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The Kentucky Kernel, April 10, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

mw1 Best Copy Available FRIDAY EDITION KERNEL SEMI-WEEKL- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, WES. First R. O. T. C. Regimental mtwntmwm Parade Is Held Wednesday 'CATS WILL f V WELCOME TO U. K. HIGH SCHOOL CONTESTANTS UNIVERSITY OP KENTUCKY VOLUME XXI IITICin AIT CI TAT M Vesper Pianist EMINENT PIANIST 'TO GIVE RECITAL I - ATTATTJI NEW SERIES NUMHER 52 FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1931 More Than 2,000 Compete In High School Contests AT VESPER HOUR Students 0f Company F was Judged to be By DOUGLAS ADDISON of Outstanding Boasting its brilliancy and prouci,ine ucst platoon Music and Oratory to splendor with which Its The rcclmentnl nnrnrln Wptlnni- Champions of Rig Ten to of the Herbert Newman, of Faculty Be Determined members were arrayed, the unlver day was an Inauguration of pracOppose Kentucky Team of Cincinnati College of sity R. O. T. C. regiment Wcdnes tice drill In preparation for the Jack Shuttlcworth editor of in Double Header Music, Will Play FINALS TO BE HELD clay afternoon marched to the airs inspection by the ntional Inspection is a member of Sigma "Judge," played by the "Best Band In Dixie," officers which will be held April TODAY AND SATURDAY Chi. PROGRAM WILL INCLUDE Regimental officers who reMICHIGAN WILL PLAY and, hurling defiance at members Bowman Grey president of R. of the student body and faculty who viewed the parade arc: B. G. CrosJ. Reynolds Tobacco company, is NUMBERS BY CHOPIN RIG BLUE WEDNESDAY of State 200 Institutions are of the pacifist creed, displayed by, colonel; Rex Allison, lloutennnt- a member of Sigma Alpha EpAre Represented at sllon. i Composers McBraycr, McMurray, Liszt, Debussy, and Itself in all the grandeur of militar coloncl; and captains, Joe B. HughUniversity istic luster and directed its corner es, Carey Spicer, Louis McGinnls, Dr. Ethel I. Sanborn biology and Bach Will Be Farrell to Get Pitching w. acnucrmeyer. ate unit over the fair lawn In front nna Instructor at the University of Officers of the first battalion are: Assignments Featured More than 2,000 students and of the Administration building for is a member of Alpha Oregon, Bus Henderson, malor: B. M. the first parade of the semester, teachers, representing 200 Kentucky Xi Delta. By ED CONBOY After the parade of the regiment, Chandler, first lieutenant: and J. The regular Sunday afternoon high schools, are competing at the Gertrude Beggs; dean of wovesper service hour will be resumed university this week ln the eleventh If Jupiter Pluvlus, the great the Pershing Rifles, newly estab u. rasco, u o. Cleveland, and R, men at the University of Minneheavyweight mennce from Ozone lished military organization at the Chapman, second lieutenants. April 12, with Herbert L. Newman, sota, Is a member of Pi Beta Phi. annual High School week conducted Officers of the second battalion pianist and faculty member of the by the university extension depart the piercing attacks of university, drilled for the first time drops under Phi. College of Music of Cincinnati, preyoung Sol, the reigning cnampion to the music of the university band are: Kirk, major: W. R. Htimbnr. ment, under the direction of Prof. Delta Relfsneider Charles UniLed by the officers of the regi nrst lieutenant; and L. Wolf, R. W. during the last few days, the senting a recital at 4 o'clock in Tau Delta, Is president of St. Louis Clifton. The entire week is 'Memorial auditorium. Vesper hour versity of Kentucky baseball nine ment, who were accompanied by Strombcrg, and P. A. Pemberton. given over to determining the out College in Tokio, Japan. Paul's was not held last Sunday, due to will open the season at 2:30 o'clock co-enamed by the cadets as sur second lieutenants. Franklin C. Paschal Sigma standing students in various phases on atoll lieia flciently high in the scale of pul the Easter vacation. Mondav afternoon Nu, is Dean of the Liberal Arts of music and oratory. against the Cardinals of Wisconsin chritude to merit the honor, the Mr. Newman is the son of Dr. College of Vanderbllt University. In tfce boys' piano finals held University In the first of a two army boys of the university dls Dorothy Davles Alpha GamThursday afternoon, the winners LV"!"