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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ALI THEATRE BEN PAGE 5 Best Pictures, - JO Prices and 20 f Brst Music, WAR TAX INCLUDED II. K. GRADUATE TUBAL STUDENTS HAS FORUM FIVE LEXINGTON, Lexington's KY. Largest Department Store Right Styles Right Goods Right Prices F. E. JOHNS PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTO SUPPLIES, CAMERAS 222 W. MAIN, LEXINGTON, KY. Phone Blue Prints, Kodak Finishing 617-- Y The SPECIAL SHOE CO. FOR GOOD DEPENDABLE SHOES ALWAYS. PRICES REASONABLE TOO. Character, College Standing and Leadership Are Standards For Choice of Men The Scovell Chapter of Alpha Zeta honorary fraternity held their annual pledging exercises in chapel Fri day, March 21, with Headley Shouso, chancellor, presiding. Professor P. E Karrakor, professor of Agronomy and Prof. Bryant, assistant Dean of the Agricultural College and Asst. Director of Extension spoke of the honor be stowed upon the pledges and told what has been done in the past by the fraternity. The Alpha Zeta fraternity has as Its standard threo of the highest principles that could be obtained by the college student. Those principles are Character, College Standing and Leadership, and it is a credit to the persons who have acquired them. The pledges are: Seniors G. I. Barnes; Juniors Clyde Bland, Russell Halbert and E. G. Godby; Sophomores William Salmon. The members of the active chapter are: F. F. Elliott, Headley Shouse, Louis Reusch, Carsie Hammonds, Jessie Tapp and Leo Alpha Zeta men in the faculty are Dean Cooper, Professor Roberts, Bryant, Goode, Karraker, James, Gott, Brueckner, Nicholls, Hudson, and Stein-house- 206 WEST MAIN ST., NEAR UPPER ST. LEXINGTON, KY. Hor-licke- r. Announcing Arrival EDITOR'S NOTE Thru an oversight the pledge day was omitted from last week's Kernel. The Kernel apologizes. of DISCUSSION GROUPS New Styles in THE FRESHMAN SPEAKS. As a favor to tho now students, especially the Freshman, wo would like to suggest that President Patterson speak at chapel some morning. Wo have never made even tho platform ac quaintance of Dr. Patterson, in our months of school life. "The Grand Old Man of the University," is still Just a name to us. We know about him, of reputa course, about his world-widtion, and his wonderful record here in Kentucky, but we knew that much before we came to Lexington. Now, wo would like the real thing. Will the Chapel Program Committee please take notice? e Dear Editor Since there seems to around the campus, and the art of beautifying is becoming a vital factor, I don't see why it is that a particular spot that might be of a very beneficial use, should be neglected. This particular spot happens to be situated just back of the dormitory and might present to the mind of the "dreamer," an ideal spot for a useful purpose. Why is it that this specified piece of land could not be cleared away and beautified so that it could be converted into an attractive place for an outside theatre for the Strollers? With a little planning and enough work, this dream could surely be turned into a reality and not only would it convert that part of the campus into an attractive and beautiful spot, but it would be a source of pleasure to the students and during the hot summer days it would make the biggest grouch forget the heat, flu and whatnot and convert him into a real optimist. In this way it would better the general atmosphere " and would be a Also the Strollers would have some convenient place to display their talent and furnish entertainment to those interested in dramatic art. I hope that this idea may attract some of these "dreamers" who are conceiving such wonderful ideas for the future and with other accomplishments, may be realized and be an added improvement. AN INTERESTED STUDENT. be such a general awakening "I do not believe that science and the Bible conflict," said Dr. Funkhous-e- r in the third meeting of the discussion groups held Monday night at Patterson Hall. He said he believed in God, and that he denied the theory that the soul is energy. Dr. Funkhous-e- r believes that the brain of the higher animal is like that of man but that the animal lacks reason. He has faith in this theory, but says it cannot be proved yet, because science is too young. Dr. Maxon continued his geographical readings and discussed the various GREGG IN MARYLAND chapters read. Dr. Boyd was unable to be present Edgar Gregg, star first sacker on last to take charge of his class Monday year's baseball team, is