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8 > Image 8 of Basketball, 1961

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS BERNIE A. SHIVELY Supervising the steady growth and balanced development of one of the nation's top athletic programs is the Herculean task being carried out successfully by Bernie A. Shively. Few who have observed the untiring efforts of the tall, silver-haired former All-America footballer in the service of the University of Kentucky since 1927 and as Director of Athletics since 1938 will argue his fitness as an athletic Hercules. Not only has Shively guided the development of Kentucky as a nationally-respected power in major sports, but he has also gained personal prestige through a fair-minded approach to many problems. During his tenure as Athletic Director, Shively has directly supervised major expansions in Kentucky's athletic plant resulting from the progression of the school's football and basketball teams to greater national promi-ISsB nence and increased patronage by the sports-minded public. The seating capacity of Kentucky's football stadium, McLean Stadium on Stoll Field, has been doubled to bring the current number of seats to approximately 37,500 and on par with most other schools located in heavier-populated areas. Powerful lighting equipment also was installed during the 1948-49 construction to bring night football into new popularity. Partly to satisfy the overwhelming number of basketball devotees, who could not squeeze into the 2,800-seat Alumni Gymnasium, a long-planned Chairman, NCAA Basketball Tournament Committee