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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1910-04-dec13.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MIAUUTS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSDe r 1 The Board of Trustees of the State University met in semi-annual session on Tuesday, December 13, 1910. Present: Governor Yillson, Superintendent Regenstein, Judge Barker, Messrs. Tibbis Carpenter, Claude B. Terrell, Cassius to. Clay , Richard C. Stoll, Charles B. Nichols, James K. Patterson, Acting President vhlite, Thomas L. Edelen. Absent: Messrs. William H. Cox, Denny P. Smith, Hywel Davies, Louis L. Walker, Richard N. iathen, Tohn B. Atkinson, Tames 'S. Turner. Governor Wilison in the chair. Upon motion made and duly seconded, Ivr. Clay was elected Chairman pro tem of the meeting. President Emeritus Patterson made the following statement to the Board: "A few days ago MSr. R. C. Stoll, a member of this Board, informed me by a special messenger that a rumor was current that the Calvert property fronting 101 feet on Limestone Street and lying between the property known as Patterson Hall and the recent purchase made from the MICLaughlin heirs,had been sold to one Mr. Cropper, for the purpose of erecting a laundry thereon. He requested that I should send Prof. W. K. Patterson to Mirs. Calvert to ascertain the truth of the rumor. This I did. In conversation with IMtrs. Calvert, she informed him that she considered the property as good as sold, that the man had agreed to give her $5100. for it and would return on the Monday following (December 5th), to complete the transaction. She stated, however, that he had not returned, that she had entered into no written obligation to convey the property, that no money had passed be- tween the parties, and that she therefore considered herself free to entertain any alternative proposition. After some conversation, she agreed to give him an option for the University for one week on the basis of.5250. On his return he reported the result of the conversation to me. December 13, 1910