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75 > Image 75 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1888-1889)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I 74 STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 2 Q8. Every box, barrel, keg or other package or quantity of any commercial fer- _ y tilize1, whose retail price is over ten dollars per ton, in any shape or form whatever, sold or offered for sale in this State, shall have attached to it, in a conspicuous place, l a label bearing a certified analysis of a sample of such fertilizer, from the Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, as provided in the foregoing sections of this act. ? @4. Any manufacturer or vendor of any commercial fertilizer, who shall sell, offer or expose for sale any fertilizer, without having previously complied with the . provisions of this act hereinbefore set forth, shall, upon indictment and conviction, be i fined one hundred dollars for each violation or evasion of this act, which fines, less the percentage of the Prosecuting Attorney fees, shall accrue to the benefit of, and be , paid inte the State Treasury. @5. The Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station shall receive Q f`or analyzing a fertilizer and aflixing his certificate thereto, the sum of fifteen dollars; V for labels furnisl1ed, one dollar per hundred. Q6. The Director of said Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station shall pay all such fees received by him into the Treasury of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, the authorities of which shall expend the same in meeting the legitimate expenses of the Station in making analysis of fertilizers, in expe1imental tests of same, and in such other experimental work and purchases as shall inure to the benefit of the f`armers of this Commonwealth. The Director shall, within two months of the biennial meeting of the General Assembly, present to the Commissioner of Agriculture a report of the work done by [him], together with an itemized statement of receipts and expenditures for the two years preceding under the operations of this act. l Q7. The Director of said Experiment Station is hereby authorized, in person or by deputy, to take samples for analysis from any lot or package of any commercial fertilizer which may be in the possession of any dealer in this State. And he is hereby authorized to prescribe and enforce such rules and regulations as he may deem necessary to carry fully into eflect the true intent and meaning of this act; and any agriculturist, a purchaser of any commercial fertilizer in this State, may take a sample of the same, under the rules and regulations of the Director of the said Ex- periment Station, and forward the same to the Experiment Station for analysis, which analysis shall be made free of charge. . @8. This act shall be in force _from and af`ter its passage, and all acts in conflict Y with this act are hereby repealed. _ l Approved April 13,1886. f CHAS. OFFUTT, ' I Speaker of the House of Repvc.senzfati1>es. l JAMES R. HlNDMAN, 1 Speaker of i/tc Senate. ' J. PROCTOR KNOTT. H3! f/lc Governor: i J. A. MUKENZIE, Sccrcfary of Sfafc.