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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL JUDGE CHALKLEY WILL TEACHERS ACCUSED OP WASTE IN WORK Yi Mi C. A. .Secretary Owens Says That Officers of Organization Should Be Carefully Selected. Judge Lyman Chalkley, of tho Law Department, will address the University of Kentucky Y. M. C. A. at tho regular meeting next Sunday evening, April 6, at 6:45 o'clock. Special music .has been arranged for. The meeting will be short so that It will not conflict "with evening engagements. The nominating committee will suggest the following names at the meeting as capablo men to servo as officers for tho ensuing year: President, Jesse Tapp; J. P. Barnes; Recorder, O. H. Gregory; Assistant Treasurer, R. J. Raible. Nominations for these offices may also be made from the floor. Secretary R. A. Owens, in speaking of the University Y. M. C. A. said that organithis is an zation and one in which all the students and tho faculty of tho University of Kentucky should be deeply interested. Therefore those who are to be the officers of the organization should bo selected with care. As the students are to choose who are to be these officers it is urged that all the students be present at the meeting Sunday night. He also said that the purpose of the University of Kentucky Y. M. C. A. is to lead men into and develop them in the Christian life, to with the Christian Church and strain men for service in it, to promote program of unselfish service, to unite the students of this University in promoting the highest good of the University and the individuals who compose It, and to unite the Chisfian students of this University with the world wide student Christian brotherhood. t, M. C. REDWINE WINS ORATORICAL CONTEST ' "Marcus C. Redwine, speaking on the "'League of Nations and the Monroe .Doctrine," won the Patterson Oratorical contest from a field of four candidates, in chapel last Wednesday even- nig. This contest is held every year on March 26, former President Patter son's birthday, and the winner receives a gold medal given by "The Grand Old Man." The other speakers and their subjects were: W. C. Peel, "The International Mind;" H. L. Hargrove, "The Xieague of Nations and the Monroe Doctrine," and Harold McGregor," A .New Basis of Peace." The judges were Richard Stoll, Farquhar and Funkhouser. EAT AT SECOND TABLE (Continued from Page One.) gentleman One "brought forward. moved that the dance be called off altogether, another suggested that It be turned into a subscription danco held some afternoon in tho armory, with everybody in tho University invited. Finally, Mr. Dabney withdrew his motion and another was made stating that tho dance be exclusively upper class. This was seconded and carried iy an almost unanimous vote. May 16 was tho dato set, ladies and gentlemen smiled kindly upon each other once more and discord escaped to find moro congenial company. PAGE 7 Applied Psyeholoiy Lecture tefore Woman's Club; Practical Demonstration Olven. Spenglers Art and Dr. C. B. Cornell, professor of psychology, addressed tho Curernt Events Section of tho Central Kentucky Woman's Club Saturday afternoon. His subject was "Applied Psychology." At the close of tho session, mental For things child tests wore given to a as an example of the work being dono Artistic and Beautiful in the public schools of Lexington to aid proper classification of children In Whether tho classroom. Mrs. Wickllffe Preston was chairman. PHOTOGRAPHS "There Is more wasted offort, more lost motion, in tho teaching profession or other articles than in any other sphere of human activity," said Dr. Cornell, "It Is in this profession that psychology is coming into its own. The child mind is being measured and classified and its powers ascertained. Wo are finding that children are not born with equal capacities for learning and we are apFOR plying the measuring instruments deFALL AND vised by the psychologist In order to ascertain individual differences and capabilities. "Applied psychology is the science J 39 West Main Street of utilizing tho known facts of mental experience or of human behavior to Look for the Iron Dog the furtherance of some particular type of human activity. The successful man applies the principles of psychology In every transaction with his fellows. In the Held of advertising, for example, the psychologist appeals PHARMACISTS to the senses in the endeavor to seLexington, Ky. cure the attention necessary to bring Main and Lime Both Phones 123 about interest." Dr. Cornell said that the salesman, the insurance agent, the minister, the politician and even the doctor are factors of the science of consciousness and their respective successes or failwhy you should ures may be attributed to the known Reasons Clay's take your course principles of human behavior. Gift Shop of 1uirc 1 Skull Caps Blue and Wh'te Envelopes and Paper 50c. 60c. Waterman's Fountain Pens I Fountain Pen Ink set of University of Kentucky $2.50 and up. Post ? Cards 25c. 15c. WINTER Caden Drug Co. Uuniversity of Kentucky Die Stamped Stationery New Supply Athletic Goods H.jy Hardware Co. L. H. BELL COLLEGE FRUIT STORE We cater to college patrons FRUITS, CANDIES, CIGARS AND TOBACCOS No J 54 South Lfmestone Street THE University Book store 233 WEST SHORT Everybody EATS at UNCLE CHARLIES IMPORTANT at EXCHANGES Business College. We not only promise indi vidual attention, but we give it. WE WANT SATISFIED STUDENTS Doctor McVey Speaks at Hamilton (Crimson Rambler.) Dr. McVey, of the University of Kentucky, gave a lecture on tho "League of Nations," during the chapel hour at Hamilton College on Monday, March 10th. In a most scholarly and yet en tertaining manner he explained the necessity for the "League of Nations," and mentioned and answered the three principal objections raised by some superficial statesmen. A school of one price. We ask no one to enroll and make payment until they have visited the school. BOOKKEEPING Be a good bookkeeper. The work is pleasant as well as profitable. We offer a splendid course In either the 20th Century or Tablet method of advanced business records. Every business has need of better accounting and new methods are constantly being introduced. PRIVATE TO MAJOR FOR KENTUCKIAN SHORTHAND Accurate dictation spells the success of the secretarial or stenographic contact has Personal applicant. One of the most rapid rises in army taught us that the Gregg Method of life is attributed to Major Jessie Mil- Shorthand is tho efficient method. We ler, of Washington, D. C, formerly of Insure speed and accuracy. this city. Major Miller has risen from TYPEWRITING a private to his present rank in the The touch system has taken the eighteen mouths of his service. place of the old, slow, inefficient When he entered the service a year method of typing. Our instruction and a half ago, he was a member of will placo you on a par with tho best. the law firm of Miller & Miller, of WE OFFER FREE Lexington. He went first to Camp In connection with above courses a ENGLISH, Shelby, Mississippi, and from there, course in COMMERCIAL was ordered to Washington, where he SPELLING and BUSINESS ARITHgained a first lieutenancy, after assist- METIC. ing in Crowdor's office. WE COURT INVESTIGATION General Crowder, who regarded Miller MRS. W. P. RAMSEY, President. as a "find," recommended him for a MISS GLADYS REESE, V. President. captaincy and when the solectlvo draft CLAY'S BUSINESS service had been completed, his effiCOLLEGE (Incorporated.) cient assistance had gained him his present rank. Major Miller is 27 years DAY and NIGHT CLASSES old. Phone 469-222 W. Main St. "EXPERIENCE, THE GREAT TEACHER The most valuable lessons learned in life are usually those gained by actual experience, often experience that has been v.'ry costly. But that kind of knowledge usually sticks close to the ribs We Have Learned By experience that all wool well tailored clothing is the best and cheapest in the long run. Hart, Schaffner & Marx only make clothing from fine all wool materials, sewn with silk and linen thread. Copyright 1919 Hart Schaffner & Marx WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION Major-Qoner- Kauf man Clothing LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE Co.