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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 11, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KINTUCKT W. A. A. NOTES (lly Mnrtha Rlcd) Last week three Rirls attended n conference of the nthlctic women of Ohio, In Cincinnati. All three of these young Indies Elisabeth HcfTornnn, Mnblc Mill nnd Mnrthn Reiil were thoroughly convinced thnt cirls should he permitted to piny Intcrscholnatlc basketball by boys' rules. The con ference pproposcd to convince nil delegates thnt Rirls should not be permit- led 10 uikc pnrt in too strenuous n program of sports. The best test of the success of suchn conference is in its effect upon those attending. These snmo three girls returned to the University on Sunday with the firm belief that the W. A. A. of Kentucky should sponsor only intra-mur(games played by girls' rules. Doubtless there are mnny who believe thoroughly that the girlhood of our country should be permitted to piny ball with unmodified boys' rules if it so desires. For the benefit of those individuals I shall try to pnss on to you some (jf the information and inspiration instilled into us by the conference nt Cincinnati. In the first place, man has had his athletics and competitive sports for centuries. Physical culture for Woman is a comparatively new thing. Her struggle for equality in franchise and business, and her recent interest in affairs of the world have caused her to throw herself into athletics in order to prove her prowess in thnt field ns well. Her enthusiasm hns been woefully misdirected in this, however, nnd great, harm to many n girl has resulted therefrom. Our major sports were designed for mnn, md womnn is doing herself an injustice by adopting them. Physiologically womnn differs grently from the rale of the species, and therefore she jhould piny only those games suited to her individual makeup. Do not think for nn instant, fellow college girls, that we prove man's superiority by ceasing to piny games designed for him. We merely admit that the two sexes arc different nnd that woman receives more benfit from sports suited to her than she docs from attempting to take over the games of man. We, ns college girls, believe thnt n woman's greatest glory is In being a We do not nspirc to be woman. mnsculine, nor do we admit to being the lesser sex. Is the tiger Illy superior to the rose 7 We have merely awakened to the situation nnd are Uuskctball willing to plnce boys'-rul- e up beside footbnll as a game for men enjoy, but a Kamc we admire and one wTiich wo realize is not suited to us, If you arc one of those who believe that basketball, as played by the girls this ycarmt Kentucky, will be nn uninteresting game, you have a great shock in store for you. Girls' basketball Is not n lifeless affair; it is a sport reduced to n scientific basis and adapted for real athletic women. whole-soule- PAGE FIVE Therefore, bo it ennctett by tho sen-- 1 engaged In militnry training nt this ate of tho University of Kentucky university! thnt tho proceedings of thnt the honor system as above out-- 1 said court be submitted to the presilined be approved nnd supported; thnt dent of the university for final action all rules and regulations now in force, ns reviewing authority; that any stuin conflict with the honor system in dent of the advanced course R. 0. T. so far as the advanced course, R. 0. C, U. K., convicted of cheating or any T. C, is concerned, be revoked; that othicr conduct unbecoming nn of nn honor court, constituted and con- ficcr nnd n gentlemnn, while actually ducted ns is required for a general engaged In militnry trnining, saidx under the articles of proceedings hnving been approved by said court to be elected by majority tho reviewing authority, shall be. exVote of the members of the advanced pelled from the University of Kencourse, R. 0. T. C, U. K., subject to ' tucky; thnt the P. M. S. & T., U. K., the approval of the president of tho be authorized and required to promulUniversity of Kentucky; snid court' gate such orders arid regulations, subto have jurisdiction over members of ject to tho approval of the president Moonlight. the advanced course, R. 0. T. C, of tho Urtlversity of Kentucky, ns are guitar. A "uke ' U. K., In all cases involving cheating neccssnry to carry out effectively the A paddle. or other conduct unbecoming an of- provisions of the honor system as There arc notes nnd notes, but we ficer nnd n gentlemnn