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47 > Image 47 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 4, Winter 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

L . .__ I s A i_ I Ai A i David King 93 AS is the author of "FindingAtIantis.A I g AA A_ A True Story of Genius Madness and an Extraordinary A A. Quest for a Lost Worla'," a book that tells of a Renais ` ` , it f A ni sance man, Olof Rudbeck, who spent the last 30 years = A of his life hunting for the fabled civilization. Rudbeck A { was a fascinating individual who was absolutely con- 7. `L l vinced he had found the fabled lost city of Atlantis in F _ i it his native Sweden. N D I N Q I I I A What do Zeus Apollo and the gods of Mount i if A Olympus have in common with Odin,Thor, and the L A N T I l gods of Valhalla? What do these, in turn, have to do with :"" AA, A\ I~ H l ,.A S ., U H .A the shades of Hades, the pharaohs of Egypt, and the glories of fabled Atlantis? I. A It ( . A \ A AA I In 1679, Olof Rudbeck said they could all be traced to the ancient lost civiliza 'il ` I ` A I ` i tion that once thrived in the far north of Sweden. Chasing down clues to that X I I " l` ` ` i` * " lost golden age, Rudbeck combined the reasoning of Sherlock Holmes with the li ~ I h W R 0 I K ~\ II ` I daring of Indiana Jones. He excavated what he thought was the acropolis of tg iz i A; r .: i Atlantis, retraced the journeys of classical heroes, opened countless burial i A , , , -, \\,, N , I, mounds, and consulted rich collections of manuscripts and artifacts. He eventu- I It I ally published his findings in a 2,500-page tome titled "Atlantica. " DA V I I) I\ I N G . Q I Three hundred years later, the story of Rudbeck`s adventures appear in En- `rrmmr glish for the first time through Kings "FinclingAtIantis. " It is a narrative of discovery as well as a cautionary tale { about the dangerous dance of genius and madness. David King teaches European history at the University of Kentucky. A Fulbright Scholar with a 1naster`s degree ti . from Cambridge University, he spent several years in Europe researching this book. Random House 1-800-733-3000 i A ii Edward J. Blum 01 03 AS is the au- Lamar Herrin 63 AS has written Julie Anne Sweet 00 AS has written IQ thor of "Reforging the White Repub- "House ofthe Deaf " a novel about "Negotiatingfor Georgia: British- QE ,A lic: Race, Religion, and American one mans brush with terrorism in Creek Relations in the Dustee Era, jj I Nationalism, 1865-1898," a book that Spain and his quest to find answers I 733-] 752, " an account of conflict and ji A explores a wide array of venues and surrounding his daughters death. compromise between Indians and the media to show how figures from A Unbridled Books colonists during thefirst two decades g Harriet Beecher Stowe to Frederick 1_888_732_3822 of colonial Georgia s existence. Douglass either supported or tried to The University of Georgia press AA _ fem the retreat Imm ROhSu Ned ivriiiiii 68 AS is the author Or 706-369-6130 Q ii llOll "Decia'ing to Sell Wmr Business: The 7. Louisiana State University Press Key to Wealth and Freedom, " which Fred A. Woodress 7l ED is the coau ` Q 225-578-6666 helps business owners take charge thor of "SIa e or Free and I I Other y { of their decision and tackles the key PI'(1l)l(III-S()l ing Pla_v.s, " 12 plays that Jonathon Erlen 70 73 AS, 73 CIS is issues of every sale transaction. focus on topics such as the Lewis and W a coeditor of "Ferleral Drug Control: - _ P Clark Expedition, and Daniel Drake. Ii * The E olution of Policv and Prac- Buslmls? Emcrlmst mss the frontier physician who founded A i _ - 303 320 1053 . , . . ii t1ce," a book that presents an over- Ohio s first medical college and was A view of the key issues and individuals Martha Evans Sparks *48 iS the uu_ later fired by his colleagues. respehslble her the glclllloll ef lllc thor of "Strength for 7ba'a_v: Daily AuthorHouse gi l f?d_ml gOVlnm?m S cllohls te COI? Encouragement Through Lifek I-888-280-7715 gi tml lllcgal dl llgs lll the Ullllcd slams 7ian.sitions." containing 60 daily de- i hem l875`2OOl votions to strengthen faith. $2 The Hewerth Press hre- wiiiiqiiii piiiiiisiiiiig niiiiic it 607'722'5857 www.parable.com KENTUCKY Alumni 43 J i