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The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

fcMy rtwiwittoiriniiiiiwimftii THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOL IX LEXINGTON. KY., APRIL 3, 1919 BIG WORLD'S FELLOWSHIP 86th YEAR OF USEFUL FRESHIES LIFE IS COMPLETED FUND CAMPAIGN BEGINS Kentucky University Students Pledge Themselves Financially in Helping to Promote Higher Education. EAT AT Former President James K. Patterson was "at home" to his many friends and admirers Wednesday, on the occasion of his eighty-sixt- birthday. Flow- h ers, gifts, letters of congratulation and telegrams were sent to his residence n AND SWEENEYS RETURN FROM CANTEEN WORK SOPHS TABLE Juniors Decide to be Original and Keep All Lower ington Sunday evening after a year's at Home Classmen While Older Ones Dance 20 e n MEN WANTED Tho following men are needed every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30, on tho third iloor of tho Gymnasium building: Charles Planck, 'William Siogal, Alvin Lisunby, Robt. J. Itaiblo, Leon Wise, N. G. Sullivan, A. E. Boll, W. M. Yorlsh, John Manning, Grover Creech, A. N. Eslngor. You know what wo want you for. Tho Gleo Club has sealed soveral dates for trips to Bluo Grass cities and if you como out and help, we'll have a big tlmo on theso trips. It all de j pends on you! Carrol M. Sax, who has been engaged to polish up the efforts of the Strollers, Rights of Women, Huh? Leave it to the girls, however. Hardly had the boys gloated over their vicfor a week or so previous to the stag- tory when a lengthy epistle appeared ing of "Under Cover," will come to announcing that every Junior girl in the University, April 20 from Baltithe University of Kentucky thereby more. Mr. Sax is director of the Vagarefused both to come to the prom and bond Theatre, of Baltimore. to pay her dues, as long as the rights "The Vagabond Players," is a group of women were trampled upon. Of of artists, actors and authors interested such grave moment was the matter in stimulating and developing new and that the reigning power appointed a artistic methods of producing, acting committee consisting of Misses Vir and writing for the American stage, ginia Helm Milner, Mary Van Meter, and especially in introducing to the Kathleen Brand, Betty Davis, Louise Baltimore public those newer ideals Mayer and Messrs. Ed. Parker, Ed Dab- which have lately become an intrinsic ney, Jesse Tapp, Douglas Woods, part of dramatic aspiration, principally Thomas Gorman. freedom and free experiment. "The This body of mediators after a Vagabond Players" produce new works stormy session, composed an alterna by American authors and important Uve namoly Umt eUher Freshraen aml plays of foreign writers that would oth- - Sophomoro boys as well as glrls be al. orwiso hot bo seen in Baltimore lowed to attend or that both bo exUnder Mr. Sax' direction, Tho Vaga cluded, and the Junior prom bo made bond Theatro has produced plays by an exclusivo upper class danco. Baltlmoreans, H. L. Menchen "Tho Ar Monday, girls and boys strove to outtist," and Mrs. Adele Nathan's "Tho rival each other in attendance, and Song of Solomon." Other plays have tho majority was slightly la the girls' been "Hyland," by Thomas Wood Stev favor. Mr. Parker asked for a report ens, "A Meryr Death," by Nicolai of the committeo, and a motion mado Evrlenof, "Bound East for Cordlff," by Dabnoy was carried, that each memEugono O'Neill, "A Miracle of St. An ber of tho class bo allowed ono bid to thony," Maeterlinck, G.B. bo given to whom ho or sho choso, Shaw. so long as "sho" choso to uso her bid Mr. Sax Is an artist. Ho made the for her attendant only. In other scenic designs for Ruth St. Denis, and words, under classinon could not come designed tho Intorior of Tho Vagabond ns stags. Theatre, which is said to bo ono of What's In a Motion? tho most charming Ltttlo Theatres in Far bo It from tho aforesaid class to America. by motions, however. bo restricted Tho doslgn carries out tho Francois Loud murmurs aroso from tho nialo Vllloy idea. It is said that could tho contingents wild motions were 'poet Vagabond" seo it ho could not fall to be pleased. (Continued on Page Seven) "Over-ruled,- " OR ACCEPT CITY PARK Miss Mary E. Sweeney and sister. Miss Sunshine Sweeney arrived in Lex service in France in tho Y. M. C. A canteens. on the campus thruout the day. The children cannot come to the The World's Fellowship Fund camNumerous alumni representing many Junior Prom! This was the edict Ispaign, with the slogan, "The Students states, paid tribute with letters or telesued irrevocally by the august body of of America for tho Students of the grams which were received during the upper classmen which met in Professor World," was formally opened on the week, congratulating President Pat- Dantzler's room Monday at 3:30 to setcampus Tuesday by committees from terson upon his health and activity of tle the question, "Shall freshmen and sophomore boys be invited to the the cabinets of the Y. M. C. A. and intellect despite advancing years. prom?" Y. W. C. A., who gave each student a Wednesday night the members of The meeting was called by the presipledge card to sign and hand in. the Patterson Literary Society called dent, Ed Parker, to effect a comproThe campaign was preceded by a in a body to congratulate the patron mise between the girls and boys and week of education upon the subject of their society and to thank him for to avert the threatening danger of havDuring this week four minute speak the medal which he gives each year to ing altogether to call off the dance ers spoke before every meeting on the winner of the oratorical contest which is one of the big events of the college year. At the meeting held a the campus, at the dining halls, and which is held on his birthday. week before, the fair ones of the class, wherever there were two or more to outnumbered by an overwhelming ma listen to them. Posters greeted the jority by the boys, were forced to suf student and professor as