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9 > Image 9 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 8, May/June 1897

Part of The State College cadet

THE CADET. 59 {Qt" V will see beautiful pictures in the fleecy clouds as they , ' gently float from clime to clime. _ ., He will listen to the music of the warbhng birds as yn ' ' they flit from bough to bough. He will hearken to the ri le of the s arklinv founts as the send forth their . . .. D Y l incipient waters to swell the vast sea. But all these lessons will vanish as the morning dew drop melts before l the noon-day sun, when we shall have learned the lesson r Q? of lessons-fear God and keep His commandments, for . . J the fruits thereof are eternal life. ,| \` . . <} tg Shall we not, therefore, learn and make tlns choice, gil that we may follow "The few, the immortal names, that were not born to die ?" 4t . . . Then of the path where now we trod some vestige will remain when we sleep silently beneath the sod. This agi ev ll we know by the fate of those gone before, whose foot- rints ti1nes swollen stream has vainl * striven to oblit- fi P 3 ,g erate. l T Our college career has been but the fair spring days of , a golden harvest if we will only endeavor to do more . than we have done; to win greater victories than we j have won. ll We are not to o forth to-da with our di ilomas, El g Y l A thinkinv that the last lesson has been learned and that j it F { our course is complete. 1 "Hope springs eternal in the human breast, _ I Man never is but always to be blessed? Q 3 VVhen Archimedes had learned the inode of deterinin- ing the relative quantities of gold and silver in Hieros crown, did he rest contented with this one lesson? No. 2 The ecstacv which he felt when he ran through the l o ' ` O _ streets of Syracuse, crying "Eurel