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Eldon S. Dummit Collection, ca. 1917-1972, 1917

Part of Eldon S. Dummit Collection, ca. 1917-1972

dummitGuide to the Eldon S. Dummit Collection, ca. 1917-1972Processed by Staff; machine-readable finding aid created by Catherine DomekSpecial CollectionsUniversity of Kentucky Public Policy ArchivesUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=464&llib_id=13 Copyright 1998University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from typescript by rekeying. Date of source: 1979Description is in English.Guide to the Eldon S. Dummit Collection, ca. 1917-1972Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity of Kentucky Public Policy ArchivesUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8634Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=464&llib_id=13Processed by StaffDate Completed 1979Encoded by Catherine Domek Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.Eldon S. Dummit Collection, ca. 1917-197279M2Dummit, Eldon S., 1896-19734 cubic feet The materials are in English.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections,Lexington, KY 40506-0039Collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.[Identification of item], Eldon S. Dummit, ca. 1917-1972, 79M2, Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington.Eldon Steven Dummit was born August 6, 1896, on a farm in Southwest Missouri. He graduated from high school in Monett and then attended Drury College at Springfield. In 1920, he received his law degree from the University of Kentucky. He taught law for one year at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. He returned to Lexington in 1921 to practice law. A prominent member of the Republican party in Kentucky during the 1940's and 1950's, Dummit served as Attorney General of the state during the administration of Governor Simeon Willis from 1943-1947. In 1947, Dummit made an unsuccessful bid for the governor's office. He had won his party nomination in the primary earlier that year, but was defeated in the general election by his democratic opponent, Earle C. Clements. For many years Dummit was actively involved in civic and leadership organizations, including: Optimist Club International, of which he served as International President for 1941/42; the Pyramid Club; the Boy Scouts of America; and the American Legion. Speaking as a veteran of World War I, Dummit made frequent speeches and appeals for the Community War Chest during the years of World War II. Eldon S. Dummit died in Lexington, Kentucky on May 4, 1973.The Dummit Papers reflect his years as Attorney General and his unsuccessful bid for governor in 1947. Included in the collection are legal opinions and actions, election documents, news clippings, telegrams, speeches, documents relating to the Optimist Club International (of which Dummit was president in 1941-1942), photographs and memorabilia. Among the correspondents are John Sherman Cooper, Thruston B. Morton, and Kentucky Governors Flem Sampson and Simeon Willis.Container ListCorrespondence SeriesGeneral Correspondence111917-1939121941-1946131947-1948141949-1970Telegrams15February-September 194716October 1947-June 1952Attorney General SeriesElection Documents171943Legal Opinions and Actions181944-1947Requests for Opinions191944-194511019461111947-1949112UndatedGubernatorial Election Series21Election Documents 194722Correspondence 194723Political Cartoons 194724Wiman Charges 1947Campaign Publicity Series25Attorney General Election 194326Gubernatorial Election 194727Kentucky Miscellaneous Elections28Presidential Election in Kentucky 1960Speech SeriesCampaign29Attorney General 1943210Gubernatorial 1947 (Folder A)211Gubernatorial 1947 (Folder B)212In Support of Other Republicans (undated)Church Audiences213UndatedNational Association of Attorney Generals2141944Non-political2151929-1942311944-1946321947-1949331950-196534Undated Folder I35Undated Folder IIDuplicate Copies of Speeches 36Duplicate Copies of SpeechesNotes and Outlines41Folder I (undated)42Folder II (undated)43Folder III (undated)44Folder IV (undated)Optimist Club Series45Bulletins 1934-1935; 1940; 1944-194546Certificates 1935, 1939-1941, 1971-197247Correspondence 1941-196951Meeting Programs 1937-1947; 1963;197052Newspaper Clippings 1930-194153Newspaper Clippings 1941-194654Newspaper Clippings 1970 and Undated55Printed Materials, Miscellaneous 1935-197256Speeches 1939-196757Speeches Printed in OPTIMIST MAGAZINE 1945, 195258Speeches Presentation of Awards 1934-1951Newspaper Clippings Series59American Legion (undated)510American Legion 1930-1939511Attorney General Election 1943512Attorney General-Years in Office 1943-1947513Family, Friends, etc. (undated)61Gubernatorial Election 194762Legal Cases (undated)63Marshall Ferdinand Foch, death, 192964Miscellaneous Folder I65Miscellaneous Folder II66Miscellaneous Folder III67Miscellaneous, Political (1931-1932)Memorabilia Series68Anecdotes and Jokes for Speeches Folder I69Anecdotes and Jokes for Speeches Folder II610Anecdotes and Jokes for Speeches Folder III611Biographical Sketches and Obituary of Dummit612Broadsides613Bulletins614Certificates615Directories of Kentucky State Government616Introductions and Songs717Legal Memorandum71Meeting Programs 1927-1939 72Meeting Programs 1940-194373Meeting Programs 194474Meeting Programs 194575Meeting Programs 194676Meeting Programs 194777Meeting Programs 1948-196178Membership Cards79Memorandum710Miscellaneous Items711Radio Transcript-Henry J. TaylorPhotograph SeriesPolitical818 X 10, B&W left to right: John Fred Williams, unknown, John Sherman Cooper, unknown, Thruston Morton. ca. 1947828 X 10, B&W left to right: John Fred Williams, unknown, Dummit, John Sherman Cooper, unknown, Thruston Morton. ca. 1947838 X 10, B&W Dummit with stone mason, campaign photo. 