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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 11, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

f Available PJPPl 111 'I ll l THE KENTUCKY KERNEL J. D. Purcell's Beauty Shop Student Discount of 25 per cent on all Benuty Work We Give $7.50, $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00 Waves MRS. R. JENNINGS, Proprietor Phones 66409210 Charge.Your Beauty Work tmrnmwmmmtmtmttmtttmmi B. B. SMITH & CO. CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES 264 West Main Street In rlnlto roaming this week I dlk covered n dud in "The Sophomore" but was pleased to learn that "Gold Diggers" is above the usual Warner standard and that "Broadway" is even better than I thought It was, Next week we will have three pictures and what shoura be a smash from the Alncy Alba Players at the Opera House. TLR Congratulations go to the Kentucky Theatre for it's anniversary soavenlr projrram and the magazine published In the Joint Interests of the Strand and Ben All. They are pabllcatlons of qaallty and with the weekly program Issued by the AIney ij Alba Company provided quite a display of printed theatrical matter last week. TLR ;! "Saintly sinners" is the title of next week's offering of the Alncy the Opera jl Alba Players atMonday night.House This which will open Is a play that has been a success !j during the stock runs it has enjoyed in several other cities and it is said to be full of amusing situations and characterizations. Personally, I am awaiting with pleasure to seeing Francis Sayles in the role of a saintly deaconAll the members of this sterling company have good parts and the pieces should prove a riot. TLR j So far I have not received many answers to my plea for readers of this column to send In opinions of theatrical productions they .have .seen.. Remember that a couple of tickets are given for each one publish- ffnnntMiMnHnMHnHtm. EAT AT BENTON'S Home. Made Pies, Chicken Croquettes, Salads, , 1 Sandwiches, Strawberry Tarts Famous for our Chocolate Fudge Cakes 1 Benton's Sweet Shoppe '; 141 South Lime KaiWIWIIIICIWIIIIIHIItMIHHHtillHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIiailllllllllllClHIIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIC The Lafayette Hotel t Attractive Private Dining Rooms for ed. 1 Luncheons, Dinners and Organization Banquets 1 j Special Student Prices and Personal I Service v LEN SHOUSE, JR.., Manager J "iniiiHiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiMiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicjHiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiHiiiigaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiri Taylor Tire Co. SILVERTOWN TIRES AND TUBES TLR Several interested fans have asked me when John Gilbert will appear in a talking picture and so I am happy (for their sakes) to announce that "His Glorious Night," a all talking picture, will open at the Strand theatre Sunday as the initial vocal effort of one of filmdom's most famous lovers. Gilbert has a role somewhat similar to nis part in "The Merry Widow." "His Glorious Night" was directed by Lionel Barrymore, who made "Madame ," and Nance O'Nell, Hedda Hopper, Richard Carle and Katherine Dale Owen appear with the star. Incidentally, Miss Owen is from Louisville, Ky. The story is based on Ferenc Molnar's play, "Olympia." TLR It may be of' interest to some of you to know that Adolphe Menjou Is making a talking picture in Paris, for a French company which will be produced in three languages, English, French and Spanish. TLR One of the biggest "freak" motion pictures ever made is "The Four Feathers," a Paramount film, which will open at the Kentucky theatre Sunday. In New York, where it opened this summer, it was said that the talk of the town was why everybody went to see the picture. No one could answer the question. The fact that it is silent and yet Is peculiar. "The Four Feathers" claims to have the good qualities of both "Beau Gcste" and "Chang" in its makeup but I doubt it. The best parts were shot in Africa by that famous team, Cooper and Schocd-sac- k, and a typical movie story was added with the cast appearing In Hollywood studios. It is all about cowardice, bravery and that sort of thing with some of those pesky Arabs in the background. However, the animal photographs are great. The cast has Richard Arlen and Fay Wray leading with William Powell, Clivc Brook and Noah Beery in support. TLR Just to show you what an artist do for art's sake Lon Chaney is having his tonsils removed so he can put those terrible faces into words for the purpose of scaring the kiddies. I predict he will be telling bedtime stories. TLR One of the most popular lover teams on the silver sheet is com posed of Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. under the dixtion of Frank Borzage they made "Seventh Heaven" and "Street Angel" and both pictures clicked. Trie latest production of this trio is1 "Lucky Star," a Willam Fox picture, which opens at the Ben All theatre Sunday. One of the most important facts about this Is that at the last the players begin to talk. Most of the picture is silent with the ex ception of a musical score. Some beautiful photography is seen in "Lucky Star" as well as appealing romance. Miss Gaynor has the role of a sort of down-and-owhile Farrell appears as a soldier who is confined to a wheel chair. But when the villian starts getting familiar with the heroine just watch him snap out of it and trounce the brute! Picture was well liked In most of the places it has played. TLR Now laying in Brief: "Loose Ankles," Opera House. The AIney Alba Flayers in a wise cracking, uproarious farce that Just makes you laugh. , "Broadway," Universal Picture, Ben All. The best picture in town. Do not miss. this. 