while actually above enacted. nrc of opinion that the "L of n note" is the lowest of all. FOOD (By Norman Allen) HILLY GOAT Billy Bont walked down the atreet. He moved with solemn trend; yet he could not keep his eyes to the front, ns. befitting his dignity. For the life of him he coufd not refrain from glnnclng about nt those who stood about, staring at him. Billy's cars were Variously red. It was evident thnt he wns not himself today. You may find It hard to believe, but Billy really did pass a pile of old rope without trying to masticate it. Farther on, a boy stuck in the middle of his progress through a board fence; and, at the same time, a fnt man on the other side of the street stooped to recover his hat. Both boy and body were going from Billy Goat, too; and yet neither was rammed or battered. Billy had decided, crimps, after the sound spanking he R nd received that morning for "butting in," that it might be as well for him to steer clear of other people's court-marit- To some of the young men who "rush" the gallery at the opera house regret it's n source of that all the "chickens" do not sit up in the "roost." never-endin- ' Agency for Nun'nally's Candy The Candy of The South giving porcelnin publicity: "Today decorators arc turning to Chinese animals." Does this mean for the better or the worse? Did we dream this, or was it in the Kernel? "At Temple University all examinations have been abolished because the psychology department there believed them to be inaccurate, antiquated, and influenced by ' III Phone 333 S. Lime mKjCi)STiJMELCQ, odakBld.,!37N.WabashAue Chicago, ILL. TIIAT FIRST HOP By Lucilc Cook Come in and See Our Line of Cedar Chests mmmWTZFBmmmmWWmmmX much-neede- d Being's this is my first year in this institution for higher learning, I don't know everything yet, though us freshmen is supposed to, so when I heard, around the whereabouts of Pat hall that the first hop was Saturday, I says to Achsah, my room mate (she's really a very nice girl, but kinda stuckup because she's from Kuttowa, "INFORMATION. PLEASE!" and gives me some dirty digs about "A course in canoeing is being of"What's this skip affair fered at the University of Michigan," Jellico), having Saturday?" reads an item in last week's Kernel. they're gives me a look that would She Before matriculating, some of the fellows want to know of the following freeze steam heat (especially that incidentals, which are absolutely around the dorms) and replies haughtnecessary, will be furnished by the ily, a "It ain't no track meet, Zclda. Its dance, and I'm going with Hez." university. Hez is Aclisah's best beau from Sonle water for boating purposes Wingo, and as I could be arrested for only. what I think of him, I says, "Huh, 2386 A canoe for two. that bird. He's so stingy he'd ask The girl. you to go to the Kentucky and then mow you the pictures on the outside Be that as it may, both Akkie and I got to the hop. I felt rather bad .onsidering the way I was dressed. Itarted out and thought I looked trand, since I had pinned a purple hrysanthemum on my winter's before ast coat, but when I got there, 'ound the entrance card must be a nuskrat coat, as everyone had 'em on. Couldn't enjoy the dancin' much a 'irst, as I kept looking for the cade mrt. Wasn't sure what it was bu-found out when one of spur. m some one's boots pricked my ankle encased in chiffon hose ($1 at the Fair). Let me tell you the next time Tuesday-De- c. go to a hop, I'll wear my goolosher .nd let them flap, and on the floppy woman's eys; There's a light that Hos ir part I'll insert dainty spike's, so's and lies and lies and lies! those officers can enjoy the sharp shocks that ran thru my being every once in awhile. f women never lied men would never From then on, I was rather haras-relearn;. they would never know real love, true what with worrying for fear my love from the other kind. limb would become uncovered and trying to dance with those "answers to a maidens prayer" who were doing as kfe as vour truest love as dramatic the Charleston. (And I had tol'd as a heartmeaking lie ! Achsah that this was one dance I'd go to and know the latest step3, as , . From Robert Hichen's I had conquered the finale and flee hops last summer.) And say, they "SNAKEBITE" named that benefit for the R. 0. T. C. men right hop. It sure was nothing else but. I pray some of thoso exquisite dancers will enter the CharlesLewis Stone Virginia Valii ton contest at the Ben Ali. If the