!!!!S., "? Herbert L. Newman, who will nrc- game scries. The Badgers will played themselves before the re Is a member of the Ut'KHIl JUS SkUUIUS 111 IIIICIIIIIUU ill. ma Delta, were as follows: first, John Mclntire sent a piano recital at the ves- again encounter the local team viewing stand at the flag pole, and Washington University faculty. Bethel Academy of Wllmore; secper services at 4 o'clock Sunday the age of 16, under Frederick J, Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, endeavored to continue for the uniCaroline Shoemaker dean of ond, Frank Hlnes, St. Xavier of attcrnoon, April iz, in Memorial Hoffman, and later studied with Albino Gorno, Sergei Barsukoff and the Michigan Wolverines will meet versity the high ranking which the women at Purdue, wears the key Louisville; and third, Eugene Adams, hall, is a member of the faculty local unit has won for itself among the Big Blue on Stall field. of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Highlands of Ft. Thomas. of the College of Music, of Cin- Hans Rlschard, in the department The of piano, and with Lillian Arkell, The Wildcats were scheduled to the Reserve Officers Training Corps Efficiency of Dr. James J. Dosper Delta Nvho winners ln the girls finals were: U cinnati. Cadets to be Judged and teacher of Newman, the conserva- a in the department of organ. play Miami University of Oxford, of the country. After the parade Chi, is dean of the college of first, Margi Fust of Louisville; secpiano at Ohio, April 1. Inclement weather it was announced that Company F Rated by Corps Inspectors, tory, is the son of Dr. Herbert He was graduated from College eduction at the University of ond, Martha Bruce Williams of forced the postponement of the was chosen the best company of Alabama. Newman, of Versailles. iof Music of Cincinnati in 1926 with Paris; and third, Merle Hubbard April 20, 21 game. the drill, and the second platoon great distinction, being placed on Eleanor Shaw an American of Mlddlesboro. ! tne Junior faculty pianist of distinguished ability, immediately after Coach Ouy S. Lowman looks upon Annual inspection of the univer Vera Mae Glebel, Newport, and 1 graduation. is a member of Delta Delta the spring trip purely as preparasity unit of the senior division of He received his LI Jane Stafford, Berea Academy, (Bachelor of Music degree the fol- - Delta. tion for the coming conference the R. O. T. C. will be held this were given first and second place Alice Holloman Chi Omega, is campaign. He drills his men every year on Monday and Tuesday, April respectively in the cello contest. president of the board of regents morning and they play a game ana 21. on these days Lt. Col. SDent lhe year 1928. Winners of the violin contest were: except Sunday every afternoon E. N. Bowman and Malor C. A. TVv of the University of New Mexico. 29 m Europe, studying In Foun-- 1 first, Lavelton Dye, Paducah; secfr Cnwtvial Otis B. Brown head of the Bagby of the fifth corps area will while they are away. This year O ond, Eva Nunnelly, Oriliailtainebleau .with Phllllpe, who Is Lexington; x inspect arms, equipment, and uni Coach Lowman must find new men Journalism department of Stani tne leading teacner at tne Paris and third, Billy Davis, (Mlddles except forms and determine the cadets, ef- - Three Miles of Crepe Paper Conservatoire. From Paris he went ford University, is a member of boro. for every Infield position The preliminaries ln the The first tennis match of the nciency on the drill field and in the first base and must develop at. least to Berlin where he worked with Alpha Sigma Phi. male and female solo, the trio, the m A 90 nnn Pine season will be played Tuesday when class room so that they may fix one capable pitcher. quartet, and the boys' quartet were .Leonid Kreutzer, one of the best to We Used known pianists of Europe, and the held Thursday afternoon, and the If Herman Schendel of Milwau- the University of Kentucky team the unit's general rating for the premier instructor at the Berlin kee and Art Cuislnler of Chicago meets St. Xavier of Cincinnati. coming year. finals were being conducted at press Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, if Almost three miles of crepe paper, Hochschule fur Muslk. The inspection is to be non-colive up to their freshman promise, time. weather conditions are favorable. petitive and the highest ratine 20,000 pins and 10W)00,000 bits o Lowman will have a good combinaA feature of the week's