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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 8 Tho arrangements wcro in charge of Major D. O. Byars, instructor of military tactics and Mrs. Byars, Cap tain and Mrs. Royden, Miss Marguer-it- o PATT HALL PERSONALS McLaughlin and Miss Frances Jewell. Mrs. J. W. Graham, Louisville, la tho Several out of town guests were guest of her daughter, MHudred Gra- present, among the two hundred stuham, this week. dents who enjoyed tho dance. Miss May Stevans, Williamsburg, was tho guest of Ada Hardesty, last CHAPEL. Co-E- week-end- d Corner FRIDAY'S . Helen Beasley spent last week-enat her home in Williamstown. Mildred Teller, Louisville, was the guest of Irma Wolf laBt week-end- . Bernice Young, Pinevllle, was the guest of Lucy Dean last week-end- . Miss Geneva Wilson, Georgetown College, was the guest of Lorraine West, last week-end- . Miss Marlon D. Mullens, Grand President of Kappa Delta sorority, was the guest of the local chapter last weekend. Amelia Voiers has returned from her home in Butler, where she had spent some time. Mrs. John Gibson, Louisville, and Miss Mary K. Hamilton were guests d of friends last week. Miss Wells, Carlisle, was the guest of Gertrude Booth last week-end- . Mrs. Stevans, Sharpsburg, was the guest of Mrs. Brown last week-end- . KAPPA SIGMA DANCE A beautiful event of the spring was the annual dance Friday night of Beta Nu chapter of the Kappa Sigma fra ternity in Buell Armory from 8:30 to 12 o'clock. Festooned garlands of red, green and white paper ribbon streamers, the fra ternity colors, decorated the armory. Lights in the fraternity colors were swung among the beams of the ceiling, Fraternity shields and banners deco' rated the walls. The programs were attractive book lets containing a list of eight "no breaks" and the selection of music for each, with the Kappa Sigma coat-of- arms embossed in gold in one corner of the black and white striped covers, tied with silk cord and tassel of red and green. A large representation of the fraternity pin, the cresent and star, formed with electric globes provided the only illumination for the eighth and last The music for the special and effective dance was "The Kappa Sigma Sweetheart." The hosts for the occasion were: active chapter, Messrs. Robert S. Arnold, Victor H. Barlow, Auryne E. Bell, Neville Fincel, Raymond S. Glenn, Todd H. Green, C. Frank Johnson, J. Brooks Juette, Leeman S. Oldham, George Oldham, William M. Wallace, J. Stewart Wallingford and Marshall B. Wood. Pledges, Frank Widekemper, Burton Stapp and J. Howard King. Patrons President and Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Prof, and Mrs. L. L. Dantz-ler- , Dean and Mrs. C. It. Melcher, Dean and Mrs. W. T. Lafferty, Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Farquhar, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brower, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Battaile, Miss Frances Jewell, Miss Christine Hopkins, Miss Dora Berkeley, and Miss Marguerite McLaughlin. Confetti and serpentine added brilliance to the scene near tho close of the danco. Fruit frappo was served, Tho next meeting of the club will bo on Thursday, April 11th, in tho Agri culture building and every member I asked to be present. Some Important matters that tho club desires to undertake will bo discussed. Miss Coffin and Miss MacKinnon were hostesses to the Seniors of the Homo Economics Department at a dinner party at tho Practise House Wednesday evening. Among those Included In the invitations were Dean and Mrs. Cooper, Misses Lameraux, White and Purnell. The Seniors are Misses Mildred Col lins, Effle Gentry, Elizabeth Pickett, Julia Burbank, Elsie Potter, Katherlne Parrish, Eliza Clay Mason, Laura Cas sidy, Sarah Harbison, Louiso Turner, Austin Lilly. Metropolitan Restaurant All the Delicacies in Seaion. Michler Bros-FLOR- ISTS Anything-- in Flowers. William Colpitts, Student Representative. Alfred C. Green, Jr., tenor, of Chica Phone 3976 go, will give a short program at the University Friday morning at 11:45 at the chapel hour. Mr. Green will bo accompanied at the piano by Mrs. J. O. Black, of the Money Loaned on Reasonable InterestjRates Lexington College of Music. Following is the program: GREENFIELD & HALL "Chegelida Mamma," from the Phoenix Hotel Block Puccini DR. BUSH AT FORUM opera, "La Boheme" Rogers Stars OF WORLD PROBLEMS "From the Land of the Sky Blue Cadman Waters" "The Jews have never failed in a Mr. Albert d' Schen Haberstro of government, but I believe Lexington College of Music has ar- spiritual the they will not succeed with a political A complete