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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 11, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Give Prizes Theater Magazine Announces Contest Open to All Students Any mnn or woman rogulnrly enrolled ns n student in n college of the United States who has n fnvorite actor or actress or n fnvorlto piny seen during 1925, will have an opportunity to express this preference in the panes of Theatre Magazine. A prize contest is nnnounced in detail in the January issue featuring prizes which total $125, for the best answers on affording college students an opportunity to express themselves on dramatic subjects of vital interest to nvnrv nnn (n thn mlintrv ntwl in tirlnip Theatre Magazine in closer contact with the thinkincr men and women of the universities who have interesting things to say on the drama and the acting profession. The judges of this contest, which closes February 1, luzo, win dc law-to- n Mncknll, editor and writer; Gilbert Seldcs, critic and Arthur Horn-bloeditor of Theatre Magazine. PAGE SEVEN KERNEL KENTUCKY taking "con" examinations because their grades were below par and must be brought up to C or they will be dropped by the wayside. It would seem from these figures that State is ndt the only plnce where students are forced to burn the kerosene to remain and become more collegiate. 'CAT BASKETBALL SEASON TO OPEN WEEK FROM TOMORROW Depauw University Five Will Come to Lexington For Game; Team Appears Formidable On Eve of Strenuous Campaign Bnsketball lovers in and around Lexington, and particularly those of Scotch students applaud their pro- the University of Kentucky will havo these subjects. fessors and American classmates an opportunity to witness this winter sotne of the strongest court teams in The contest is for the purpose of when they enter the room. the Middle West and South in action on the local floor. Starting on December 19, the season will extend up to the last week in February, the time .hat marks the beginning of the Southern Conference tournament. The season will bo opened on December ID when the Depnuw Univer-Jit- y five will be the guests of the Wildcats. Last year this Hoosler out-f- it was regarded as one. of the strongest in Indiana. On January 5, dircct-- y after the holidays the Blue and . Before you go home for t White basketeers will go to Blooming-to, Ind., where they will play the the holidays, form the University of Indiana five. This habit of dropping in at the will be followed by a game with Berea College on January 9. Bcrca vent through the season Inst year vithout a defeat, and as a result of heir remarkable Bhowing, they laid a tlaim on the Kentucky bnsketball ihamplonship. As Kentucky had a nuch better team, and their victories had boen more impressive, the WildMAXWELL AND LIME cats were awarded the title, with Berea second. Three major teams Georgia Tech, Alabama and Auburn play here on January 16- February 1 and FebruWe are now operating under new ary 8, respectively. On February 11 Come in and get acquainted with the 'Cats start on their southern trip, Lewis, and Doc. Cooper, expert barbers. Christmas Is Coming n, con--e- st Student's Barber Shop According to reports of the post-offiof Columbus, Ohio, two and one-ha- lf tons of mnil nro received ench playing Tennessee on February 11, week by the students of Ohio Stnte at Knoxvillc; Georgia at Athens, on University. Someone go find what the following day, nnll Clemson, at our quota is. Clemson, on February 14. Vanderbilt will come to Lexington and play the ror faking his nnmu last game on the Wildcat schedule, at ISucknell was forced ato freshman wear a February 20. double sign; the front one giving his So far the schedule is incomplete. nnme and the rearmost one giving the "Daddy" Boles has expressed his intention of getting two or three additional games to round out the pro- Franke ,Says Although mere is JNo Kule Against It, Tradition Here Makes One Unnecessary HAS GREATLY INCREASED e careful in the selection of your hats. Consider their style and their quality. STETSON HATS I Styled for young men The Wildcat squad has been holding practice daily sessions for three who are going in an effort to through brilliant page of Kenwrite another men the paces The tVeeks. tucky basketball history are Captain Carey, Helm, McFarland, Underwood, Jenkins, Mohney, Phipps, Alberts, Sharpe, Steele, Kittrell and Elliot. The schedule, ns it now stands, is as follows: December 19 DcPauw at Lexington. January & Indiann at Bloomington. January 9 Berea at Lexington. January 1C Georgia Tech at Lexington. February 1 Alabama at Lexington. February 8 Auburn at Lexington. February 11 Tennessee nt Knox-vill- GLEANING SHAVING CREAM does a real It stays wet and WILLIAMS bulky and softens all of every hair so that blades keep their edge longer. And Williams is the most soothing lather known for sensitive 35c; doitbk'Size skins1. Try a tube! Large-siz- e 50c, containing twice as much. At all dealers! ALWAYS INSIST ON WILLIAMS The University of Tennessee students ench year confer the degree of "Bachelor of Ugliness" upon tne student who has done the most for the university during the undergraduate years in nthletics and scholarship. Letters nre given each year to the members of the Glee club of Abilene Christian College. -- PRESSING You won't have time then We will do you a first class joh. PHONE 5906 University Dry Cleaning & Pressing gives especial attention to PARTIES AND BANQUETS FOR UNIVERSITY ORGANIZATIONS Students who were fortunate enough to be tuned in on- station WCAP at Washington, D. C, last Monday evening at 9 o'clock, no doubt heard that from 60c Luncheons $1.00 Dinners Illinois, JOHN COT, T.HE Cafeteria Home Cooking G. CRAMER, LEGE The STORE The Correct TUXEDO for 1925-2- 6 IS BEING FEATURED AT $2475 Select Yours Now for the Holidays The best dressed college men will choose such Tuxedos as these for the Christmas dances and holiday affairs. They're styled right, made right and priced within reach of everyone on the campus. Tuxedo Vests