management could only see the girls' slippers, they'd realize that the Ncllda men have found their calling. Ah, we moderns do have a time! Going home, Akkie asked me if I noticed all those fhippers getting the rush. To which I replied 16-1- 9 c. that a microscope was needed to see the hair, and a telescope for the brains. Our Specialty Established g Leader in film some affairs. If the suspense is too great for you, rend the following, and you will be relieved: When Billv Gont had walked as far as a certain frntofnity house, a strap-- ' ping young man, armed with n paddle, yelled: "Here, you goat; Take that broom off your shoulder, and sweep the yard!" THE TAVERN Sandwiches and Short Orders v JPf KERNEL j OF TOWN STUDENTS often say, "My, I tasted finer, ice cream, wish we could get it like this at home. OUT This has been our job city an ice cream that terials' that go into it made will bring health is eaten. to give the students of this by very reason of the maand the careful way it is anr happiness wherever it 1 ICE CREAM I ' I EjLu&u-- f, A- - ml II Mm. l'i J ftsjf! v".) T F iMJ A Hut notional Nfti fictSr IN Ex Saturday-De- The Roman Banquet ' lgy ' Hp1'"- IP. jrjf" vXjfSSlpt yKr V i 0noM iff If, 'tfjV aU'iill V , w II Nf v tfT J A w n "'ne golden glories, the unrivaled luxuries, the wine, the dance, the song, the beautiful women, the sumptuous splendors that taxed a barbarian world for a night of feasting and revel re- - and Smart BATTLE CRIES Accessones The following resolution ha3 been adopted by the Senate by the University Council: Whereas, at a recent assembly of the students of the advanced course R. 0. T. C, U. K., it was unanimously voted to adopt the honor system in said course: And whereas, the students of the advanced course R. 0. T. C, U. K., to carry out such honor system, unanimously agreed not to cheat in any way in any military work, whether it be recitation, lecture, examination, or field work; to conduct themselves at all such times as officers and gentlemen; and further, to report to the honor court, hereinafter described, any member of the advanced course, R. 0. T. C, U. K., who may bo found cheating or who may be found conducting himself in a manner unbecoming an officer and a gentleman while actually engaged in military training: And whereas, the students of the advanced course, R. 0. T. C, U. K., unanimously agreed that an lienor court shall be constituted and conducted as is required for a general under the articles of war and the manual for the members thereof to be elected by majority vote of the Btudents of tho advanced course, R, 0. T. C, U. K., subject to the apnroval of the president of the University of Kentucky. And whereas, the members of the court-marti- ,: T. C, U. K. unanimously agreed that tho proceedings of the honor court shall bo submitted to tho president of the University of Kentucky fox final action advanced UnJl 'tt , , Monday and Tuesday 7tP ft.., x 1 ymmmmmmwMlttAj b. . 0Uffas .Fairbanks . . .a Dec. 21, 21, 22 - course, R. 0. as reviewing authority: And whereas, the students of the advanced course, R. 0. T. C, U. K., unanimously agreed that any student of tho advanced course, R. 0, T. C, U. K., convicted of cheating, or of any other conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman while actually engaged in military training at the U. K. shall be expelled from said 4 , for the Formal D ance The Formal Season at tho University, opens with Men's and' Wolf Wiles is aglitter with the flash of lovely evening gowns, ready for an introduction into the gaieties of University life. court-martia- l, r Gowns - d jljS SJ lHif Display ,of col-le- QjQVftDIS : t v Wednesday through W.- Purity" Greater , z3l! , For i pjtirrm X afemjr gf ' 13, 14 15 Sunday, Monday & 'tHeathized Stunning intrigue-in- g colorful so we may fittingly denew appealing scribe tho frocks which Wolf Wiles featuring for tho opening of tlie formal dance season. A frock is as smart as its smallest accessory, and the perfect costume may culminate in a handkerchief, a flower or an ornament for the hair. Great lovely silk and velvet flower ornaments are favored at Wolf Wiles, as are the many different hair ornaments, fancy kerchiefs, and lovely displays of jewelry, the Russian Antique having quite a decided popular1 ity With these fascinating accessories at easy command, ono NEEDS BUT ONE THING MORE: THE SUBTLE INDEFINABLE FRAGRANCE of Lentheric's imported french The Store of.Holiday Happiness