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10 > Image 10 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 11, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY PAGE TEN v KERNEL jffltmmHtiiiiiiniiiiitJimiiiiiiiitJiiinimiiic v After the The Tavern i Game-Af- ter s the Danc- e- i i 'Home of the College Folks" We Deliver Phones Ashland 9190-238- 6 1 3iiiiiiiiiiiit3iiiiiiimiinimiiiiiiiic3iiiiiiiiiiiic3iiiiiin THIS CAN'T FOR SALE 1925 Ford Touring Car. Call at 311 Rose Lane, Apartment 1, between fi and 7 p. m. GO ON. North Dnkotn mnn has good teeth drawn in order to gain confidence of dentists when cashing bad checks, When he runs out of teeth ho may draw on his appendix. Los Angeles Exablner. Edison's Early Lamp Will Be Shown at Exposition At Cincinnati Oct. 20-2- 6 P. B. ROBARDS game of W. & L. Coach Prlbble's freshman team has felt the lash this week as the yearlings were anven against tne varsity cmpioy- ,nK Washington and Leo formations. Kentucky has but few casualties as tne time oi comuat draws near. Covington, Splccr, and Kclley, the latter with a few sore spots received in his first varsity game, are sure to start the game. Tom Phipps, if his Injuries heal sufficiently, will round nut flip bnckflnld nt full hc s stin indisposed satur- l?ack-- " Phipps, Lewis Toth, or c day, Jack Jack Richards will get the assign mcnt. The Kentucky line for this game will average around 195 pounds. The center Job is causing a feud between Howard Williams and Max Colker, the former being favored to start. Forqucr and Thompson are the choices at guard. Pete Drury, Kentucky's candidte for will probably be assigned to cover the great Williams while Babe Wright is the other tackle. Yates and Andrews at end will complete the probable starting lineup. One of the early electric bulbs made by Thomas A. Edison in 1800, which is owned by Captain M. W. 216 S. Lime Mclntyrc, will be exhibited in the Phone Ash 929 Suits Made To Order Cincinnati Edison Exposition at (Continued from Page One) Music Hall, October 20 to 26, among Alterations Pressing Dry Cleaning the special display of Edison relics of Rockne at Notre Dame, is directing their movements in this cambeing gathered for the show. Cap nnothcr tain Mclntyrc placed tne lamp, paign. And lie bringsthe with him to Blue Grass. -which he has been retaining as a Billy Sandlfer of Lexington, quarterkeepsake, at the disposal of F. S. Dewey, Chairman of the General back and star track man, is a memand Lee Operating Committee, In charge of ber of the Washington A sood photo of yourself will W' squad. arrangements for the exposition. V WUl make a most acceptable Christ- - r" jSfciDlOJ Washington and Leo presents a Edison announced his incandes potent scoring threat via of a cent bulb on October 21, 1870, Just speedy backflcld and an accurate 50 years ago, and so Captain lamp Is among the first to aerial attack. Thibodcau, Lott, Eber-hard- t, and Mattox are the first-strin- g be made. It was one of the lamps backs who ankled through used on the steamer Guiding Star owned by Captain J. D. Hegler, Cap North Carolina State last Saturday 'for 27 Points. And to make things tain Sterling C. Mclntyre, Captain i " x...;. MCintyres iatner, ana wimam r. , ieign wniiams will come Mclntyre, his uncle. 15 appearance on Dewey's request, Captain At Mr. , (Continued from Prfge One) Mclntyre supplied the following in-- 1 "em. l name, this versatile cw: mm wuuui uuiii w uie lex- - of the fraternities in accumulating formation regarding the lamp: 1U" ttl "euuy acquainted, the wooden boxes on the lot this The steamer Guiding Star was running between Cincinnati and ' "om51 aown a "anK Position ana tne afternoon. It is the duty of every Good Food New Orleans, carrying passengers waJ lie can sna& Passes is Just too organization to see that each yearling collects three boxes and that they and freight. It was a very popular But every dark smoke screen has get them to the lot on time. boat, for the reason that the owners Dance After Game believed in publicity and service to a silver lining if you can get You Can Get Them at The first school dance of the year tne passengers and in giving freight ; arouna on tne ngnt side. The Gen erals forward wall, with the excep- will be given Saturday night in the service. tion of