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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1910-04-dec13.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MtJNUS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Smith, Claude B. Terrell, Cassius a. Clay, H1ywel Davies, Richard C. Stoll, Louis L. Walker, Richard N. .,Tathen, John B. Atkinson, Thomas L. Edelen, Charles D. Nichols, James K. Patterson, Tames W. Turner, and Ellsmorth Regenstein, Trustees of the State University of Kentucky, parties of the second part; WITNESSETH: That the party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of Five Dollars, ($5.00) cash in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, does hereby agree that she will, for a period of ten days give to the parties of the second part the right and privilege to purchase the premises upon which she now resides on South Limestone Street, Lexington, Ky., and lying between the University property, Patterson Hall, on the north and the McLaughlin lot re- cently purchased on the south; "That said purchase, if made, shall be for the sun of Five Thousand, Two Hun- dred Dollars, ($5200.), cash in hand paid, when a deed of conveyance is made. This sale to include all of the property in that connection which she owns, or to which she has any right in any way whatever, other than personal property. Said prop- erty shall also be transferred free from all encumbrances and taxes. "If second parties elect to buy said property, first party will furnish an abstract of title and warrant same. Second parties may elect at any time within the period of ten days to take said property at said price, and immediately after such election, first party will have the deed made and delivered and will give possession on or before the day of "It is agreed that this shall be a binding contract from this date, if signed by the first party and by lames G. iWhite, Acting President of the said State Univer- sity. ",Given under our hands this the day and date first above written. (Signed) Mrs. Rebecca Calvert James G. White, Acting President of the State University of Kentucky. Attest: Jalter K. Patterson~tt December 13, 1910