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KENTUCKY mmmmmmmmummkn twutmtuntwtttttttitttittttttii SOCETY NOTES mnmKu:mmmmmt;ttt:iutt:mtmmntmtmntn:ttt:: Mrs. C. S. Crouse, Mr. and Mrs. Frank lie Dovd. Dean and Mrs. Turck. CALENDAR Friday, December 11 Delta Delta Delta entertains with a tea dnncc in the oftcrnoon at Patterson hall. Central Kentucky Choral society presents Hnndel's oratorical Messiah in the evening at 8 o'clock at the new gymnnsium, with Prof, Carl Lamport directing the performance. A. A. will entertain with a "kid" dnncc in the evening at Patterson hall for the wohien students. Saturday, December 12 Alpha Delta Theta tea dance in the afternoon nt Patterson hall. , y CirFootball dance given by cle in the evening nt gymnasium. Alpha Gamma Kho fraternity hosts to a house dance in the evening nt the chapter house. Sunday, December 13 Patterson hall musicnlo in the after Su-K- noon. wercserved freshments during the evening. Members of the active chapter, the hosts: Messrs. C. W. Adams, b. A. Belt. T. B. Barnes. H. C. Bertram, H. It. Bryant, Lewis Bryan, R. E. Bowser, T. K. Coons, Robert Dodson, F. C. Drake, R. S. Hicklin. K. F. Hoffman, J. W. Holton, E. A. Jarvis, O. L. Lin-dl- e, R. 0. McGary, C. Markham, II. B. Moore, Darwin Ricfkin, J. S. Ross, R. J. Kchulte, C. M. Wert, W. M. Yates. The guests of honor, the pledges: Messrs. Beccher Adnms, Allan Borders, Herman Conglcton, Ben Dnvis, Slmcr Gilb, Mason Green, Tom Henry Green, Clarence Kress, Kenneth Pol-o- n, Edwin Siirler. Alton Wicker. Cadet Hop An enjoyable event of Snturday was the cadet hop given ih tne new gym- Mr. T. A. Hendricks, Jr., which took place December 2. Mrs. Hendricks, the chnrming ycfung bride, was a freshman in the university ond a pledge to the Delta Delta Delta fraternity. Mr. Hendricks is a graduate of the university in the class of 1925, and a member of the Kappa Sigma frater- C Robert K. Mnssie, chcr also spoke. Dean C. R. tine Cross, Lucille Bywntor, Margaret Tandy, Lucille Stillwel, Maria Louise Middcton, Frances Lee, Avn Caywood, Dorothy Stcbbins, Willie King, Lucy Benson, Virginia Conroy, Virginin Howard, Edith Morris, Evalie Lydln Roberts, Julia Howes, Joy Pride, Ednn Lewis Wells, Alice Thompson, Martha Stone, Suzanne Mel- -' Members nnd pledges of the uni-- , vcrsity chnpter, Omega, arc: W. A. Bishop, L. K. Silvey. W. I. Darter, E. Kraft, R. Samuell, L. Curry, H. Crnft, Gray Tucker, W. Priest, M. Walker, A, Neiscr, W. Wntkins, (V H. Todd, Jr., F. Smith, J. Ewing, 11. nity. Blnsingnmc, A. Hoover, F. Cnrr, Jr., Snook. The wedding came as a surprise to K. E. Lewis, A. J. Glenn, E. Pledges, Mary Anderson, Mnry their many friends who wish them H. H, Grooms, It. Arnspiger, Word, Mary Nell Cowgill, Florence happiness. G. Roberts, E. S. Boner, B. B. Hoick, Ogden. Lucille Reed, Betty Jane Gard W. T. Evans, W. T. Waller, H. Helm, ner, uoromy Hellers, Julin Halley, Triangle Dance Jr., S. G. Courtney, R. H. Warren, K. Mildred Jones. Kentucky chapter, Triangle fraterH. Tuggle, R. G. Montgomery. nity, entertained Saturday earning with o delightful informal dance at Personal their chapter house at Forest Park, Miss Virginia E. Franke had ns her in honor of their pledges. The house guests the members of the Omega was beautifully decorated with ferns, Rho fraternity nt tea in her office palms and mistletoe. Music was fur- Inst Friday afternoon. nished by the Kentuckian