. l@Ji). _, (6) The county court clerk acts as clerk of the board of tax supervisors (ibid., sec. hl2l), and he keeps and makes copies of orders of appointment ` ofrtak supervisors (ibid., scc. hll6). He records and indexes the report of the sheriff pertaining to sale of property for taxes (ibid., sec. hl6Q); certifies to the county tax commissioner each year a complete statement of all conveyances for the preceding year (ibid., sec. h2h0); makes an account _ of all public moneys received by him up tEthe first day of each circuit ~ _1 , court session (ibid., sec. h2h2); enters in a wellbound book all moneys re~ ceived (ibid., seET`h2h5); keeps e minute book of chattel mortgages in which to cnterwabstracts of all pledges, mortgages, or liens upon personal propcr , ty (ibid., sec. 525b-B); furnishes a list of mortgages and liens to the coun~ ' - ty taE`Ebmmissioner (ibid., secs. h05la, h05lb); reports to tho state tax commission on the Ssrstsr real estate (ibid., sec. hllhi-lh); certifies the tax on all distilled spirits, forwardingabopy to the sheriff for collec- tion (ibid., sec. hl08); makes out original bills for each person required 6 to pay poll tax (ibid., sec. h259i); and, before September l, makes and certifies to the county tax commissioner a complete statement of all pur- chase money, notes, mortgages, and other obligations or liens for money duo the county (ibid., sec. hO5la). (7) The county court clerk is authorized to grant all licenses as agent for the state where business is proposed to be conducted in tho county, except _ as otherwise specially provided (ibid., sec. hl90); this includes transient merchants, pedlars, and other miscellaneous operators (ibid., secs. h?lhd, ct seq., h2l5, et seq. h2l6, h2l7b, et seq., h2L5a, ot EEQTQ h22h, et seq,). he is also to forward stubs of licenses granted to th lff state auditor of pub- ml f lic accounts within two days and the receipts for them once a month, at this time collecting his five per cent commission (ibid., sec. hl95). The clerk HkSM-B