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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

mate team player. Maggard is the most never had the chance to reach its poten- _ XPl`llllUK$lgll2ll 2llll`i 1llllW illl tial, bttt placed sixth in the SEC and know in some situations there is no l]O5[(l[1]@ S1(]TOmmimentin Spring substitute for experience. 1091, Freshman Suzanne Gutierrez set _l0ll$ [ll lll`$l i`Ml` KllUll<}' F00l an individual school record on beam l l>all"to come to UK. sayslle lmowswliat and senior Donna Oetlinger set a ca- Curry is talking about. "Leadership is reer high on the vault. Freshman Amy A more ol a memal tllmg." says_1lll` l2lllllll1ll$ 2ll` l0\\ll YOU sheblewouta knee and willlikelv be out pick them up; its a person who always i im- the 1992 Seiismi Vollgybail - The gives lll$ illl lll lll f0lll`lll ]ll2ll`ll`l lll volleyball Kats were 22-12 overall and 7- ii one who can push the team to another 1 in the SE(]_ The teiim mnde its i`Omt1i l\l" appearance in the NCAA placing in the Hebelieveshe is the tnan f`orthe_job, Finn] 1(i_ Swimming & Diving - Swim- butadmits he needs to be more consis rner Kelly Moran earned all-America __iV __ _ecL tent. "Once I make it to the fourth lnmoi-S by plaeing eighth in the 100 _.{ `'`- ii 1ll2ll`ll`i`i$1l)$_l0llS, ill lS golf - U1; in her sportro1ler skating. Kessinger finished iii-Si iii ibid i(,iiiiiiiiiieiiiS_ See- placed second in the 300 meter compe- (md in im, mid aimed die Sebbbys tition at the Pan American gatues in fourth NCAA tournament appearance AUQUSL R"lll` Skilling 'lll be im `Xlll piaeing mai t>vera11._]nnier Tonya om l>iti<> entry ill the 1992 0l>m1>i<$ Se il was named Academic All-America. lllll'l K`$$lllgi"`llll)iml-lng me UK Gymnastics - An injury-riddled team Zllllllllll 1)i'l`llCl1)*llll% Fall 1991 l{tntucky .r\lunmus 5