program slnce h,s return t0 clncJnnatl ln tion around second base. If either the varsity and reserve tennis teams given will not be restricted to any will be the mass singing of all the match. definite number of units. The order ?fiH falters, James Plankey, another will meet In a high school glee clubs, in the Men's tip SSLitv gymnasium er 01 Plano at the CoUeBe ot Music- For the past week an abundance of rating the units is excellent, sat. Seld. Chicago sophomore, may get the . gymnasium, at 2 o'clock this after- Jtl(m of lnthe, u,nlverslty He also h)lds th ... ,n thp Last pst. r!hlirph nf Rhrist. call. Third base appears open, with of good material has been working isfactory, and unsatisfactory. Inoon. The clubs will be given test out, on the university courts In year the university cadets received several promising candidates. WisSlatz Randall, nationlly known cMpntut in Cincinnati selections i - mpmhM- - prof. e. b, under the direction of maestro of modern music, has been . consin left the Badger camp last preparation for the team tryouts. the rating of satisfactory. " Gorden. . wtri by Mr. UL LUC Ittlliuuj uiwivw"j M This general rating is based upon engugea iu lurnisn music mr me Tuesday on their annual Southern Several men from last year's freshSaturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, of 1924. directed the chorus which baseball jaunt. They were to play man squad have reported and these the proficiency In training inspec- occasion. Eight hundred guests are Newman will include: men with the returning varsity tion and applies to the unit. After expected for the entertainment. Chorale Prelude In dir ist sang at the sunrise service given the bands and orchestras will have eight opponents on their trip. L members should provide a squad the inspection the corps over National Broadcasting network their contests in the Men's gym-nsiucom which probably will have one of Freude, The Wisconsin team played of players well versed In every de- mander will inform the area This will be the closing at 6:30 a. m.. Easter Sunday. This university VLMl largest attendances ln the social Bradley Wednesday, Washington partment of the game. .i.1" authorities as to the rating of the the service and the one held ln the contest of High School week. University of St. Louis, on the folHollywood Bowl marked representaThe first part of the week was Headed by Captain Earl K. Senff, unit at the inspection. lowing day and meet the Com- the varsity squad consists of Kee, An outline of the unit training, tive Sunrise Services from the east devoted to debate, orations, and in Lexington last night, and will modores of Vanderbllt today and Spicer, Farquhar, Bishop, Klein, inspection follows: Papillons, Schumann. to the west coast of the United extemporaneous speaking. In the be taken for drives to the various Saturday. After the double-head- er Ballade in G. Minor, Chopin. Foster, Haag, Kaplan, Green, JenStates. oratorical contest, John Knuckles, Inspection of theorlcal in points of interest,, In the Bluegrass lJ. field, the Cardinals will nings, Phelps, Grahm, Stark, Bread-we- ll DocU;- - DeCoursey, now in the Red Bird high school, and Robert struction Including: first, observa by members of the fraternity today, j Nocturne In F Sharp, Chopia encounter 'Western State Normal of Etude in F, Chopin. Medical Corp of the United States Tate, Ashland high school, were and Kane. tion of the conduct of unit InstrucKalamazoo, Mich., and on April 16, Slatz Randall, director of a . The Engulfed Cathedral, Debussy. Army, was a membr of the local tied for first place. J. B. Wblls Jr., The following men will cdmpete tors with a view to reporting on the they finish their spring trip against in the Saturday matches. .In the efficiency of the instructional meth- urunswiCK recording ana Serenade for the Doll, Debussy. ichapter of Delta Tau Delta frater-Inlt- y. Paintsville, was the winner of the the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame doubles, Kee and Farquhar vs. Wil- ods; second, examination of at an alumnus of Kentucky Alpha He was active In the Ken declamation contest. Gold Fish, Debussy. at South Bend, Ind. son and Smith; Senff and Bishop least one section of each class for Delta of Phi Delta Theta at Centre Sonetta 104 del Petrarca, Liszt. tucky band and choral ciuds, ana Beverly Chancellor, Stanford, and College, has been engaged by both