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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

i, THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 6 Dress Up!! "Q.t Acquainted With Victor Bogaert Co. MONEY SALE SAVING Established 1883 "The Hallmark Store." W. Main St. . Lexington, Ky. e New Sprint Sample Lines Get First Showing This Week WE WILL DEMONSTRATE MORE CLEARLY THAN EVER OUR WONDERFUL VALUE GIVING POWER High-Grad- Middleweight UNION SUIT With long or sleeves New Spring DISTINCTLY NEW MODEL Sample $2.48 Noted Candy tht a Visit HOMI MADE CANDY EXCLUSIVELY Made and Sold Only By Schang e's Candy Kitchen 111 t. Upper St., J wet areund eerner frem Main Strati. -- New HATS In Pay Kentucky's Leading Jewelers 133-13- 5 Ua WMIa Tawn.w HIGH-GRAD- E SPRING SUIT WAIST LINE STYLES EXCEPTIONAL VALUES, QC $ZOD A HHBHB BSnff8BWVafBH 55i5!SH5855c!f5H'3 HHHH9kHlBHn9nM594!IR! kJUILilil fcK NECKWEAR 50 cents Ncw SprinS Gotham CAPS a -y- soft drink ear-round Tot fmsinoss mon , professional PAGEANT OPENS WORLD Girls at Hall Present Needs of World to Good Audience as Y. W. Twenty-thre- e Program. with Elizabeth Marshall, Ruth Gregory, Fannie Heller, the teacher, nurse, and social service worker respectively, In attendance. Last came Margaret Harbison, the Voice of the World Fellowship, with India, Armenia, Japan, South America, represented by Edna Smith, Lena Lady, Thompson Van Der-eand Alberta Wilson, respectively. e class-mate- n mental trainindood to train and gain on. Hoalth-f- ul n SMITH AND BLAKEY "The Call of the New World," a specgirls tacular pageant with twenty-thre- e participating, was presented at the meeting of the Y. W. C. A. Sunday night, March 30, at Patterson Hall, under the direction of the World Citizenship Committee. The pageant was sent from the Publication Department of the National office of the Y. W. C. A. for use in the world fellowship campaign which was put on Tuesday and Wednesday In the University. In it the Spirit of the Association introduces four voices of the New World, the "Voice of the United War Fund Campaign, who comes with full hands, to express her gratitude for the money given by those who contributed to the fund last fall, the Voice of the Eight Week Clubs, who asks for volunteers to carry on the Eight Week Club work, The Voice of Vocational Conferences, who begs girls to enter the field of service as teachers, nurses, physicians, social workers, and the Voice of World Fellowship, who presents the needs of girls in other lands, and pleads for help to carry the benefits of Christian education to them. Elizabeth McGowan took the part of the Spirit of the Association. The other characters were represented by the following: The Voice of the United War Fund Campaign, Minerva Sue Boardman, following her, Kathleen Brand, representing the Y. M. C. A., Lorraine West, the Y. W. C. A.; Evelyn Thomas, the American Library Association; Esther Harris, the Salvation Army; Lucy Cracraft, War Camp Community Service; Amelia Voters, the Jewish Welfare Association; Marguerite Yarbro, the Catholic Welfare Association. Next in the procession came Margaret Woll, the Voice of tho Eight Week Clubs, who was attended by Mary Elizabeth James, tho athletic phase of eight week clubs; Nancy Smock, tho vocational phase, and Hal-liKay Fryo, tho inspirational development. Mina White took tho part of the Voice of Vocational Conferences, mon, mon of sports ''(jdlf, bowling,tenni,shootfnj,rMiiig. Tor everybody, ovorywhoro, tho year round. Bovo is halo refreshment for wholesome thirst--amvioraiinrf soft drink. Ideal for tho atnloio or tho m&ui in physical or the campus that he has seen Whaley, s several one of his former times In France. At the time of the writing of the last letter he was going toward the Swiss border and seemed much perturbed that he was not headed for home. WIN UNION DEBATE S. W. Smith and H. M. Blakey, speaking for the Union Literary Society, won a decisive victory over V. C. Swerengen and Harold McGregor, representatives of the Patterson Literary Society, in the first of a series of debates held in the club rooms on the third floor of the Gym building, last Friday night. The subject debated was "Resolved, That the United States Senate should adopt the constitution of the League of Nations." The affirmative side was argued by the Union, while Patterson upheld the negative. The debate was held before the two societies in joint session. Instead of Judges, the vote of the audience was taken. inter-societ- y THOMAS CHOSEN TO HEAD WILDCAT TEAM and appetizing. At a meeting of the 1919 basketball "K" men held Tuesday afternoon in the Athletic office, Henry Thomas was elected captain of the Wildcats for next winter. "K" men who were present at the meeting and entitled to vote were: J. C. Everett, Robert Burnham, J. A. Dishman, and Henry Thomas. Thomas is a Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering, and a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He has played with the Kentucky quintet for two years, and was a member of the Lexington High School team before entering the University. He Is also prominent on the baseball diamond. Sold ovorywhoro ANHEUSER-BUSC- ouppliod hy ST. LOUIS H Have Your Pictures Made at the SPARE THE GRASS! The parts of the campus which were tramped down and denuded of grass by the activities of the recent vocationARMY SERGEANTS TO al army camp, are being plowed up in ASSIST MAJOR BYARS preparation for grass which will be planted soon. Superintendent Whipple Three army sergeants just returned is hoping that students will begin now from France, came to Lexington last to with him in abolishing week to assist Major Byars, at the paths across grass plots on the R. O. T. C. headquarters in Buell Armory. While their official titles will be "Assistant Instructors of Military "FRESHIES" PROMISE TO Science and Tactics," some of their GIVE GOOD DANCE work will bo clerical, tho they will inTho annual dance of the "Freshies" struct the companies in the more ad- promises to be a pleasant acair of Satvanced military tactics, being espe- urday afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30 in cially fitted for this work by their ex- Buell Armory. Smith's orchestra will periences in France. furnish the music with a special proThe three sergeants are Chas. K. gram for eight Lunt, who lived in Massachusetts, Jesse Stone, in Georgia, and Clarence ENGLISH CLUB AT MISS JEWELL'S Kinney, in Indiana, boforo Joining tho Miss Frances Jowell will entertain army. Each man saw about two years' tho English Club at a buffet dinner to service. be given Monday evening, April 7, at her homo on Ashland avenuo. No forTHEY ALL WANT mal invitations are being issued, but TO COME HOME it is hoped that every member will bo . present. "Wo do everything but go toward a boat for homo," writes Henry Hnggin, KAPPA DELTA graduate of tho College of Agriculture INITIATION SATURDAY in tho class of 191S and now In servEpsilon Omega chapter of Kappa ice in the army in Franco. Delta will have Us initiation and anHaggln has been in Franco for about nual banquet Saturday night at tho eight months and writes a friend on Phoenix Hotel. rFhmllie -- grocer, druggist and dealer. Vhltow aro cordially lnvlfod to lnspocf our plan! HUMPHREY STUDIO Prompt Service Courteous Treatment Phone 34S W. Main St. High Grade Work TWO BROTHERS BARBER J635-- X SHOP 'ROUND THE CORNER FROM UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 35c HAIR CUT SHAVE 15c YOU CAN SAVE MONEY AND TIME BY LETTING US SAVE YOUR SOLES. We use tfic Goodyear wit system y Shoe ShopN. Mill Nu-Wa-