'Gold Diggers of Broadway," Warner Bros. Picture, Kentucky. Some beautfiul color photography and song numbers but dumb story and direction. "The Drake' Case," Universal Pic ture, Strand. Just another court room talkie with a murder the bone of contention. PAGE FIVE will also be a section devoted to those that for reason of limited number cannot be placed in the beauty section; this division will bo known as the "Favorite Section." The picture of the girl chosen as the highest type of Kentucky beauty will be given national publicity. Newspapers over the country will carry the picture of the winner in rotogravure. The Publicity Bureau of the University will assist In the distribution of the photograph. The Louisville Courier-Journ- al will havo' a full page In their rotogravure section devoted to the beauty section of the 1930 "Kentuckian." Rules for the contest will bo announced in next week's Kernel. There will be no limit to the number of contestants, each entrant must, however, present a petition signed by at least fifty students. Organizations planning to enter one or more girls In the competition are requested to sec Mr. Barnes at once. Barnes and his assistants arc making every effort possible to assure the success of the beauty contest, and desire a large number of entrants from which to choose the one who will be known far ana wide as the University of Kentucky's Most Beautiful Co-e- ALNEY ALBA PLAYERS "SainSynners" YOU'LL ENJOY REFRESH YOUR STOCK OF SEE "LOOSE ROAD SERVICE WISE-CRACK- S ANKLES" ALL THIS WEEK .100 SEATS AT 25 CENTS Phone Ashland 1601-160- 2 LEXINGTON OPERA HOUSE Basketball Men to Report on Monday The initial basketball practice for the season will be held Monday in the Men's Oym. Coach Johnny Maucr has Issued a call for the of last year and a few of the numeral men to meet with him on that date for some preliminary training. Approximately fifteen names are on the list for the first practice. However, six of the men, Splcer, Owens, Trott, Bronston, Kleiser, and Yates, are members of the football squad and will not report until the end of the grid season. Captain Paul McBrayer will lead the contingent to report Monday. The other lettermen who wilt don their shorts then are Lawrence Stanley Milward, and Cecil You Will Always Have Use For Your ROYAL PORTABLE Transylvania Printing Co. North Upper Combs. ANNOUNCEMENT OP IMPORTANCE to the Well Dressed Miss and Matron of LEXINGTON AND VICINITY The New "Bess Lae" n Frocks Will be featured exclusively in the City of Lexington by the FAIR STORE. Almost daily we will re- ceive the newest "BESS LAE" Models from New York, and priced at all times only- - "Most Beautiful University Girl" Will Appear in 1930 Kentuckian Complete Tire, Battery and Brake Service THE SINGING! WEEK OF OCTOBER 14 Unique," ty section in which pictures of several beauties were displayed without charto select the "Most acterizes the' Beauty section of the attempting 1930 "Kentuckian." Mr. Barnes, Beautiful." In this year's publicawhose right to be classified as an ex- tion a different plan will be followpert on feminine pulchritude can- ed. Two famous artists will select from not be denied, has secured the services of two internationally famous the aspirants the one they consider artists who will aid in the selection the most beautiful. This "Miss Kenof the "Most Beautiful Girl in the tucky," supported by a cast of seven other exponents of feminine loveliUniversity of Kentucky." Heretofore It has been the policy ness, will constitute the beauty secof the "Kentuckian" to have a beau tion of the 1930 "Kentuckian." There "Bigger, Better and that's how O'Rear K. Barnes 346 E. Main St. I Phone Ashland 3931 ENSEM "L'AIMANT,, m I PI COTY'S newest perfume m ih I mM Hl M FALL mk so low a price. THE PERFUME OF MAGNETISM - $ the sensation of Paris. Glorifies every per- sonality. a I W ''" "BESS LAE" FROCKS are exact reproductions of models selling for much more than 10 and such fine qualities of'fabrics are usually priced at least $16.50. You won't be able to find near such style and quality anywhere in Lexington at COSTUME COTY k BLE SHOES FOR EACH r AFTERNOON ALL SIZES AND COLORS ALL MODELS AND FABRICS Afternoon functions of the Fall season find frilly feminine costumes very popular likewise, the shoes for dressy afternoon wear, in which good taste and skill are revealed in combinations of various leathers and colors. Stansifer's shoes for afternoon include both strap and gored models in black, brown and novelty colors that are favored for the new season. It is only through our direct connections with over a hundred other ready - to - w e a r departments throughout the United States that we are able to offer these new "BESS LAE" Frocks Remember they're exclusive with THE FAIR STORE and arrive almost daily ! Prices: $7.50 to fJMMlNg SOLD AT THE BETTER MOPS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Real Style and Quality for $10 $14.50 fOOTWCAK. 206 West Main Eitiiiiiiiiiiiiitjiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiitijmiii!iiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiii!iiC3imwiiHwini I icorporefgd a T I at .4