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70 > Image 70 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1888-1889)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE ooLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 69 ` V] the the dormitory or elsewhere, shall be a party to any combina- tion, or sign any petition, remonstrance or protest, for any A l be purpose relating to the management, government or conduct of 1d a any department or interest connected with the College or dor- .uty mitory, or under its supervision and control. the 81. The use of tobacco for smoking or chewing on any duty, or in the College building, dormitories or dining-rooms, and all ing profanity and obscenity, are forbidden. ap- 82. Any student may be removed from the dormitory and the are mess when, in the judgment of the President and Command- ant, his removal is deemed expedient in the interest of discip- , the pline and morality. - of- S3. No student shall cook, prepare food, or give any enter- ian- tainment in his room, or elsewhere within the College limits, less _ without permission from tl1e Commandant. p ` 100. All permits to be absent from any duty, or from quarters nor, during study hours, must have the approval of the President. lege All other permits for absence may be granted by the Com- >ain _ inandant of the Corps; and every permit for a brief absence .1lty will be deposited with the Officer of the Day, to whom the student will invariably report at the expiration of his permit, >r a whetl1er it has been used or not. No permit will bear tl1e name i ted, of more than one student. hall 101. If the cadet be in arrest or in confinement, or confined _ t or to less than the usual limits, o1 if his name be on the sick 7*42- e11t, port, the fact must be stated in the permit. the 102. All applications by students for leave of absence must be made in writing, addressed to the COll1H1HIld2ll"llZ of the Corps, _ > of and specify the place to which the applicant wishes to go. If l be the application is for a longer period than the Commandant is zher " authorized to grant, he will forward it to the President. ents 1033. Every student who overstays his leave of absence must produce satisfactory evidence of his having been detained by li a sickness or some other unavoidable cause. age, 104. Every student, on returning from leave of absence, will e of immediately report, in person, to the President. _ late 105. A leave of absence shall not be construed to grant the las student any indulgence at the College, or to absolve him from ` t in the observance of regulations.