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6 > Image 6 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 8, May/June 1897

Part of The State College cadet

_* l _ s = * l I g l 56 T1-is cAnsr. . , cation claims for herself a specific search whereby man Q I is elevated to higher planes than those of the tepid Nile. g The environment of man to-day is such that with the reminiscence of the past, with a careful and an econom- - I ical employment of the present, he can fairly disclose J his future in so far as earthly goods are concerned, and l i if he center his affections upon the Author of his exist- ence, "when the earthly house of his tabernacle shall 1 l have been dissolved, he will have a building of God, an l _ house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." if A, In the great field of competition to which we are moving, many careers are open to us, and one we must select. Our fortunes will be various though our merits be equal. If fame, wealth, and power recoil from the i ? j touch of our feeble hands, still shall we be consoled in realizing that these are vain ideals, that these are not . l the end of life. QQ; { This strange word life we cannot dehne, but we do Q l have some knowledge of its laws, and it is said that we i f spend it like a tale that is told, that the great bell of * . i Time swinging in the dome of illimitable space is toll- f ` ing away our years as they ring out upon the breeze and I L I . float away into Eternity. Is there one in all this great _ I S age of ours who fails to see that this century is one of _ Q action, and that if we are to keep pace with the onward march, we must grasp the many opportunities which are presented to us, free as the gift of the god of fruit that i Q hang ripening from the bough? ` ___,, - When I look back into the profound depths of ; l antiquity, and when I look forward with expectant eye Q f to the immeasurable eternity to come; when I behold I the past with all his revolving years as a dim spot far ,g, I [ out in Natures ocean ; when I meditate upon the bound- : less space of the ethereal 'sea; when I view the tiny stars _ s as they steal forth one by one from their distant hiding lf;