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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 11, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

p f page ' SIX ' KEttNEL KBNTIICRV Nine Games Included On 1926 Gridiron Schedule Of Wildcats Meet Indiana In Intersedional SEEN FROM the Tilt October 9; Florida, V. P. . Round Out Difficult Schedule PRESS BOX K By FRANK SMrTII . The football schedule of the University of Kentucky for next year is n? which every one should be proud of. In addition to such old favorites as Alabama, Washington and Leo, Tennessee, Mnryville and V. M. I., Ihe list contains panics with Florida, 1 "Indiana and V. P. I. This schedule is one of the best that has ever been arranged for, the One of the interesting feaWildcats. tures is the changing of the date of the unnual classic with Centre College until the next to the Inst game on the card. This game will bo played on November 20 and will be the only game played here during November by the Wildcats. Only one intcrscctional game will be played and that is with Indinnn. This team, a member of the Big Ten, is not as. good as. Chicago and the Wildcats may be able to earn a victory to start thb season. After the Indiana contest, Kentucky will meet Washington and Leo and will try to atone for the two consecutive defeats that have been handed theni. Virginia Polytechnic Institute will be the' next foe to invnde the Wildcats' lair. After these two home contests, the Murphymon will journey to Jacksonville to meet the TR'ACY GIVEN MENTION Lcn Tracy has. como into his own! team nnnicd given honornblc mention on nn he hns been selected by Normnn E. Hrown and released Sunday by lcndinp naprs in Kentucky. Resides this he hns. been given n place at .halfback on the second team selected by Mr. Brown, who is sports editor of the Central Press, newspaper syndicate, and one of the lending authorities on American ' sports events. , Climaxing four years of brilliant performances on Kentucky's football tennis last Thanksgiving day, Tracy virtually saved the day for the Wildcats against the shifty Tennessee Volunteers by snngging two passes and bucking through the line for n total of 18 points, without which Kentucky would have been totally lost in the deep sea of defeat. And to say we are sorry to see Lcn lenvo is not saying enough. Ho has not played in every game, he has not started every game, but "Flash" Covington did not do that, although he won for himself a place as one of the best backs to ever set a cleat on a Southern gridiVon. Coach Fred Murphy had the knack of sending Tracy into the game at critical moments to stave oflf a touchdown or to make ON PAGE EIGHT) (CONTINUED one when six pdints meant all the world and Len generally came up with bis part of the agreement. Maybe we will have another just as good next year but it is not probable that we will see a performance as he gave on his last appearance from any SPECIAL TO STUDENTS player in years to come. He was everywhere, springing like a jumping jack One pair of natural tip shoe string i from now till Christmas on request to spear seemingly impossible passes from the air with n half dozen players clutching the air around him and the picture of his pMay by which be made For Each Half Sole Job Kentucky's thundering initial touchdown will linger long in the minds of those 8,00,0 fortunate humans who witnessed the spectacle. McATEE SHOE SERVICE 5- r,1- -' 11 1 N. Mill SI. i SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON ABOUT OUR CHEER LEADERS" "A SKY ROCKET." "READY!" " TWO "ONE THREE No I haven't started a description of Christmas or the Fourth of July but of Bob Creech and a girl by the name of "Ginny" Kelley who I feel belongs more to the Kernel than to anyone else around these parts. Remember those awful days when the Wildcats trudged through the rain and slop to victory? Well, to our cheer leaders and Arthur Nutting is one of them by the way must go a lot of credit for the fight of our team. The boys got their pants wet, they shrieked and yelled till their lungs wouldn't respond, they coaxed and begged sometimes uselessly for yells, al for the benefit of those true players who go by the name of the And poor little "Ginny!" Such a pity girls haven't the lung capacity of boys!, However, this d news editor did get many squeaks from the f eminines during the year and we miust say that they really made more noise than the boys at some of the games. , To the cheer leaders of next year don't elect Hunter Moody for he can't holler I want to say that you will have to get one hustle on you to 6utdo those who have worn those blueand white slipovers and waved frantic hands with the velocity of windmills during the past year. I hardly think "Ginny" will be bnck, so some "husky" will have to be chosen who will make the girls get into practice for a busy season. Take 'em out to the country and let them pour forth with all their might the whoops that have been stored up for years nnd then bring 'cm back to the stadium to show all the lookers-o- n just how much fuss a gang of women is able to make. sorrel-toppe- I i ALL POINTS IN THE North, East, South and West r Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville Tjie Carolinas and St. Louis Schedules arranged to suit the convenience of our patrons For descriptive