they went to SAX, STROLLER COACH fer a motion that the gentlemen of and from classes. The publications of the class could bring whom they the University gave much space to it WILL COME APRIL pleased to the dance, while the girls both with news stories and editorials would have to sit calmly at home un Sunday night at the Y. W. C. A. a pa less a benevolent upper classman geant based upon the subject was pre To Polish Up Strollers and should condescend to allow her to sented by twenty-threof the girls man Make "Under Cover" Fin- share his bid, or an Dr. Bush spoke in chapel on Tuesday was available for the occasion. ished Production. and the campaign leaped forward past bounds after that. The idea and plan for raising this money for the education of the stu dents of the world was originated at Northfleld, Mass., last winter at the International Student Volunteer Con ference held there. It was felt that if true democracy was to follow in the wake of the war that it must nec essarlly follow true education, for democracy is unsafe in a land whero the majority of people can neither read or write. Five hundred thousand dol lars is therefore being asked of the col lege students this spring to help give to the students of the world the advantages that the students of America en joy. Kenucky is the first university in the country to put on the campaign Kentucky has never failed when called upon to do her bit and the outcome of this campaign is another star in her crown. The students who still have pledge curds out, should return them at once. No. 17 The news of these returning "sold McVey Writes City Park Will Be Taken as Gift or Bought; University Appreciates President City's Interest. iers," was received in Lexington and the University with great interest for friends have watched their splendid record in ministering to the boys in the trenches. The University especially welcomes Miss Sweeney, who for years was head of the Home Economics Department and who made possible its present standing in the University and the State. The Home Economics girls are anxiously awaiting the time when they may welcome and honor Miss Sweeney and hear some of her experiences. i MEMORIAL STATEWIDE The following letter was mailed to Hon. Wood G. Dunlap, Commissioner of Public Property of the City of Lexington, by President McVey, under direction of the Board of Trustees which met in regular quarterly session Tuesday, April 1: "Honorable Wood G. Dunlap, "Lexington, Kentucky, J "My dear Mr. Dunlap: "I have been requested by the Board of Trustees to acknowledge receipt of your letter regarding Scovell Park and to express at the same time the appre A. E. AND SIGMA NU ciation of that body for the courtesy and kindness of the City Commission WILL FOR CUP of Lexington. The Board of Trustees-furthefeels that in making the sugSigma Nu Has Chance to gestion, which your honorable body did regarding Scovell Park, they were actKeep Cup Forever; Games Prove Interesting ing in a high minded way on a rather difficult problem, and the solution of representing the it as suggested in your letter meets Basketball teams Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the Sigma with their approval. I am, therefore, Nu fraternities won their respective instructed to say that the University s games in the of the inter- - of Kentucky will be pleased to accept fraternity basketball series, played the gift of Scovell Park in perpetuity, Wednesday night, March 26, In the or, if there is any doubt upon the ability of the Commission to make a transUniversity Gymnasium. preliminary games played dur- fer by gift, to purchase the property In ing the last three weeks the Sigma at a nominal price. This price would Nu, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Chi and mean the payment of a small sum of Sigma Alpha Epsilon teams were de- money and the increased responsibilclared winners. These four teams met ity of the University of Kentucky to in the Gymnasium last week and play- continue its work and organization in ed two fast, exciting games, resulting the City of Lexington. "May I further state that the appre in the elimination of the A. T. O. and Sigma Chi teams from the contest for ciation of your body for the growing Importance of the University and the the loving cup. game played Wednesday added value of its existence in the city The first night was between the A. T. O. and as a factor in its development are Sigma Nu, the latter winning with looked upon by the committee with the safe margin of 16 to 9. The line pleasure and appreciation. If the ar ups wero tho same as those used for rangement to transfer this property tho preliminaries, and both quintets to tho University by gift, purchase or showed a marked improvement in leaso is satisfactory to your honorable body, tho University will bo glad to . The follow: Alpha Tau Omega. Sigma Nu take up the details with your board rel Watson F Faulkner ative to tho transfer of tho property Dabnoy F Wallace and tho conditions upon which tho Thompson C Gorman transfer is to bo mado. "With best wishes and appreciation G Walker Wilkorson G Duncan Colpitts of your work, I remain. s "Sincerely yours, Tho second gamo of the resulted in a victory for Sigma Alpha "FRANK L. McVey, President." Epsilon over Sigma Chi by a score or Tho board met in regular quarterly 22 to 12. Tho gamo was full of "acsession at tho University on Tuesday, tion," anil personal fouls wero plentiwith tho following members present: Rogors, for S. A. E ful. was Governor A. O. Stanley, Superintendoaslly the star, playing tho position or ent V. O. Gilbert, Frankfort, R. C. Stoll. forward liko a veteran. The lineups Lexington, P. P. Johnston, Jr.. Lexwore : ington, J. M. Tumor, Paintsvillo, Frank Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Chi MoKeo, Versailles, J. M. Elllston, Rogers F Embry R. G. Gordon, Louisville. R. Council F Anion I rW Frat semi-final- team-work- line-up- s sonii-llnal- Glo.ii-co- (Continued on Pago Three.) (Continued on Pago Two.)