orchestra. W. S. ,G. A. were entertained nt The hosts were: Messrs. K. W. Ho- - tea by Miss Virginia Franke nt her' Head of English Department of gan, Arthur Nutting, Charles E. Al- office Inst Wednesday afternoon. University Elected President berts, J. W. Austin, David Browning, of Association of English John Colby, Austin Griffith, Clinton Kappa Delta Tea Dance , Teachers at Meeting K. Hoifman, W. II. Kice, r. Joscpli The pledges of Knppa Delta f rater-Sehlingcr, Harry B. Carpenter, T.. H. HELD HERE LAST WEEK Olive, L. R. Burroughs, Sid Hamby, Loran Urifntli, Benjamin Kclls, A. IS. active members with a tea dance on in Patterson hnll from Walker, Keller Larkin, Ralph Platts, until 6. Prof. L. L. Dnntzlcr, head of the O. J. Stoesser, George Scwell, Harocl English dpeartment of the University The hall had a holiday nppearanto of Kentucky, was elected president of Poole, Bion rhronbcr'g, Cyrus A. with Its Hororntlnna nf mUtlnfnn the Association of English Teachers Humbcr, C. W. Gill, J. H. Griffith. trees with The guests of honor were: Messrs. Christmas Tt, and Miss Doda Glass, of the Lexingi. iiKiitB. muiiiiiiukeu iiiu !1t...!i..f lruienmy ton Senior High school, was named Fountaine Raymer, W. J. Sparks, 1:H Hozan Gray. Ray David, Joseph Yar- - shield was hung nt one end of the secretary-treasure- r at the end of a bro, Peter A. Ibold, Johnny Richy, hnll. The Kentupltmnn fnrniHVinrl tiin session of the fourth annual Punch was served. Don Edwards, Joe music, mooting. Walter Wcstcrfield. The meeting was held in 1 he honor cuosts worn! lUUcna Mnr. the Little Theater in White hnll nt Roper, J. G. Harrison, Claire Decs, Harry Bergcr, Robert Thompson, gnrct Baker, Catherine Carey, Ernes the university. Warren Blain, Stanley David, Waller Phelps, Albert Lawrence, Morris Car penter. The chaperons were Ur. and Mrs. R. E. Rush, Dean F. Paul Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. L. Stoesser, Mr. ami Mm. J. B. Dicker, Mrs and Mrs. G. D. Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Feath-crston- Vosji-myc- r, DANTZLERLEADS ENGLISH PROFS. ' 1 .'5 nasium, Saturday ofatrnoon from 3 to o'clock with Cadet Colonel John Dnlincy nnd Cadet Lieutenant Joseph Walters in charge. This is the first of a scries of six hops which will be held during the year. The advanced corps men were in uniform. The guests numbered several hundred. The chaperons were: hers of the military department were: Col. nnd Mrs. II. P. nobbs, Cnpt. and Mrs. James Taylor, Cnpt. and Mrs. Phi Kappa Tau Dance A delightful dance given Snturday Basil Spaulding. Cnpt. and Mrs. Herevening by the Phi Knppa Tau fra- bert Schmid, Lieut, and Mrs. James ternity was one of the most enjoynble L. Keisler, Sgt. J. J. Kennedy, Denn The rooms and Mrs. C. R. Mclcher, Denn Virginia of the season's dances. which were decorated with balloons Franke and Miss Marguerite Mcand streamers in the fraternity colors Laughlin. of Harvard red and old gold assumed Wedding Phi Upsilon Meets a festive appearance. The Chicngo Rhythm Kings furnished the music. The Phi Upsilon Omicron fraterMr. and Mrs. Irvine T. Hieatt, of The hosts were assisted in enter- Smithfield, Ky., announce the; mar- nity met on Thursday evening at 6 taining by the chaperons, Prof, and riage of their daughter, Ida Pryor, to o'clock at the home of Muriel Hopkins at Maxwell Court, where a delightful supper was served. Mrs. Frank L. McVey was the guest of