194784Duplicate of Folder 3858 X 10, B&W Portrait of Eldon S. Dummit868 X 10, B&W Dummit presenting American Legion trophy to horse and rider. Note on back of photo-"War Bond Drive March 8, 1943878 X 10, B&W Portrait of C. I. Ross, State auditor of Kentucky 1943-1947, and Republican state campaign chairman in 1947.887 X 10, B&W left to right: Adrien Royer, Dr. Paul Chaloult (Past President and Lt. Gov. of District 15), President Charles A. Jean, Major Renault M. Dechene, Premier Adelard Godbout, Leo. Langlois, International President (Optimist Club) Eldon S. Dummit, Charles H. Cote. ca. 1941-42, photo taken on trip to Canada.897 X 10, B&W left to right: Dr. Norbert Bourgault, Louis Pare, Lt. Col. Jean Chaloult (brother of Past President Dr. Paul Chaloult), Charles H. Cote, Alderman Emile Robitaille, International President(Optimist Club) Eldon S. Dummit, President Charles A. Jean, Russell Williams-Assistant Secretary of Rotary International, Chicago; Bill Warmington-Director of the Quebec Rotary Club; Jos S. Royer-of the Rotary Club, past president of the Quebec Club and past district governor, father of Optimist Adrien Royer, Boys' Work chairman; Dr. Remy Langlois, Past President and Lt. Gov. Dr. Paul Chaloult. ca. 1941-42. Photo taken on trip to Canada.8108 X 10, B&W Dummit presenting trophy to horse and rider. Undated.8118 X 10, B&W Dummit in tobacco field, campaign photo. 19478128 X 10, B&W Dummit in tobacco field, campaign photo. 19478138 X 10, B&W Dummit seated at table, looking on as Boy Scout official awards medal. Campaign photo. 19478148 X 10, B&W Dummit presenting trophy to teenage boy. Undated.8158 X 10, B&W Dummit with road surveyors, campaign photo. 1947816Duplicate of no. 158178 X 10, B&W Dummit on the steps of Memorial Hall, Lexington, Kentucky, campaign photo. 19478188 X 10, B&W Dummit and John Fred Williams. ca, 19478198 X 10, B&W Dummit campaign speech. ca. 19478208 X 10, B&W left to right: unknown, Keen Johnson, unknown, Dummit. Note on the back: "Johnson, Dummit at Big Sandy Coal operators"8218 X 10, B&W Dummit (third from left) and five unknown men. Inset photo (3 X 3 1/2, B&W) of unknown woman. Note on back: "Fayette Republican Leaders". ca. 19478228 X 10, B&W John Fred Williams at podium. ca. 1947.8238 X 10, B&W Dummit at podium. ca. 19478248 X 10, B&W Gov. Simeon Willis, Dummit, C. I. Ross. ca. 19478258 X 10, B&W Gov. Simeon Willis at podium. ca. 19478268 X 10, B&W left to right: John Fred Williams, Kentucky Superintendent of Public Instruction; U.S. Senator John Sherman Cooper; Frank A. Ropke, Jefferson Co. Campaign Chairman; Dummit; Governor Simeon Willis. September 26, 1947, Memorial Auditorium, Louisville, Kentucky. Dummit gubernatorial campaign opening.8278 X 10, B&W Dummit at podium. ca 19478288 X 10, B&W Willis at podium. ca 19478298 X 10, B&W John Sherman Cooper at podium. ca 19478308 X 10, B&W Photo of billboard "Elect Dummit" Gubernatorial campaign 1947.8318 X 10, B&W Photo of billboard "Who do You want for Govenor?". Gubernatorial campaign 1947.8328 X 10, B&W Mrs. Dummit between two unknown women. ca. 19478337 x 9, B&W Portrait of Jouette Ross Todd.Dummit and Clements8348 x 10, B&W Eldon S. Dummit at podium, Earle C. Clements seated at left. 19478358 X 10, B&W Clements at podium, Dummit seated. 19478368 X 10, B&W Clements at podium, Dummit seated. 1947Miscellaneous8374 x 6, B&W portrait Thomas Manley. 19478385 X 7, B&W portrait Eldon S. Dummit8398 X 10, B&W left to right: seated- Dummit and Utah Governor Herbert B. Maw; standing- Ora H. Barlow, Dr. F. H. Raley of Salt Lake City Optimist Club. Inscribed-"To Eldon S. Dummit with best wishes from Herbert B. Maw Governor of Utah". 19428408 X 10, B&W Dummit presenting Optimist Cup to Dr. A. W. Fortune. 1946 (Right side of photo is damaged.)8418 X 10, B&W Dummit presenting Optimist Cup to Thomas R. Underwood. 1949842Photo postcard- Legion Ville Home, Independence, Kansas. Undated.843Photo postcard- woman on steps of building, palm tree in background. Undated.844Portrait of M. B. Holifield, signed, enclosed in mat board folder.8456 1/4 X 6 3/4, B&W photo pasted to sheet of onion skin paper. Seated left to right: Miss Cave, C. I. Ross; standing left to right: Dummit, Gov. Simeon Willis; Lt. Gov. Kenneth Tuggle; Comm. of Agriculture Elliott Robertson. 194384614 X 8, B&W Dummit making speech. ca 194784711X14, B&W Dummit making speech. ca 1947Eldon S. Dummit Collection, ca. 1917-1972