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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 11, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE KENTUCKY EIGHT KERNEL ,;i ; : JOURNALISM LODGES HOLD S K It V I C 13 S INITIATION , P ., "We, the undersigned students, after the growth of the school from ing at heart the best interests of the year to year. university nnd of its students, nnd impending dnnger (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) recognizing the when in a building to MANY SEE FIRST SHOWING in OF "WILD DUCK" MONDAY these students "Charwhich dancing of the because of the dentil of his aunt. He the Will, bo piven the in the nenr leston" is permitted, do hereby for uni- (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) protection of human life nt the future. versity, respectfully petition the Uni- Doll's House." Hor return to LexingThe active members of Alphn Delta Kentucky council to have Sigma are; Arthur Morris, Emmott versity of ton audiences is heartily welcomed nnd .he dancing of the McDowell, Milward, Ted Warren gyration forbidden, outlawed and bnn-she- d her sympathetic interjretntion of Ginn narks her as admirably fitted to take Price, Kyle Whitehead, Kenneth Greg-orfrom the gymnasium, dormithe part of an Ibsen woman. Kenneth Tugglo and J. A, Estes. tories, and fraternity houses. Marj Lyons Makes Hit Following the initiation a banquet Some students will become indign-m- t univerwns held in the private dining room. Miss Mary Lyons, at Bdch a proposal, but that thereg sity people remember whom lead in Alphn in the Ted McDowell, president of danger from the incessant stamp-nDqlta Sigma presided nnd J. A. Estes is of sevcrnl dozens of couples on "The Thirteenth Chair," Stroller promade a short talk on "The Vnluc of duction of 1D22, br as the bristling dnnco floor, nnd there is n Humor to the Newspaper Mnn." Pro- - i that the floor wil not stand ypist in "Candida," docs a finer piece fessor Enoch Grehnn also made n he strain, is n recognized fnct. The of work in "The Wild Duck" as the This Hcdvlg. talk and ench of the newly initintcd .vritcr firmly believes that pessimists, .vistful, by Nazimova members read n feature paper which ind was elected go role should .vheh she starred in "The Wild Duck" had written. he vhere A. T. O's never go, but dnnger 3cvcral years ago and is one of the ihould nbver lurk around and be most exacting parts 'HUGE CHORUS TO SING IN because joy is unconfincd Miss Lyons carries theever writcen. part with a "MESSIAH" HERE TONIGH1 of :harm nnd PROGRAM FOR EXPANSION rare, articticsincerity nothing short achievement. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE.) OF U. OF K. IS OUTLINED The most dltticult of the male life in England, and was buried in the (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) characters is represented by C. F. Walbridge of the department of EngPoet's Corner of Westiminster. Abbey. lish, who plays the part of Grefcrs Rehearsals show that every 'effort the state by members of the facVVerle. It is probable that Ibsen puts is being put forth to make this second ulty. himself into this part. Grcgers is performance of the "Messiah" surpass 8 Establishment of an engithe seeker after the ideal, the one the first, which was an artistic suc neering experiment station. A'ho sees nnd points out the faults cess of unusual achievement. 9 Renewal of the Experiment ind illusions of others, nnd who feels Athletic Tickets Admit Students Station's poultry plant. it his mission in life to set aright cattle 10 Erection of beef Students of the university will be l,he world and its ways. Mr. Wal barns for the Experiment Station. admitted to "The Messiah" on the bridge never falters ih his stern rend The recommendation of Dr. Mc- aring of this exacting role. presentation of their student tickets at the door of the gymnasium. The Vey will be submitted to the general Wallace Sanders, senior in the Col management is anxious to have as assembly when it convenes in Jan- lece of Engineering, makes his ninth many students hear this masterpiece uary. An effort will be made to ob- ippearance at the Romany in the part of Handel's as possible and expect tain the appropriations necessary to of the obese, loquacious Hjalinar many students to take advantage of put into effect the program mapped Ekdal. self- As the this offer . . Admission will be on out for the institution in Dr. Mc- - satisfied, photographer, the same basis as at the football Vcy's report. role, Sanders appears ina games, if a "student does not have The report, in addition to recomShearle Baskett, senior in the uni his athletic ticket, he cannot get in mendations for improvement during versity. plays well the part of old the performance without purchasing the next two years, included a review Ekdal, the broken-dow- n soldier whose a ticket at l. of the accomplishments of the school former love for bear hunting in the past two years. during the ?reat forest is now supplanted by an DANCERS