honor. Other guests were the acM B N H A tive members and advisers. Mrs. McVey gave an interesting talk on conditions in Leslie countv and the prospects for bettering them. Advance Dates December 18 Kappa Kappa Gamma tea dance at Patterson hnll in the afternoon. Freshman pnrty in the gymnasium. December 19 Alpha Gamma Delta tea dance in the afternoon at Patterson hall. December 22 Men's dance. PAGE KERNEL d THREE The place nnd time of the next yearly meeting were left to the discretion of the newly elected officers. Dr. Fred D. Conkling, head of the English department of Manchester College, Manchester, Ind., a spccinlly invited guest nf the nssocintion, delivered n very interesting nddrcss on "Diagnostic Tests in Written Compo-sition- ," on which he is a -- recognized authority. Another interesting nddrcss was delivered by Girdler Fitch, of the faculty of Tronsylvnnin College, on "The caching of Versification." Mr. Fitch gave examples from the work done by his students, nnd mentioned the work of a girl student, in one of his classes, who invented n new form. "A Business Mnn's Views on the Use of English," wns discussed by Will D. Oldhnm, of Lexington. Teachers present joined in various discussions concerning their work. Initiation Held y, Phi Alphn Deltn honornry law held its imtintion in the palm room of the Phoenix hotel on Monday evening. Those iiutinted were: Messrs. Robert Moss, of Mt. Sterling, and Herbert Dunn, of Lancaster. The active members are: Messrs. H. H. Grooms, I. J. Miller, Clayton Smoot, William Simpson, John Young Brown, Marion Moore, Eugene Cochran. Adrian Terrill. W. L. Rossie. also C. M. C. Porter nnd Joe Hayes, nlumni. two-da- y . ed nt Trinity College in the hope that they can retain more students. GRAVES, COX and CO. 4 I Hieatt-Hendric- Personals From coast to coast Florsheims men a new perspective on shoe In long milage, in correct style, in Florsheims are all around you step into a pair today. The delegates and visitors to the AsState Woman's sociation meeting were guests of Doctor and Mrs. Frank McVey for tea at Maxwell Place on aSturday after noon. The Board of Control met Wednesday with Mrs. P. P. Boyd, where they were entertained for luncheon. During the afternoon all house mothers were invited to join the board at are giving satisfaction. Weddings The marriage of Miss Anna Eliza to Mr. Curtis Sanders, beth Roache oif Nicholasville, will take place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Roache, 112 Maxwelton Court on De cember 25. Miss Ann Grocrin Maltby, of Mays- ville, will be married to Mr. Harry V. Rouse, Jr., of this city on December 31. BAYNHAM SHOE CO. MAIN NEAR . Fraternity Gives Banquet Omesra and Kappa chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and the Scarab club of Georgetown crave a dinner at the Phoenix hotel on Thursday eve ning in honor of Mr. Robert A. LIME Smythe, a visiting delegate from na tional headquarters oi I'l Aappa . Alpha. The honor cuest gave an interesting talk after he was introduced by Dean VS.! us t TUXEDO SUITS For the College Man! AS A GIFT r . STEAMSHIP For College Folks .'V ' tea. high quality. everyday. . . $10 to $12 EAST ry We know that College Men know style-t- hat s why we think you'll like these new Tuxedo Suits. The style follows the broad shoulders and lean hips of the current vogue into large bottom trousers. 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