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The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1960

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

lYMliaus Topples Bnsrhall Hccord; J Sec Vngc 7 University of Kentucky Vol. II LEXINGTON, KV., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, Weather Today Fair and Cooler; High 70, Low 50 10 No. 99 SC Approves New Constitution "1 Phil Ausliii Steps Down; Wainscott New President By BOB ANDERSON n'( V J) li; ; J -- if Willis Haws, who led opposition position. to the representation clause of the The controversial representation new constitution at the March 31 provision will set up departmental Inter faitii Officers X- - Krrnrl Managing Editor Student Congress got a new constitution and a new Monday night. The assembly approved the radical new congress with little opposition. Following the approval of the est amount of power the Faculty constitution, SC acting President would allow Student Congress. Only three votes were cast Phil Austin named Bob Wainscott against the clause as the majority to serve as president pro tem of of the sparse representation apthe body until elections can be proved it and went ahead to pass held and a new president elected. the remaining sections with no op- congress meeting, again opposed Interfaith Council arr, from left, Alice Kingston, the clause, saying he favored the secretary; Tom Cherry, vice president; Henrietta Johnson, treasrepresentation provided under the urer; and Charles Harber, president. old constitution. Bob Odear, chairman of the Constitutional Revision Committee, warned the congress at the March meeting that the University Faculty would not approve the constitution if it were submitted with the old representation clause. Odear also noted that the new The Uimcr.uty is entering a new this year intend to enter either a constitution represented the great- era. the Medical era, according to graduate school or a professional Dr. M. M. White, dean of the Col- college after graduation indicates lege of Arts and Sciences. that we are having success, h; Speaking at the annual Arts and said. Science The success of the faculty Dinner, Dean White opening of the Medical School be somewhat indicated by the would bilng many changes. number of students who pass their courses. Dean White said. Also the He expressed the belief that these changes will bring a more Graduate Record Examination will By BILL NEIKIKK adequate opportunity to the stu- give some indication as to the sucKernel Editor dents of Kentucky to get a liberal cess of the faculty. Student Congress will be asked arts education. Dean White mentioned that the to sponsor a study of Kentucky pointed out that it number of students getting gradu- high schools at a special meeting Dean White was e.'.titnuly hard for the l:iy ate fellowships from other insti- Thursday night. public to understand how a col- tutions might indicate the UniNewly named President Bob lege or university administration versity's success. Wainscott said yesterday he will He said he was sure we have a must opt-- ate if it seeks to be a call a special meeting of the conreal colhge cr university of dis- good teacher when he is recom- gress for 7 p.m. in Lafferty Hall. mended by his colleagues on his tinction. The proposed study, initiated by "First and foremost." Dean teaching effectiveness and student Arts and Sciences sophomore Jim White ald, "the college seeks ratings have Indicated that they Daniel, is designed to determine knowledge And understanding, and would like to attend his classes. the deficiencies of high school stu- Pointing out evidence of contin- dents and to aid Kentucky high these are most likely to be attained in an atmosphere of freedom ual development of the University, schools in preparing students for in their pursuit. No person, re Continued On Page 2 gardless cf the amount of learn lng, knows all the truth. "By encouraging the expression of varied viewpoints our student and we ourselves are most likely Thursday afternoon, May 12 Preclassification for the 1960 fall to achieve understanding," he 2.30 to 2.59 accordsemester will be May added. Friday. May 132.30 to 2.59 ing to Dr. Charles F. Elton, dean The oals of a college, he said, Saturday morning, May 112.00 give each student as of admissions and registrar. are first to to 2.29 adequate an opportunity as posStudents will pick up classificaMonday, May 162.00 to 2.29 sible to attain an understanding tion materials in their college c;f himself, of his social world, his deans' offices according to Tuesday, May 171.50 to 1.99 the folbiological world, and his physical lowing cumulative grade point Wednesday, May 180.00 to 1.49 world. average. Thursday, May 19 Graduate, Secondly, the student should be Monday, May 9 Students who Law, and Pharmacy students