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23 > Image 23 of The Cats' Pause, 8-Apr-78

Part of The Cats' Pause

PAGE 23 THE CATS' PAUSE, APRIL 8, 1978 WORLD INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT FINALS 5ee the World's Best Amateur Basketball Players Compete In Rupp Arena U.S. vs. Soviet Union Cuba vs. Yugoslavia April 9,1978 Rupp Arena SEE THESE AMERICAN COLLEGIATE STARS JACK GIVENS JAMES LEE KYLE MACY RICK ROBEY David Greenwood (UCLA) Darrell Griffith (Louisville) Larry Bird (Indiana State) Joe Barry Carroll (Purdue) Ervin Johnson (Michigan State) Phil Ford (North Carolina) Mike O'Koren (North Carolina) Sidney Moncrief (Arkansas) Coached By KENTUCKY'S JOE B. HALL Last Name (Type or Print) First Name Initial Mailing Address City State Zip Code Date Game No. Tkts. @ Amount April 9 International Tournament $7.00 $5.00 Handling $1.00 r.K m n Total Due Make certified checks or money orders payable to: UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION MAIL TO U.K. TICKET OFFICE, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 40506 Amateur Basketball Association USA