Captain Bill Hawkins at Men's gymnasium from 9 to 12 Used Electric lighting. o'clock. It will be sponsored by SuKy, tackle, is inexperienced and "This boat was owned by Captain be at this probable weaknessit will the proceeds to become part of that that J. D. Hegler, Captain Sterling C. Coach Gamage and his field gen- organization's fund to send the band Mclntyre and his brother, William erals will direct on all trips with the team. There the F. Mclntyre. Captain Hegler was attack. The veteran brunt of their will be three of these; one to MontBlue linemen Captain of the boat, and Sterling should be able to handle their op- gomery, Ala., one to Lexington, Va., C. Mclntyre was chief clerk. "Where Friends Meet" position without difficulty and a third to Danville when the "The Guiding Star was the first and, if the backs undue top form 'Cats play Centre. river boat to have elecetric lights in Kentucky will earn are in Two orchestras will furnish the the decision. its cabin. These were installed in 351 Rose Street The 'Cats have been hitad at work music for the dance. They will be Phone Ash 4039 1880, and at that time lighting a in preparation for the onslaught. A the Rhythm Kings and the boat by electricity was a very new Admission will be $1.00. idea. However, the owners were minor engagement with Maryville Last year there were no dances progressive and saw the advantage last week enabled Coach Gamage to on the campus until NIGHT DELIVERY the of electric lights over the old coal test his long range guns for scoring Thanksgiving holiday, butafter year this "Shipwreck" Kelley oil lamps, which were installed in possibilities. blasted away for four touchodwns various organizations are allowed to the chandelier in the cabin of the in this fray, while Captain Coving- petition the nroner authorities for Short orders at all times We feature home cooked meals boat. these social meetings. plea for "The Guiding Star had a chande ton and Urbanlak battered way for mis aance was granted The early In the lier that would hold five coal oil two more markers. What his high-gearseason. artillery can do against some lamps. These lamps were set in a The chaperons for the occasion socket, or bowl, and fastened to the sturdy opposition, the Wildcats will be as follows: mentor will have a chance to debowl by thumb screws, to avoid be-iMr. and Mrs. Walter Lunde, Mr. knocked out of the bowl of the termine Saturday. and Mrs. Waller Rodes, Mrs. J. W. The past week has been spent In Smith, chandelier. The chandelier was hung Mrs. M. from the ceiling. It was necessary concentrated work in anticipation Sarah Blanding, G. Cundlff, Miss Miss Marguerite that this chandelier be guyed by a of the General mode of assault McLaughlin, Dr. and Mrs. W. E. cord, to avoid some swinging with The aerial forces have' been called Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dicker. into play, with Yates passing and Mrs. the motion of the boat. Eda Giles, Miss Dora Berkley, 'When electric lights were adopted receiving the oval with other Ken- Mrs. Sarah Holmes, OUR OF for the cabin, two lights were placed tucky backs. Meanwhile, the Big Mrs. Frank L. McVey, President anft Mr. Mrs. in each chandelier. The socket of the Blue shock troops are throwing up k. o. Robinson and Mrs. E.and "Par. V. electric light was a wooden base, breastworks to halt the airway qunar, with two copper guides on the side, turned over to form a tight spring to hold the lamp in its place. The lamp was made similar to the present electric lights, being a round ball and a glass base. Through the center of the base were run two EAT OUR CANDY AND BE IN STYLE platinum wires, and these wires were exposed and bent up on the On side of the shank of the lamp to APPEALING IN DAINTINESS come in contact with the two fing(Next Door to Tavern) ers or brass strips that were bent V over on the base to hold the lamp GOOD TO LOOK AT in place. Life of Lamp Short. BETTER TO EAT "It was necessary to wrap electric SEASON'S STYLES tape around the lamp to the fingers of the base to keep the lamp from REASONABLE TO BUY 70c PER POUND falling out. The film of the lamp was pressed paper, carbonized, and was screwed upon the platinum prong that stuck through the glass into the lamp by a very small bolt and nut, similar to