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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 4, Winter 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

,3.`` - . . i=- *1 I. . . I t 1 if ' I . ' * * ;. . . J I 1.* - ~~-,-. 1. I - . . . . . ~* rr ` { 4. Y B E 5 I i` II E III T I A. :.- A`I . ` = III V E R 5*A T I 0 III. IT I . TT* r . ` [ . 'II . V , M ~ . QQ_ , . , . " _.=,,'` it . . `V, ` _. Our Business Plan for Success The University of Kentucky enters the upcoming session of the Kentucky Legislature with a [ ` ' business plan that clearly lays out the dream put forth by that body in 1997s Post Secondary Improvement Act, commonly referred to as House Bill 1 (HB1).The UK Community College t . _ System was recast into the Kentucky Community College and Technical System and the { , O missions of UK. the University of Louisville, and the regional universities were defined. We aa,. ' uga, must meet the challenges of HB1 by not only staying invested in the Top20 vision for UK, but ' I I also by renewing the dedication and momentum behind it. The UK business plan clearly marks the path forward to prosperity. Your university is A committed to making the Top 20 by 2020 goal a reality. But we cannot do it alone. It takes the support of alumni and of legislators. of community leaders and Kentuckians statewide to be partners in. and a beneficiary of, the universitys successes. Governor Fletcher and the Kentucky General Assembly made a huge commitment to the Top20 path in the last budget session. If they stay that course and continue with adequate operational funding and a strong investment in capital projects. we will be well on our way down the Top-20 road. The research funds and grants UK has been able to attract from outof-state has enabled UK to contribute more than $500 million to the Kentucky economy, $169 million to personal income. and over 9,000 positions to the job market in FY 05. Compare those numbers to eight years ago when HB1 passed: $277 million to the Kentucky economy, $78 million in personal , income, and 4.234 jobs in 1997. As the flagship university, UK research grants are on pace this year to enhance the Commonwealth even more. UK makes a difference in healthcare. The UK Chandler Medical Center is embarking on 3 a $450 million construction project that will offer the highest level of technology and care available within the state. UKs nurses, doctors and researchers are behind many of the headlines about advances in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of Alzheimers disease, heart disease. diabetes, obesity, cancer, and Parkinsons disease, to name a few. UK is a major player on the frontiers of discovery with its bacteria-fighting chewing gum that is being developed for our military. We are defining patient care standards, delivering HIV/AIDS services in the region, and developing new cancer treatments. UK is instrumental in improving the lives of young people through programs like the Academy at Booker T. Washington Elementary School, the math and science education program in Appalachia. Robinson Scholars that mentors eighthgraders, the Class of Kentucky that recognizes outstanding high school sophomores, and tuition opportunities open to Governors Scholars and Governors School for the Arts alumni, and the Legacy Tuition Program for children of UK graduates living out of state. Now is not the time to shirk from the challenge; it is the time for all of us to redouble the effort to stay the course. Kentucky is the beneficiary. I invite all of you who care about Kentucky`s future to participate in the process with us. I would be pleased to send you a copy of the business plan via mail (Office of the President, Main Building, University of Kentucky, Lexington. KY 40506) or review it online at Allow me to close by thanking you and wishing you a happy holiday and prosperous new year from Patsy and me. 5 President Lee T. Todd Jr. A 4 Kre>;ruci