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67 > Image 67 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1888-1889)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

66 sTATE COLLEGE OF KnN*rUoKY. i until he shall have been graduated or formally discharged, i honorably or otherwise. In the case of an honorable dis- ; charge, he shall be entitled to a certiiicate in tl1e following i words: . I "I certify that A B was honorably discharged from the i Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky on the { day of . I { 46______ _________ 77 ` { S6C7`6'i(Z7`;Zj (or Clerk) of the Faculty/ Q 33. No honorable discharge or leave of absence will be granted g l to a student within six weeks of the termination of the collegi- A ate year, excepting in cases of great emergency. 34. Every student, on entering the Institution, shall be fur- i nished with a copy of its regulations, and no plea of ignorance shall be admissible in exte11uation of any failure to comply with their requirements. . PRACTICAL INSTRUCTION AND TRAINING. 58. In addition to the theoretical study required of every male student in mechanics, agriculture and military arts, every ~ 1 male student who accepts the privilege of free tuition, and such others as may elect, shall pursue a course of practical instruc- tion in mechanics and agriculture. For labor performed in that way, that is valuable otherwise than as a means of instruction, a reasonable compensation will be allowed, the proceeds going, if necessary, iirst to supply the student with the prescribed military uniform, and after that, toward the payment of his _ rent and board account. I 59. For military instruction and training, there will be a drill l or other military exercise every day, Saturdays and Sundays 1 excepted, and lasting one hour, unless the President may dis- . Q pense with it. The drill will be conducted in the academic { building when the weather or condition of the ground will not permit it out of doors. Special military exercises may be or- l dered by the President at any time. l 64. Besides the means above provided for the repression of neglect and misconduct, a demerit system shall be enforced. . The Co1nmandant shall keep a register of all delinquencies for which the students a1e reported, and shall charge against each