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71 > Image 71 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1888-1889)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

i 70 STATE coLLEcic or xENTUoKY._ ) f 100. Applications to be excused from any duty must be made in ample time before the beginning of the duty. _ 10'7. Except in cases of sickness, no oiiicer of the College will l absent himself from any duty without the permission of the President, and with the assent of his immediate superior. 123. No student shall be absent from his room between taps { and reveille without permission from the Commandant. 124. No cadet shall visit the room of another during study i hours. ` 125. No student shall throw any thing from tl1e windows or L doors, nor any missile in the vicinity of the public buildings. i 126. No student shall play upon any rnusicai instrument in study hours, or otherwise disturb the quiet of the quarters. l 127. Students shall walk the halls and pass up and down stairs in study hours in a soldier-like and orderly manner. . V Loud talking or laughing, scuttiiing, and all other unnecessary noise in the buildings, are prohiblted at all times. 128. No student shall post any placard or notice upon any of the College buildings, fences, or other improvements or places, or affix to the walls of his room any map, picture, or piece of written or printed paper, without permission from the Com- ' mandant. 1.29. Students are forbidden to take or have in their quarters any newspapers or other periodical publications without special permission from the President. They are also forbidden to keep in their rooms any books except text-books, without special permisslon from the President. 130. No student sl1all mark, cut, or in any manner deface or 2 injure the buildings or other property of the College. | 171. Any student having an explanation to offer for an of- _ f fense for which he has been reported, will express it in writing l S l according to the prescribed form, fllltl. present it to the Com- i mandant of the Corps within fortyeight hours after its publi- cation. lf satisfactory, the Commandant will erase the report; l if not satisfactory, he n1ay refer the explanation to the report- ing officer, who shall indorse upon it such remarks as maybe l pertinent, and return it tothe Commandant. 172. No explanation will be received after the lapse of forty- f eight hours, unless sickness, absence, or some other unavoid-