OF 'CHARLESTON Need More Classrooms occasional shot at one of his rabbits PROMINENT THEN AS NOW Dr. McVey in his report made a in the garret, or at a chicken roosting plea for the additi6nal buildings for tn an old Christmas tree in the "hunt (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) class rooms, pointing out that the in- ing room." Mrs. Florence W. Powers, who car creased enrollment had grown beyond in which the "Charleston" was being the capacity of the "present buildings. ried the title role in "Candida," makes danced, collapsed. In another decade "By the erection of a dormitory for a brief but captivating' appearance it is hoped that the death rate will women, some of the "pressure for pro as Mrs. Sorby, Werles housekeeper George K. Brady, of the department visions to house women students has be lowered at least 50 per cent. To traverse a dance floor-noit been met. Fraternity houses are now of English, who played opposite Mrs of Powers in "Candida," carries the takes quick action and keen judge- owned by a considerable number ment to keep from being kicked t6 societies, but aside1 from welfare itormy role of old Werle with all the death. Eeverywhere dancing couples buildings for students, such as com- tempestuousness the part requires. Dr. Clyde Vanneter, excellent in the are kicking their feet in the air. mons, hospital and dormitories, the great need now is to provide adequate ole of Dr. Rtelling, and Robert "Charleston" dances become dances, for not even the brave try space for classes. University classes Thompson, who appears as Molvik of theblogy, .complete to 'break in on couples that are sling- are greater in, number and attend- an ing their upper and lower extremities ance than the room space. The next whe cast. The final performance of "The. Wild stop to be taken is clearly in the dito nil four winds. given Saturday even Duck" But regardless of whether the rection of relief for such condition," ing.- - will be "Charleston" is indecent, and should the report declares. Hospital Building Urged be stopped, or decpnt and therefore . The report also declared that an acceptable form of recreation, it considerable progress had been while STUDENTS' VOTE FAVORS made ENTERING WORLD COURT is probable that before the school year caring for the health of the stushall have closed, a petition somewhat in dents it pointed out that "a great (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) on the order of the following shall The be presented to the board of trustee deal more ought to be dope." report declared that any student af tomorrow under the auspices of the of the university. dieted with a contagious disease can Lexingfon World Court committee, of not be treated in any hospital in Lex which Dean Charles J. Turck is chair ington, but must be quarantined to nan. At the general convocation dur his room and his case left only to !ng the third hour tomorrow, Dr, chance. Alva W. Taylor; of Indianapolis, will "Such a situation can be met only speak on "World Peace." Dr. Taylor, by the construction of a small student ts an hospital containing nurses' quarters, ind is eminent sociologist and author,il a member of the Federal Coun--a dispensary and rooms for persons of churches. He was the who are ill. The building should have of the report on the steel strike of room for 60 beds," reads the report. 1919, and is an editorial writer on University Growing Century." Dr. Taylor In beginning his report Dr. Mc- the "Christian will also address a mass meeting in Vey discussed the increased enrollgymna'sium 'he ment of the university pointing out at new o'clock. The Sunday afternoon 3 student debate that the school year which closed on Saturday night will be held in the June 30, 1925, was marked by the Little Theatre, and not in the Maxlargest enrollment in the history of well Presbyterian church, as formerly the institution. Approximately 2,300 announced. w resident students attended the school The program for the state confer during the year, the report declared. ence follows: Dr. McVey reiterated his previous Saturday prediction that in 1930 the university duction 6:30-9.3- Registration and intrO' 0 a. m.; Discussion would be called upon to give instruc- groups p. m., Mr. Paul Harris, tion to 3,200 students, and on this assumption worked out his recom- Jr., and Dean J. Turck, leaders: Ke -6 option Patterson p. m.; hall mendations for a definite building "ebate Little Theatre 8 o'clock, program that is expected to look Subject: "Resolved that the United States enter the World Court on the hav- CANFORD'S 0 PASTE f . COLfiEGE PRESSING BOYS' TAILOR Phone 929 ALTERING 216 S. Limestone No doubt you are interested in Apparel of Art, not just cloths 11.1 East Main Street GIVE If US A CALL Millinery, Dresses, Coats, Silk Underwear for the College Girl THE HOUSE OF DISTINCTIVE JEWELS Victor Bogaert ' ' 1?AHI FRANCE Co. LEXINGTON, KY. W.' Main St. 133-13- 5 (CONTINUED FROM PAGE SIX) able to another stnte championship quintette. Tentative games with Louisville Cumblerlnnd, Manual, Lexington, Union, Bowling Green Business College, 'Wesleynn nnd the Centre and Georgetown frosh have been arranged. develop GIVES FOOTBALL DANCE TOMORROW NIGHT SU-K- Y PAGE SIX) home-comin- g ville. November at ham. