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74 > Image 74 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1888-1889)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Stetien if I _ Crnennan N0. 2. THE NEW FERTILIZER LAW. The following is a copy of an act recently passed by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Per- sons selling fertilizers in this State will take notice. * M. A. SCOVELL, Director ](e2et2rck_2/ A{]}`I.CZbbbZb7`(bb Escperzftznz/enzt Smiionz. .\i1:it. 26, lS8ti. 1889. %t1_ CHAPTER 638. IU' .=f.\` ACT fo 7z_q/izbrtn t/ea sale; of Feztili.2ers ia {/tis Contntomvcalt/r, mul io protect {/ie Agvicuftuiist in the purchase and use of same. A bl. Bc if cnnctcrl by if/rc Genzcrral Assembly of the Cmnmmtweali/1. of Ifeutuc/cy, Yllhat on or bef`ore the first day of May in each year, before any person or company V shall sell. otler or expose for sale, in this State, any commercial fertilizer whose retail price more than ten dollars per ton, said pers ii or company shall f`urnish to the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, inaugurated by the Agricultural _ and Nleehanical College of Kentucky (which station is hereby recognized as the *l{entucky Agricultural Experiment Station "), a quantity of such commercial fer- titizer, not less than one pound, sufficient for analysis,. accompanied by an atlidavit that the substance so furnished is n f`air and true sample of a commercial fertilizer, which the said person or company desires to sell witnin the State of Kentucky. /_ It shall be the duty of the Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experi- ment Station to make, or cause to be made, a chemical analysis of every sample of i' commercial fertilizer so furnished him, and he shall print the result of such analysis in the form of a label; such label shall set fbrth the name of the nutnufaeturer, the place of manufacture, the brand of the fertilizer, and the essential ingredients con~ tained in said fertilizer, expressed in terms and manner approved by said Director, toeetlier with a certificate from the l)ire