After the series with Wisconsin vs. Damaron and Brown. was president of the Glee club. Mrs. Parker White, Somerset, were sec La Campanella. The a period of approximately 45 minthe 1930 champions of the Western singles include Spicer vs Banaag; utes covering theorlcal subjects of the Centre and the Kentucky chapThe first annual Sunrise Easter DeCoursey, who was formerly Miss great University of Klein vs. Yost; Foster vs. Braden; the program of instruction. will play service, held last Sunday at 6:30 Esther Fertlg, a graduate of the ond and third respectively in the Conference, the ters of the fraternity. He Miss Mildred oratorical event. Michigan team plays a single team Haag vs. Barnes and Kaplan vs. b. Inspection of the practical in- for the annual formal of the or- a. m. in Memorial hall, and spon- class of 1924, Is a contralto In the Nolan, Maysvllle, and Miss Anne here. struction, covering: drill and com- ganization at Danville tonight and sored by the Young People's Re- chorus. McAdam. Farllegh. Hopkinsville, finished secCoach Pat Devereux of the KenThe program for the services con- ond and third in the declamation Those out for positions on the mand, practical exercises in com will come to Lexington for the Ken- ligious Council of Lexington, was tucky team has given out the lists freshman team are Ringo, Howard, bat principles and tactics of the tucky Epsllon entertainment tomor- attended by 300 persons. sisted of several selections rendered event. of the probable starters and the Meyer, Woolum, Stokley,' Wagner', arm, technique of weapons and row evening. Mr. Randall was at The Rev. George Heaton, pastor by the United States Army band, In extemporaneous speaking Miss batteries for the Wildcats for the Seavy, Ward, Ashley, Turner, An- equipment, and Inspection of arms, Centre in the days of the famous of Felix Memorial Baptist church, and a sermon delivered by Dr. JuGoodwin, Mt. Sterling, three tilts. For the game on Mon- derson, Rice, Banaag, Paul, Moore, uniforms, and equipment. "Red" Roberts and "Bo" McMillan addressed the uudience on the sub- lian E. Yates, chief of the army Beatrice off first honors. She was day, Paul McBrayer will pitch and Massie, Steitler, Clo, Benjimen, and played at many of the enter- - ject, "The Challenge of Easter to chaplains. Chaplain R. Earl Boyd carried by Clarence Miller, followed DELTA SIGMA PLEDGES Barnes will be behind the bat at Lowenthal, Daugherty, Mlllus, and tainments which were held after the Modern Youth." Reverend Heaton was in charge of the program, feasecond; and OUie Mershan, the catcher's position. football games witn nis men wen was Introduced by Roscoe Stephens, tures of which were "A Living Cross" Hammond. Delta Sigma Pi, professional com- known "Centre Six." In an Inter freshman ln the Arts and Sciences and a tableau depicting "The Empty St. Xavier, Louisville, third. In the If McBrayer Is able to go nine inFirst year men who are ineligible merce fraternity, has pledged the discussion group. Miss Mildred nings, McMurray will pitch Tues- for varsity and freshman teams view last night Mr. Randall said College, who presided at the meet- Tomb." Ravenscraft was Judged winner, and day, and Farrell will go to the comprise the reserve team which following men: Paul Howard, HarVy that he was happy to return to ing. Rosemond Bayne, Mlddlesboro, and mound for Kentucky in the Michi- has several games scheduled this Lair. Bernard Spellman. E. New- - , Kentucky and that he deamed it an invocation was pronounced W. S. G. A. W. C. Turner, Louisville Male High gan encounter. to the fact, season. They are Wilson, Damaron, man. rnisei urauy. nm miucc, uu, honor tnat ne was selected to play by The Due Howard Page, and special music finished second and third that it is the first game, there is Brown, Yost, Smith, Braden. Barnes Baird, John Bertram, Earl Surgen- f both the Centre a'nd Kentucky was rendered by the Transylvania Monday school, order named. Miss Ravens-cra- ft To Be in the er, W. Coffrhan, Bill Marshall, Bill ph, Delt formais. some doubt whether Paul McBrayer and McAdam. composed of G. male quartette, represented Harrison County will be in shape to pitch the entire Shelton, A. Reese, H. Leet. and C. Committeemen for the dance: game and he may be relieved by Election of next year's officers of high school. William Ardery. chairman, social Wunderllck. In the Wednesday evening session Woman's