that used in making watches. The life of the lamp was very short, and the cost was in the neighborhood of $1.50 to $2 per lamp. , i "I have one of these lamps which 114 S. Limestone was used on the Guiding Star and Opp. Ky. which I am retaining as a keepsake. The lamp contains a considerable This Week's Winner, FRANCES HOLLIDAY amount of platinum and probably would be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 at the present market value. "There was a small generator established on the boat for 100 lights The House of Distinctive Jewels " and at that time this was consldemd a very large Installation. The electric lights on the Guiding Star created mucn excument in the river towns for the reason that it was something new. There were not switches and all of the lights burned whenever the generator was started. Many times It was necessary to burn the lights in the daytime when we were In port, for the reason that the public came down to the boat to see the newfangled lights that were used. The Guiding Star used this generator and lighting system for several years and then changed to more COLLEGE modern equipment." M Mr. Dewey would like to hear from The Longlnes Watch is the best watch that money can buy. other Clncinnatians who may have It is the choice of the U. S. Naval Observatory and of Edison relics to lend the Exposition other famous observatories abroad. For the college stu- -. Committee. The fact that Edison once lived here and worked in Cindent it is indeed a timepiece of distinction and refinement. ' cinnati prompts the belief that ' In strap and pocket models many such relics may be available, he said. Generals to Play Wildcats Saturday College Boys' Tailor 9a AAAA9 ft "gyV BBt'B! IFf Ateneo Castellano Will Meet Tuesday and Drinks Rose Street Confectionery ft SEE STILL Kodaks Films All Makes TYPEWRITERS Sale or Rent Special Rental Rates to Students STANDARD BESS" Opp. Courthouse FASHION EXPERTS FAVOR CURVES WEST SHORT ST. Phone 1792 j! Choice Foods, Sandwiches and Drinks served all hours. Especially prepared to serve students. j! jj STUDENT RESTAURANT jj j! On Lime Near the Gym ;I W. B. Martin's Barber Shop 153 South Limestone Street Haircut 35c, Shave 15c Except Saturdays Haircut 40c, Shave 20c Saturdays LADIES' HAIRCUTTING A SPECIALTY Open 7 a. m. to 8 p. m. .' - nnitnnnn8iuntnmtmtmt Kllll!IIIIIIIIC3lllllllllllinUIIIIIIIIIIClllllllllllllIElllllIHIIIIIII S 1 Fall Shoes in the NEWEST Baynham Shoe Co. Temporary Location i Theatre i For THE PERFECT TIMEPIECE FOR THE STUDENT " Lexington's Leading Jeweler 127 W. MAIN ST. REGARDING Doctors say that should be a delicate door neighobor's got bust yeller. $54.00 Up BABIES. healthy babies pink. The next one who's a ro- PHONE 344 Authorized Retailer for Elgin National Watch Company Products Victor Bogaert Co. ness in footwear our new fall stock presents many delightful ideas in fashionable shoes for every occasion. t 201-- 7 - Guaranty Bank Building Phone 3C16 JEWELERS AND IMPORTERS Lexington, Ky Paris, France kk New calfskin in two rich tones of brown . $5 V For afternoon wear, a popularmodel in three shqetes of gray and in brown. $5&$6 i Brussels, Belgium 139 WEST MAIN "Standard Since 1885" hiiiiimiiiicjiiiiiiiiiiiicjmiiiiiiiiicjiiiiiiiiiiiicjiiiim S.V.- - for street wear. Brown Boot Shoppe (Incorporated) DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton at who love distinctiveness and smartco-e- ds Gifts that Laft" SKULLER'S I of the Hour I I Fashion South Limestone at Pine THE ! !; DISPLAY Florsheim Shoes with the organization. Interesting Spanish pictures will bo shown at a later date and a banquet will be given at the end of the semester. WHOA, SLED I El Ateneo Castellano, the Spanish "My sister Just got a swirl bob." club of the University will meet "That's nothing; mine got a FlexTuesday afternoon at' 3 o'clock in the recreation room at Patterson ibly Flyer." hall. An excellent program is being prepared by Miss Eleanor Smith. W. W. The club, which is an organization snonsorcd bv the romnnno lnnirimirn department, plans to sponsor a num- ocr oi entertainments, including 192 W. Short, Lexington parties, dances, and picnics, and invites all Spanish students to affiliate Bring: 'cm today get 'cm tomorrow Big Pep Rally and Bonfire Tonight Always Enjoy I I