S3.75 S4.75 rOLDBERG'C V West Main Street 333 Ask For LYLE CROFT Tuxedo Man RENT A CAR DRIVE IT YOURSELF 1,250 members. One hundred and fifteen students at the University of Dorth Dakota ure TAKE MOTHER A CHRISTMAS PRESENT i Manager MEN'S Exchange Notes The largest faculty in any American college is the faculty of the University of Minnetota which numbers Co. The Phoenix Hotel "Sports and Health" for Bene fit of Near East Relief "redhead" REPAIRING DONE BEFORE e. famous -- CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS February 12 Georgia at Athens. February 14 Clemson at Clemson. February 20 Vanderbilt at namely. "Red" Grange, make his talk Prompted by the publication of the on "Sports and Health," which he jtand of numerous colleges and uni- gave for the benefit of the Near East versities of the Middle West against Relief. woman students smoking, Miss Vir"Red" spoke in New York and the ginia E. Franke, dean of the women mesuge was broadcast from Weshing-ton- . it the ' University of Kentucky, said He told of his career as a player hat though there was no rule against and why he decided to be an iceman. t at the university, onie was not He spoke of the importance of good ecessary since tradition here was living in its relation to football and .gainst it. A similiar position was other sports. He emphasized plenty of aken by Miss Hilda Threlkeld, prin- sleep and lots of good food and hard cipal of Hamilton College, who said work as essentials to an outstanding hat smoking among the girls of that athlete. Grange said that coordinanstitution would be "frowned upon." tion of muscles and mind and quickCasual observation within the past ness of thought came only through averal years alone is necessary to these methods of training. In fact, etermine that smoking among girls he said that he had trained all his nd women of the nation has increas-- d life and this constant training brought alarmingly within that time. Per-.a- him to his present position in the foot it is a fad which will pass, some ball world. bservers aver, but at any rate the In closing the program featuring! ;rowth has been steady. Much the talk by Grange, the announcer has been aroused by the situa- gave a brief talk on "Red" and said , s. tion in several larger eastern that he had expected a naming "RedMost of them prohibit smok-i- g head" to walk into the studio but was but at least one or two allow the disappointed when he found that to amuse themselves with their Grange's hair was not really .bright pastime. ed but more of a dull auburn. It is Throughout Ohio there is an un-e- evident that the program caused no and university officials have been .ittle interest as many local people reluestioned concerning the situation. port having heard the "Phantom from The result shows that officials of Illinois." . hese institutions fell that tradition .nd pride will stamp out or effective-- y limit smoking among women stud-;nt- s. Such is the opinion of the Uni(Continued From Page Four) versity of Kentucky dean of women. There has been smoking by women t the University of Kentucky. One Alpha Mu is the name of the first imoked at the dance in the basketball building Thanksgiving night but she College. One half of its endeavors will was not a student. Several sorority be given over to the study and aphouses have rules which prohibit preciation of standard literary works. smoking there. A similiar condition The freshmen of the University of exists at the University of Illinois where the sororities have traditions Kansas, who find their present caps igainst it. The University of Illinois inadequate for colder weather, will be permitted to wear red ear muffs. prohibits puffing on the campus. The majority of the colleges and Michigan State College is planning universities of Illinois have rules prowrestling hibiting smoking by women students on holding an and in the others custom frowns, upon it. Northwestern University and the All students except freshmen and University of Chicago have no rules those having monogram in the sport are eligible. Twelve men have enteragainst it. Throughout hio there is an un- ed the match to date. There are written law against it although in seven classes of weights from 115 some cases the rule is specific in pro- pounds to the heavyweights and the will receive hibiting smoking. Some college and winner and runner-u- p university officials are quite emphatic gold and silver medals. among girls. in denouncing the puffing One hundred and fifty dates a year In the Southern colleges and universities, as there is here, there is with 150 different girls is the aim of club recently organized by the men some smoking, but in general very a A little in comparison with the number of the University of Michigan. of students in the institutions. Cer- man is eligible for .membership only after he has been in the company of tainly there is no likelihood of a of the Bryn Mawr action in a good looking girl, and upon initiathe South, especially at the Univer- tion must give the name and address of the woman. sity of Kentucky. Rehabilitation work conducted at the University of Florida for the benefit of disabled World War veterans has accomplished much good. A special farm has been provided expressly forhem where they are taught of cultivation of crops. Make your razor blades las t longer A student recently appeared on the campus of the University of Colorado Oxford bags. Later he with was found unconscious and the trousers waving fronf n tree nearby. HAVE YOUR gram. UNIVERSITY GIRLS! Students Hear Grange Speak Over Radio WILL NOT SMOKE Famous "Redhead" Talks On1 Dean name he used. A false face worn on the bnck of his head augmented the disguise. DRIVE IT Y0URSEU From Smith-Watki- ns Company (Incorporated) ADJOINING PHOENIX HOTEL The Store For Gifts Worth While You'll be surprised at the pretty Lustre-wa- re Heatproof China in many patterns and it is priced right. COME AND SEE US Next Door to the Post Office on East Main NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED FROM UNIVERSITY STUDENTS i .if- n ' J A. '