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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 2 The best in Moving Pictures PARAMOUNT, ARTCRAFT, GOLDWYN AND SELECT PICTURES Remember, We Lead ; Others Follow STRAND ALL-AMERICA- N 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. OPBN ADMISSION Concerts Daily, Afternoon and Evening S. F. GRIFFITH'S ORCHESTRA The best Orchestra in the South, Hear it. 10c. and 20c, War Tax Included Bites, a "Frat Row" EARLY SPRING determlno by lot tho person who Bhall with whom tho matter can bo taken up apply for building probably bo built. by fraternity representatives. will be tho nominee. SHOWING OF Altho sites for building fraternity 6. The election ballot shall bo mailed (Continued From Pago Ono.) Purdue Students Decorated. person entitled to vote on or houses have not been located, it Is to each Pharmacy Next Year. QUALITY WORSTEDS (Purduo Exponent.) thought that they will be either on 1. McVcy reported to the boforo October President According to a careful compilation making that plot of ground where tho barracks 7. Tho voto shall bo cast by Tho eood reliable, nil woolen fabric Board of Trustees that the matter of opposite the now stnnd, to tho rear of President by tho Registrar's office, nino Purdue that holds Its shape splendidly under a a cross In tho Bquaro a school of pharmacy discussed at and faculty mem- all conditions and loks like new after names of the persons to bo voted for. McVcy's home, on the north side of alumni, previous meeting had heon under condecorated with various a year's service. 8. With the election ballot, tho sec- WInslow streot at tho corner of Lime bers have been sideration nnd advisement, and that he a short stone and WInslow, or In Scovoll Park. crosses during the past war. retary of tho board shall mall SUITS AND TOP COATS wished to defer definite recommendaeach candidate, which year, when he would biography of tions until next biography shall contain, among other know better tho iinanclal situation and Save Twenty of these Tags and pet One Suit things, the date of the candidate's POPULAR PRICES know further details of tho part the Pressed Free his graduation, tho birth, tho date of Institution will play in health matters degree which he has received, his pres$30.00 $27.50, $25,00 in the State. ent and past occupations, any public R McGaughey, Prop. Memorial For All of State. $32.50, $35.00, $37.50 service which ho has rendered. Cor. Lime and High. Phone 62I-The Executive Committee at Its 9. Other than the short biography meeting on March 2G discussed the BIG FAT above mentioned, no other extra matmatter of a memorial building. Such a University ter shall be mailed by the building was discussed at length in the to those entitled to a vote. meeting of tho board, and tho idea NOTHING 10. No person shall be permitted to Lexington, Ky. advanced that there should be at the 145 W. Main St. vote in the election except by ballot. University a memorial building for 11. The election ballots shall be cast soldiers of tho entire State. Such a by noon of the day preceding the De building on tho University campus comber meeting of the Board of Trus would be a mecca for people of the tees, and no ballot cast after noon of State and the University would be an be counted. a building. said date shall appropriate place for such 12. The election ballots shall bo pub The President was authorized to pre250 HAIR CUT licly opened at the University in the pare data for the consideration of the 15o room set apart for the Board of Trus 8HAVE board at some future meeting. tees. 25c 8HAMPOO application of tho Alpha Tau An 13. The three persons receiving the 15c TONIC Omega fraternity of tho University for highest number of votes shall be nomi Lex., Ky. a building site on the University cam 153 S. Limestone St. nated. pus was presented and favorably 14. The secretary of the board shall passed upon, the board agreeing to certify to the Governor of the Com furnish a site and to impose regula monwealth of Kentucky, the names of PRESCRIPTIONS tions when the fraternity is ready to those who have been so nominated erect a building. from which the Governor may make Everything a complete Drug 8tor Change in Trustee Appointments with ap the appointment in accordance The State law provides for the the law. Should Have. pointment of three Alumni members of Back Pay Granted. the Board of Trustees, the appoint An opinion was read from Honorable ments to be made by the Governor A. H. Morris, Attorney General for and the rules and regulations to be State of Kentucky, rendering a fav prescribed by the Board of Trustees. A the orable decision in the claim of Dr The Post Office Pharmacy committee was recently appointed to James K. Patterson against the Uni draft such regulations consisting of J MAIN & WALNUT verslty for some nine months' of sal I. Lyle, of New York City and P. P ary payment which had been suspend Johnston, Jr., of Lexington. A set of ed by tho Board of Trustees in 1911. rules was drafted and submitted to the local organization of the Alumni for Lives of Seniors. consideration. Some slight differences (Wheaton College.) in opinion developed, and after minor of Seniors all remind us changes by the board, the following Lives We must strive to do our best INCORPORATED. wero adopted by the board rules And departing leave behind us 1. Nominating ballots shall be mailed PHONES help the rest. Sec the New Things to each person entitled to vote not Notebooks that will DAY AND NIGHT 8ERVICE while the time is Good July 1. Each person en later than CITY RATES 50 CENTS titled to vote shall have the right to A. T. O. FRAT APPLIES College Men receive Phoenix Hotel Lobby nominate three persons for members FOR BUILDING SITE Corirlf h 1919 special attention here of the Board of Trustees. 2. The ballots shall be mailed to the Fraternity Makes Formal Application secretary of the board. For A. T. O. House on Campus; B- 3. No person shall receive a dupll Others Expected. cate nomination or election ballot un COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR Alpha Tau Omega is the first Greek less upon satisfactory representation AND SUITS fraternity on tho campus to to tho secretary of the board that his letter PRESSED $1.25 Suit Cleaning, ballot has either been lost or de- make formal application for a site on INCORPORATED. 11.50 Cleaning, Suit stroyed. No person shall be permitted University grounds on which to build 90.50 Suits Pressed a fraternity house, acting on one of to vote otherwise than by ballot. ALTERATIONS A SPECIALTY 4 All nominating ballots shall be the suggestions made by the ExecuALL WORK GUARANTIED Mst by noon of the day previous to tive Committee of the Board of TrusPHONE 1550-- Y the regular meeting of tho Board of tees at its last regular monthly meet Lex., Ky. 152 S. Lime. Trustees, but not in any case later than ing. Leases will be granted to any fratioon of September 15, and at noon on said date, shall be opened in the room ternity which shows that it means busA. at tho University sot apart for the iness, according to Dean C. R. Melchor, ACCEPT CITY PARK Becker Dry Cleaning Co, C Y. Justright TAPSCOTI Name Address Work Done liiHI.'f. 5fe.Ll Tailoring Company W. B. MARTIN'S BARBER SHOP Spring Suits HATS, SHOES and Furnishings that are full of that Mash and pep' that every College Fellow Wants if John's Drug store PHOENIX TAXI CAB CO 1854-368- 0 R Robards Graves, Cox & Co. "College Fellow's Shop." use of the Board of Trustees of tho University. 5. Tho names of six persons receiving tho highest number of votes for nomination shall bo placed upon the election ballots, and no other persons shall lie voted for. In case two or more persons shall receive an equality of votes, the secretary of tho board shall Lexington Drug Co. Matthew Progressive Shoe Hospital My work and prices always INCORPORATED. McGURK'S 102 East Main St. Phone 154 THE POPULAR CONFECTIONARY HEADQUARTERS AND 181 LUNCHES Mangione FOR STUDENTS Jfl keep me busy 140 South Limestone Shoes repaired while you wait