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Birming- Virginia Military Institute at Charleston, W. Va. charged, the proceeds to be used to November 20 Centre (Homecomhelp defray the expenses incurred dur- ing) at Lexington. ing the football season, and to provide November 25 Tennessee at Knox-villfunds with which to start the bas' ketball season. The greatest item of expense the y Circle has met this season was 3ttHntHmtmmmnKtnmntt in sending the band to Alabama. A Correct Glasses For large part of the proceeds from the Students dance tomorrow night will go toward clearing up this dept. The band has spread glory ,upon the university, and DR. C. W. for patrriotic Reasons if for no other Optometrist Registered the dance should be well attended, but the committee promises that the fun health. will be 'worth many times the price 108 Walnut Street Over admission. SOME EXPERIENCES Union Bus Station WITH of All members of both the freshman TWO JOURNALISTIC MOGULS md varsity football squads are invited Scientific Eye Examinations is guests of honor. The chaperons (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) will be: Dean Virginia Franke, Dean nd Mrs. C.kR. Melcher, Prof, and Prices THAT Please hi tho boat out where it belonged. Mrs. J. C. Jones, Capt. and Mrs. The redeemin' feature of his performance was, that he hit about in the center of the boat and splashed all ;he. water out. Of course,' after his accidentally provin' his utility, we had to take him along. I was' elected to ; row the, ark and we started out. I B. seen there was somethin wrong from :he way Ted's ehd of the boat kept Correct Apparel For Women and Misses bumpin' on the bottom and I told Estes that if Ted was bound to scuttle Corner Short .and Mill Streets the ship, he could get out and walk. Estes gives Ted a dirty look'and says seem as there was a mistake in LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY the ballast", Ted would have to stay on the end of the boat where there was the deepest water or we couldn't make no headway. : Take Turns at Navigating Ted rose, up on his haunches, real : : wrathful and says he'd tip the boat . over if he had to' keep jumpin' around like a fairy. Estes contemplated the end of his nose and said he couldn't see no relation between Ted and the Be sure you call the- right cleaner, for dark fairy. We finally compromised by put--tin Ted in the middle and lettin him clothing is just as hard to clean thoroughly as is got to the other side row. We finally ' white. and took pictures. Comin' back to the boat, Estes and I both pulled the same trick Ted had, only with more grace, but I missed the boat and fell in the river. . Estes says he'd row the boat back up the river. Ho overlooked the handicap of Ted and the current, but e I djdn't raise no objections and Phone 621 212 S. Lime fun. Estes wasn't much of a dentist-Departme- November, 13 e. Su-K- BURKE nt R "'SMITH : ' Students - j 'm BECKER "Cleaners That Satisfy" v!Jm ''Wl watch-exKth- - i -7 v?jm (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Consequently, every girl dropped her books,, or her box of candy, pulled on her kimona, thrust her feet into her bedroom slippers, and ran! The stampede on the first floor Virelv missed breaking up the een- injj wuicn Burvioo wincn wus juai 'osing in the "rec ' hall. The whole place was the scene of more com m otion than had been caused since 4,ie Tennessee game." In fact, any igma Nu, cutting through tho side drivevay toward his Lexington place of residence would have thought the 'orld coming to an end,. But, for their eyesight, none pas " crestfallen girls toiled up the stairway to their respective rooms, to sleep until tne next, rising bell should call them out of bed. Of I mj J '' silk sox ' . . UNDERWEAR NEQK WEAR tissue slough off and the underlying structures may also become involved producing a detfp ulceration. Except for localized pain, which is by no means a constant complaint, the disease is usually mild but it is occasaccompained by genoral dissional turbances, such as fever, loss of appetite, or malaise. Gums Become Red and Bleed a. Increased redness of tho gums, which bleed easily, especially after brushing of the teeth, is a rather constant find ing. If the clinical appearance of the mouth is such that a definite statement cannot be made as to whether the individual has Vincent's Angina, a microscopic examination of scrapings from the suspicious looking ureas will settle the question. 