encouriMd to iltlve as deeply as entered for the first time in FebFriday, May 20 Miscellaneous passible into one of these areas, ruary, 19(')0, and students who exDean Elton said this procedure he adtli d. pect to graduate in January, 1961. would be followed: Dfaii White said the student Tuesday. May 103.00 to 4.00 cmtinue in After receiving materials, the Wednesday, May 112.60 to 2.99 student is to see his adviser for adlong after leaving college. Thursday morning, May 11 2.60 vice and approval of his class The fatt that more than half of schedule. Advisers will have forms year and again to 2.1)9 the senior ilass last New officers of Med School Begins New Era For UK representation in the congress with representation paralleling that of the Faculty. There are presently 78 Faculty members. The total number of votes under the old constitution was 32. SC Secretary Margie i V. BOB WAINSCOTT be dropped to get a quorum. X total of 11 full votes were eliminated from the congress rolls at the two meetings. Miss Triplett noted that fraternity and sorority representatives have had a total of 98 absences this semester. The new constitution will now go to the May 2 meeting of the Faculty for approval. If it passes the Faculty, the constitution will have to be submitted to the stu- Triplett had to drop all representatives who failed to attend the last three meetings in order to get a quorum. This was the second consecutive meeting at which members had to dents for a general vote. Student Congress Will Be Asked To Sponsor Study Of High Schools i Wainscott and an SC committee met with President Frank G. Dickey yesterday to discuss problems and set plans for the study. Complete details of how it will be conducted have not been determined, but Daniel and the SC committee have established this Preliminary plans of the SC committee are to set -c committee of around 20 to 25 members. When the statewide committee Is selected, it will determine where high school students are deficient by sending questionnaires to department heads of all the state's pattern so far: If SC approves the study and colleges. agrees to sponsor it. the committee The committee will then make will contact several state college plans to study the state's high presidents, businessmen, student school curriculums to find the council officers, legislators, high cause of the deficiencies. school officials, and labor represen- This will require visitations of tatives to form a general tee to begin the study. e. a cross section of Kentucky high schools and interviewing the students, officials, and teachers to determine the deficiencies and 9-2strong points of their curriculums. 0 The results would be compiled, for listing alternate courses. They printed, and sent to all the high will keep the original of the alter- schools in the state to be used for nate and give the copy to the student. Daniel said a serious handicap The student should complete one would be financing the study, but college schedule card in pencil to he believed that SC and other Continued On Page 8 Continued On Page 8 Preclassif ication To Be May 0, Trustee Eligibility Announced Faculty members actively engaged in teaching or research ate eligibl-- ' as non voting to members cf the University Board of Trustees. Assistant Attorney General Edward J. FusMtt announced thia recently in answer to eligibility questions postd by President Frank O. Dickey and Dr. Robert a. Lunde, chairman of the University Elections Committee. Dickey ami Lunde asked who are eligible to vote for the new mem-beand who are eligible tJ serve. is passed by the I960 legislature called for secret elections of two faculty members to the board. Those who may serve on the board are restricted solely to assistant professors and above, Fos-se- tt said. He added that only those on the teaching staff are eligible to vote. Officers whose functions are merely Because of this Fosse tt said that various persons serving in administrative capacities who hold the rank of assistant professor or above would also be eligible to vote. Fosse tt added that those who qualify at the extension centers throughout the state would also be eligible to vote and serve on the board. administrative would not be Election of new members to eligible. serve on the board has been held A further restriction limits votrights only to assistant profes-soi- k up until procedures can be estabing or above. lished for selecting members. A bill self-evaluati- I ; r4 ! -f V i v f - Catalog Adjustment right, head of the catalog department in the I'niversity libraries, and Mrs. Mildred Legg. staff assistant, shift cards to the new catalog cases in the King Library. Fifteen new cabinets have been added to make room for cards from the Medical Library and the Agricultural Extension Library. Mrs. Ellen II. Stutsman,