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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF T1E BOARD OF TRUSTES - DEcember 13, 1910 motion made and duly seconded that the University accept the option to buy the Calvert property and that President Emeritus Patterson, Mr. Nichols and Judge Lafferty be appointed a commnittee to complete the transaction. On roll-call said motion was unanimously carried. President Emeritus Patterson then presented the following resolution: 1=31MEAS through the good offices of Superintendent Regenstein and the liberal- ity of the General Board of Education, of which Dr. Wallace Buttrick is Secretary, an Inspector and Supervisor of Schools for Secondary Education in Kentucky has been appointed by the General Board; "AND 1MMEAS one of the conditions attaching to the appointment is that the official so appointed shall have headquarters at one of the colleges or univer- sities of the State, that he shall be intimately identified with the institution selected for headquarters, that he shall be recognized as a professor therein and as a member of the general faculty of the university or college; "AnD VDREAS the State Superintendent and the General Board of Education prefer that the headquarters of the appointee be the State University and that he be iden- tified with the State University; "AND W1BE9EAS a further condition of appointment and residence is that the University or College selected for headquarters shall pay the travelling expenses of the appointee of the Board of Education, the said Board providing the salary, viz: $3,000.; "TIMREFO1E, RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees of the State University accept with thanks the overture of the General Board of Education and agree to pay the travelling expenses of the appointee, to provide headquarters and an office for his use, elect him Professor of Secondary Education in the Department of Education, and recognize him as a member of the general faculty of the University.