2a Xa. GtftS 0 Successors to De Luke Tailors "Custom Tailors Since 1915" ' H $t()TC . - , tYlCLTlS Angelucci & Ringo ' - JVens HANDKERCHEIFS 3 OR (CONTINUED FROM. PAGE ONE) Established 1683 BELGIUM FROSH BEGIN NET PRACT-ICE- j GOOD GAMES PLANNED HBALTH DEP'T DISCUSSES "TRENCH MOUTH" DISEASE Jewelers and Importers BRUSSELS It was a noble trip and we got the pictures but I'm wnrnin' nil you maidens to steer elenr of canoe rides with Estes or Ted. It would be a case of "Row, Row, Roslc," because Estes can't nnd its n mntter of 'sink or swim' with Ted. (CONTINUED FROM strong University of Florida aggregation. Following the Florida contest, the Wildcats will journey back to Lexington for a few days nnd then depart for Birmingham in an effort to stop the Crimson Tide which has flowed on unhaltcd for three seasons. V. M. I. will next greet the Wildcats in Clnrlcston, W. Vn., in an effort to atone for this pnst season's defeat. The following week Kentucky will be back in Lexington, waiting for the coming of Centre. This game will be game and the nnnunl thousands of people are expected to see it. Five days later will find the Cats in Knoxvillc as the guests of the University of Tennessee. This game will be one of thrills and the whole school is expected to go with the team to help whip "Tennessee right." The schedule: October 2 Mnryville at Lexington. October 9 Indiana at Bloomington. October 1G Washington and Lee at Lexington. Polytechnic October 23 Virginia Institute nt Lexington. October 30 Florida nt Jackson- ALMOST HAS And a hundred or more sleepy, Novelities of All Kinds PRICES REASONABLE wns goin KENTUCKY WILL MEET INDIANA ON OCTOBER 9, 1926 PSEUDO-DRIL- L tel just then. Jewelry, Watches and Clocks Communicated navigator. three long strokes, missin' the water completely) picked himself up out of tho bottom of tho boat nnd hollered fonassistanco. Ted wns busy watchin' for mcrimaids so Estes nnd I looked around for n tug to hnul Ted over None npponrin'. to tho other side. wdN stnrted rowin' as hard as wo could and wns doln' pretty well when Ted shows his gratitude by siiggestin' that ho was gettin' tired ridin' so long in the snme place nnd if it wns all the same to us, he'd just soon go up the river. We was fed up on dodgin' around to prevent runnin' down steamboats which wasn't carryin' as heavy cargo as we had, bo wc figgcrcd if wo gave Ted an oar and got him to ntick it in the water and lean on it, Wo ought to cover rnorc ground. We done so nnd finnlly got to where wc James Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. S. A, Boles, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Mr. Mclntyre, Mr. Eversolo nnd Dr. nnd Mrs. W, D. Funkhouser. Tho Kentuckinns will furnish tho music. tions." Affirmative: John Y. Brown, Dorothy Smith; Negative: Martha Reed, Paul Porter. Sunday Discussion groups 9:30 10:30 .a. m.: Sermons on World Court n various churches 11 a. m.: Mass. meeting new gymnasium o p. m., Dr. Alva W. Taylor, speaker. PATT HALL PANIC IN COHEN SHOP Discasc( Readily The disease is readily commtinicrited to others, the organisms being" by direct contact, coughing, by fomites (intermediate objects which have come in contact with the discharges of the mouth), hnd so on. Certain preventative measures may be instituted, such as careful brushing of the teeth and perhaps in the presence of an abnormal number of cases, a mild disinfectant for use in the mouth may be indicnted. Care should always be taken that, only clean articles reach the mouth eating or drinking after other people is always to bo condemned. The greatest care 3hould be taken as in any communicable disease, when associating with those known to be suffering with the disease. As above stated the '.predisposing causes of this condition ar6 the lack of cleanliness and the absence of oxygen. Therefore the careful brushing of the teeth accompanied by the use of a disinfectant of an oxidizing nature would seem to be the rational treatment. It may be that in certain cases the above treatment will prove ineffective then recourse must be had to the scaling of the teeth and daily local applications of, either or silver nitrate by a physi-lia- n or of Hygiene arid Public reserva Hardingrllughes-Coolidg- e P. B. ROBARDS The disease is caused by two typos being present at the same time (living symbloticnlly, as it is called). It is usually conceded thnt the organisms arc not of very great virulence and thnt'thoy cannot find conditions suitable to their growth and development in a perfectly normal, healthy mouth". Localization of tho infection depends on the condition of tho part attacked, as the organisms obtain access nt the point of lowest resistance. It has been noted thnt the usual place primarily involved is either the gums or tonsils. The predisposing causes (those which favor 'the, organisms gaining a foothold) are heat, moisture, lack of cleanliness, nnd especially the absence of nir. Wherever proper conditions prevail and infection takes place, .heso ordinnrily harmlcs organisms quickly manifest themselves, with the result that sor'cq and ulcerations occur 'rcqucntly, nccompnnied by digestive disturbances duo to absorption of poispnous substances, from tho decaying tissues. 6f organisms Ho took the onrs, executed ' JP QJ B mjf Mm M '