teaching shop night. and drawing, and coaching the baseball team at Eaton, Maryland high 1914 GRAD. HOME AGAIN school. Gregg, who was hero during tho first semester, is a member of SigCaptain W. F. Wright, who graduated ma Nu fraternity. He writes that he in 1914 from tho Collego of ArtB and expects to return to school in Septem Science, has returned to this country ber. after 15 months' service in Franco. Capt. Wright was with tho gallant Sec AND STILL WE TEA ond Division, which has been cited so often for bravery that it is be The teas given under tho auspices of lieved that each member of tho divis ion will be given a citation cord or a tho Y. M. C. A. by the wives of the faculty for tho students of tho Univer medal. Captain Wright first saw service in sity, continue to bo a success. Tho Verdun and entered engagmonts at largest number of students that have San Mllilol, Soissons, Chateau Thierry, ever attended theso functions was Rhloms and Sedan. Captain Wright present last Wednesday, and proved to who wears a wound stripe, added his tho ladies their appreciation of their word of praise for the Marines, who hospitality. A four minute speech, giv wore Included in tho "Socoud." Ho is en by Mr. Redwino In behalf of the now waiting orders at his homo in World Fellowship Fund added to the Interest of tho uftornoon. Manchester. "Jakie" Byers Back From Service With Famous "Second;" Visits Classmates Lieutenant James E. Byers, better known on the campus as "Jakie" Byers, graduate of tho Civil Engineering College in the class of J.915, was in Lexington visiting school friends last week. Lieutenant Byers was commissioned in the Engineers and assigned to duty with the famous Second Division, where he fought at Verdun, and tho Argonne forest. Ho was wounded by three machine gun bullets In an advance of the engineers as infantry to bridge a creek. At the same time part of his right foot was torn off by a piece of shrapnel. He lay on the field all day and much of the night and was then taken to an advanced dressing station. When he was removed to a base hospital, his leg was amputated above the knee. At another time he was advancing when a small shell passed between his right arm and side, leaving a hole on either side of its course. "Jakie" is now stationed at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, where he is learning the art of wearing his new leg. His position at the Burns and McDonald Consulting Engineers Company in Kansas City is still open, but he may go to Cornell University for a year's study in ad vanced engineering. While he was in Lexington, he was the guest of Owen Reynolds, a class mate. He is a mem ber of the Delta Chi fraternity. NOTICE KEY MEN "Joy-giver.- Young Mens Clothing United (Tjoifiing Sore INCOKPOffATED Next to the Union Station. Qfo We Are Headquarters For Military Supplies and other articles you may need awhile here in College, and hereby submit a partial list: Safety Razors, Comfort Kits, Sewing Kits, Trench Mirrors, Money Belts, Tooth Brushes, Knee Desks, Wrist Watches, Rubber Set, Shaving Brushes, Registration Card Cases, Infantry Drill Regulation Books, Stationery, Shaving preparations of all kinds, Razor Strops, Waterman Fountain Pens, Pencils, Ink. We carry the most complete line of candy in the city 5n half , one, two, three, packages; always fresh and kept in refrigerator case. five-pou- nd FAYETTE DRUG CO. J Main and Limestone Phones 3305-2- 1 An important business meeting of University Key men will be held on the parlor floor of the Phoenix Hotel, Friday afternoon, April 4, at 4 o'clock sharp. Every man must be there to complete plans for the big dance. If you are not there, don't grumble if something happens which that doesn't suit you. Be out, Arthur! CRUM INSISTS THAT HE IS NOT DEAD A letter was received recently by the editor of the Kentucky Kernel from Lt. Frank M. Crum, a former student of the University, whoso death was reported at Camp Taylor some timo ago. Lt. Crum had heard of tho report thru a friend and wrote correcting tho statement and telling of his experiences in active service. Lt. Crum, known as "Senator," graduated in the 1916 class In tho Collego of Arts and Science. Ho was one of tho best known men of tho University, and a baseball star. About 18 months ago he entered sorvico at Camp Taylor. Lator ho was transferred to Texas and from there went to Camp Mills, Long Island, for a short timo boforo embarkation for Franco. Ho is a member of tho Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.