literature, tickets,- reservations or further information, communicate with H. C. KING W.K. CLINKINBEARD City Ticket Agent District Passenger Agent KY. Main Street, LEXINGTON, 118 East - I' York Suits and t?; Topcoats v. . ' $35 $37.50 $40 HATS MEN'S FURNISHINGS i H. C. "HANK" ADAMS 'College Representative ' . GRADDY RYAN CO. (Incorporated) 140 WILL PLAY INDIANA OCTOBER 9 Kentucky will meet another Western Conference team in Indiana next October 9, according to a report from the annual meeting of Big Ten officials in Chicago last week. The game came as a result of Coach Murphy's presence at the conference and Kentucky's splendid showing against Chicago last October 3. It is understood that the Wildcats mentor is dickering for a return game with the Chicago Maroons but as yet nothing definite has been given out regarding this contest. Already fans are trying to figure out just how much it will cost .to go to .Bloomington and as this is so much closer than Chi many hundred people will undoubtedly accompany the team next year. for the national championship at the tournament in Chicago Inst year, Gcss, Swcctscr, Hutchinson nnd Clay demonstrated rcmarkn-bl- c ability .in the first session. of material There is a 'wcnlth with which the new coach may be (CONTINUED ON PAGE Opening of RATES LOW Where Do You Want To Go? RENT A FORD IT WILL GET YOU THERE Commercial Rent-A-Fo- SI Co. rd 134 E. SHORT PHONE 3145 XMAS GIFTS That Will Be Appreciated i ''""sags EASTERN NORMAL STEPS OUT Eastern Normal over at Richmond will construct a new athletic field during the coming spring and summer which will be ready for the Eastern Maroons next September. With the expansion of the athletic policy of the schopl, officials have strengthened the football schedule and Eastern will probably meet some of the best teams in th state next year. This move is to be commended. Send Her a Fresh Box of "A m Park and Tilf ord OR I CAN'T PLEASE EVERYBODY Hickok's MANUAL MAY BE SEEN IN ACTION It is probable that Louisville Manual and the Ashland Tomcats will meet in a game on Stoll field to decide the state champioship in football within the near future. Negotiations for such a contest have been opened and serious discussion is taking place on cither side re- CANDY Jig R. C. WILSON'S Strictly Sanitary and Up-to-Da- CHAIRS 304 South Limestone Pralin Phone 2770-- x For Him Sets We Call For and Deliver . Fountain Pens Cigars Cigarettes Stationery Leather Bill Folds Perfumes te BARBER SHOP And LADIES BEAUTY PARLOR 4 Christmas Suggestions FOUNTAIN of YOUTH SPECIALIZED GIFTS For Her Toilet Sets Candies Fountain Pens :1 EIGHT) FROM ANNOUNCING a UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA garding the plausibility of it. WesfMain Street Phipps, Ncilander, Idlcmnn, Gilp, Dees, McGinnis, Holts-comTnpscott, nnd Marshall. .)oe Clifton will report as soon as his injuries sustained on the gridiron, bnvo healed sufficiently, 'rtiornhill, from Kansas City, and a member of the team of that city which was runner up in the race EAT AT appears distant at this time. However, with Underwood, Beseuden, Alberts, Carey, Helm, McFarland and others in togs, fans should worry little about the outcome in the majority of the, games 'this season. I'M CERTAINLY SORRY tain, Knndlcr, 4, NET SEASON TO OPEN SOON The basketball season will open December 19, a week from tomorrow, against Depauw University at the university gym. As a result of the new southern conference rule, forbidding an athlete from competing in football and basketball in the same year, a great hardship will undoubtedly be worked on the team through the loss of Gayle, Mohney, Paul Jenkins and Ray Ellis. It is hoped that some provision may possibly be made for these players but it . !i Seventy nspirlng freshmen, hailing from almost very high school net team, in the state and from n large number in other stntcs, nnswered ''Daddy" Boles' initial call for basketball practiced the new gymnasium last Monday. The plhycrs were divided into M teams for scrimmage in order to determine .which of them shnll merit the survival ot the first "cut." Since no announcement hns been mndo regarding the coach, Mr. Boles will superintend the prnctlec until. nVompc-ten- t mentor can be selected. Many players from the freshman football squad were present to enrry on with the same zeal that characterized the gridiron practice. Among those were. Portwood, football cap s. TO i Freshmen Start Net Practice; by Games With Best Teams In hoover Kentucky Scheduled For Five i LOVELY DRUG CO. 4 Phone Proprietor Formerly of University Shop It. C. WILSON. Lime and Maxwell G8G1 GEO. R. OSBORNE Formerly of University Shop h. T. PETERS Formerly of Phoenix Hotel Shop ', EAT AT and - The TeaCup Inn ONE OTHER SPECIALIST Miss Haucke, Marcel Wuvintf .Mrs. Lons, Facial ShumpoohiK Manicurist Phone 21G2, a. in. 8 p. m. Hours'-- Shingle IloblmiK u Specialty "Get the Best of Service. Your Hair Cut the Way You Want It" WHY PAY , Suits Sunday night Dinner 75c 5-- Shave 20c MORE Pressed "Our prices reasonable 4 Our service the best." NEW YORK HAT CLEANERS AND SHOE SHINE PALACE 7 152 E. High St. and Shoes Repaired Rates For Students We serve Banquets and Parties Cleaned Hats Cleaned and Reshaped Wholesome Foods Served Home Style Rasemcnt N. W. Corner of N. Lime and Snort Sts. 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