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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Warren County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

" 4:** _ Bowling Green Bar Association ( Continued ) Normal Civic Activities: None reported. Defense Activities: Interested in Auxiliary Police, Civilian Aircraft Warn- I ing Service, Public Speaking. I *'Local Publications: None. * BOWLING GREEN GARDEN CLUB ( National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc, ), ' c/c Mrs,VJehnStout,'Covington Drive, Ea ling Green. Founded 1954. President, Mrs. John Stout. Telephone 1568-W. Secretary, lbs. Roy Phillips, 1045 Eagnolial Bowling Green. Telephone 1277. Terms oxpiredSeptenber, 1942. Lhrbership: 75. Qhalifications, open to any one having a love for and desire to cultivate flowers and shrubs and to conserve wild flowers. ` Committees: Fxhibit}Hrs. C. N, Wade, Sumgter Avenue; City Parks and Alleys, Hrs. Unirles`3tovall.Scottsvillo Pike; Consrvation, Irs. Earl Rabeld, 942 - Parkway; Program, lrc. Paul Garrett, College ssignssg Library, Florence ' . Ragland, 15lC State Street; Horticulture, lr:. J. O. Carson, 1155 State Street, all of oowling Green. Purpose: Beautifieatien of exterior; better gardens; conservation of wild flowers; securing improvement of streets, alleys and highways, Normal Jivic Activities: Cooperating with_City Council ( streets and alleys ), Park Depxd, Board of Education ( school grounds ). Defense Activities: 'lnterested'in Sewing and Lreparation of Surgical Dressings, Red Croix Assistance, First Aid, Child Care, Entertainment, Recreation, Library Service,Colleeting Books, Discussion Leaders, Public Speaking, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance. Local Prblieationsz Year Book. y J BOWLING vRHFK IUSIC CLUB ( State and National Federation of lrsic Clubs ), o/o ' J P Mrs. Wallace eGinlej, Huis; Ferl Road, Bowling Greer,` Founded 1922. President Mrs. Vallee; *cGinley, Telephone 725. Secretary, Qrs. Roy Elkins, Scotts- ville Road, Bowling Green. Telephone BCBG, Terms expire l945, _@PPEK{Eij 75- OPOE PC individuals Offieient in sono phase of music, Ceggitteesi Pregram,Krs. Arthur Henderson and lbs, J. B. Helm, Smiths Grovo j and mms. J. A. Bryant, Bowling Green. Publicity, Irs, Jaek Holland; Libra- Tian, RTS F. J. Hamilton; House Enrollment, Irs. Clarke Madison and Hrs. ` Chas, Banks, Bowling Green, Purgosoi To promote music culture and music appreciation. '