line of select stock always on hand. ranged the program for the University. Corsage Bouquets a Specialty. government in Palestine now," said 327 Main Street. Phone M4 the Rev. Benjamin J. Bush, at the Unl HISTORY CLUB verslty of Kentucky Thursday afterE. T. TAMCOTT, Collate Representative. noon In the Y. M. C. A. rooms, as one The first meeting of the History Club of the speakers on the "Forum of was held Monday afternoon, March 31, World Events." in Dr. Tuthill's room. The program "The famous Herzl movement, to "Our Presi consisted of discussions of bring the Jews back to their holyland dents as Historians" by Miss Conk has never been received with the en wright, Mr. Leon Wise and Mr. H. B thusiasm that will warrant the attempt Lloyd. at repatriation of the nation. There is Miss Conkwright gave a short and all probability that England, as she interesting discussion of Theodore once gave an asylum to the Jews in Roosevelt's literary ability and told of East Africa, might grant Palestine to his accomplishments as a historian the homeless nation for political reas Mr. Leon Wise spoke on President Wil ons now that she has conquered it son and what he has contributed to But even if this should be done, I do Lloyd told the historical field, and Mr. not believe the country of Palestine of the work of President Polncare and is economically able to support the what he has meant to France. Jews that would go back. After the program, Dr. Tuthill gave "Palestine is unfortunate in its sltua J24-I2- 8 N. LIMESTONE LEXWGTCN, KY a brief talk opening the subject to gen tion being on the highroad between The next program eral discussion. Africa and Europe. If the settlement will be given April 13. of Jews in Palestine were accom plished, the old racial antagonisms MONEY LOANED ON UNIVERSITY "CO-EDbetween Jew and Mohammedan and Arab would return. The country, if It WILL HAVE NEW DEAN became profitable, would be subjected Miss Simrall of Sweetbriar College to the incursions of wild Arabian. JuAccepts Position to Take Effect daism, Mohammedanism and ChristianNext September. ity would conflict. HARRY SKULLER, "We can never be certain, however, Miss Josephine Simrall, of Sweet- - about this little nation. It has given Phoenix Block II 0 S. Limestone St. , briar College, Va., has accepted the to the world the three monotheisms, position of dean of women here at the Christianity, Mohammedanism, and University to take effect next fall. Judaism. Witness the part of Belgium, President McVey recommended her Holland, Greece and Palestine. I say appointment at the meeting of the in regard to the present plan that the Board of Trustees last Tuesday. ideal Jerusalem is everywhere. The At present Miss Simrall is head of solution of the problem of the Jewish the Department of Psychology and race is the accepting of the example of CANDIES, FRUITS AND TOBACCOS dean of women at Sweetbriar. She is America's tolerance toward them by a graduate of Wellesley and has taken every nation of the world." graduate work at the University of Cincinnati and at Johns Hopkins. She is a Kentucky woman. She has many friends and relatives in Lexington. McVea, of Sweet President FOOTBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS briar College, spoke particularly of Miss Simrall's excellent executive abilDEVELOPING AND PRINTING ity and "her social accustomness." LEXINGTON, KY. 146 WEST MAIN STREET Chancellor Frank W. Chandler of the University of Cincinnati, writes that she is possessed of marked literary talent, that she was active in women's WE SELL organizations and has a charming WATCHES sympathetic manner. Also repair WATCHES Say it With Rowers KELLER, FLORIST Welsh & Murray Printing )o. COLLEGE STATIONERY ENGRAVING AND DIE STAMPING FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS S" Diamonds, Watches andJewelry Collis & Son Confectionary Strand Theatre C. D. CALLOWAY & CO. MISS LAURA SPURR HOME ECS. NOTES Dean Cooper spoke to the Home Economics Club last Thursday on "Opportunities," stressing tho part CADET HOP GOOD open to the woman trained in Homo The second Cadet Hop was a pleas- Economics in developing the Stuto and ant affair of Saturday afternoon from giving aid to tho various agencies that 2:30 to 5:30 In Buell Armory. Garr's are working for tho betterment of consextette furnished tho music. ditions iu tho Stato. HEINTZ New Dancing Academy Jeweler E. Main Street Opp. The Phoenix 123 Lexington, Kentucky . STUDENTS CLASSES Wednesday and Saturday Afternoons Tuesday and Friday Nights Private Lessons by Appointment Dances Wednesday and Saturday Nights Opp. Phoeni xHotel SMITH'S QUARTETTE. PHONE 2340