Self Government AsMcMurray. If such is the the Lawrence committee; Thomas House, Richard case, Farrell will pitch Tuesday with sociation will be held Monday, the Berea Academy debating team Moore. Will April 13, from 9 until 3 o'clock, with team was judged to be the best McMurray doing the furling on Cabel Owens, chairman decoraNOTICE! ballot boxes for voting being placed debating team in the state. This Wednesday. Ballots for the annual election tion committee; Butler Carrington, in the Administration building and defeated Louisvile Male high school Augustus and Captain "Dldlake" Officers of Organization Are of officers for the university Y. Spring archery for women will in Boyd hall. All women in the ln the final round of the tournaplaced in the Thomas Bannister. are both capable men at Barnes M. C. A. have been Chosen; Reynolds ElectHughes, chairman invitaWheat ment. The subject of the debate university are eligible to vote. begin Monday, April 13, on the the backstop position and both post office boxes of members of tion committee; Billy Hubble. ed President field In the rear women's athletic Nominees for the W. S. G. A. of- was "Chain Stores and their Effect will see service during these games. the association, according to an Edwin Humphreys, chairman sofices, who were nominated by a on the American People." of Patterson hall, it was decided "Red" Bach is another pitcher who announcement from Bart Peak, cial conduct committee; The Political Science Forum will The last half of the week will will probably do his share in the secretary. All ballots must be Carrington, Emmett Whipple, Butlers at a meeting of the council of committee of the Woman's Admin Nor-rlmeet Monday evening, April 13, in mailed at the post office or deistrative Council and by petitions be devoted to the determination of pitching assignments. the Woman's Athletic AssociaJolly, John Hatcher. room 4 of the Administration buildsigned by women voters, are: the best vocal soloist, trio, quartet, (Continued on Page Four) tion Wednesday afternoon. Praclivered to Mr. Peak ln his office ing, according to an announcement President, Elizabeth Ann Ewing, chorus, Instrumental soloist, band tices will be held daily at 3 before 7 o'clock Tuesday night, FUNKIIOUSER IS SPEAKER received yesterday from Robert W. Alpha Gamma Delta, and Kather-In- e and orchestra. o'clock. Daily practices in base14 if they are to be countDr. W. D. Funkhouser, of the' Smith, Kappa Kappa Gamma; High School week has been an CONCERT Reynolds, president of the organ- April All members are urged to university graduate school, address-- 1 ball will be held at 4 o'clock beed. ization. vice president, Lois E. Neal, Zeta annual affair at the university for ginning Monday. All women are get their ballots immediately, e; ed a meeting of the Kentucky Den- -' eligible to take part in these At the last meeting of the Forum Tau Alpha, and Dorothy 11 years. Practically all the high the secretary said, and mall secretary, Carolyn Ray, Chi schools in Kentucky were entered the officers for the coming yearl them to him as soon as possible. Ital association at 12:30 o'clock sports. Wednesday afternoon, at the Phoe-- 1 were chosen. They are: Robert Omega, and Gayle Elliott. Delta ln the preliminaries this year. The nix hotel. Mary Griffith, winners of the opening events were treasurer, Reynolds, president, William R. Zeta; New Spring Events Will Re-gi- n Pearce, Kappa Delta; and town represenand Kermit sent to the university this week to secretary. tative. Christine Johnson. Delta participate in the finals of the state in Amphitheater of Pack, The speaker on the program for Delta Delta. contests. The extension departMemorial Hall Thursday, Monday night will be Mrs. Amry Results of the election will be an- ment has complete chargp of the April 23 nounced at the annual banque of entire event, which is under the Vandenbosch who will tell of her recent travels in India. Her subject the Woman's Administrative Coun- personal direction of Prof. Louis The annual series of spring twi- will be "England's India" and procil, which has been postponed until Clifton. This event which has light concerts will begin at the mises to be one of the most inter"Poems are made by fools like me, forester, speaking of the observation Students of the university have Tuesday night. April 21. in the grown to large proportions elnce building ampitheatcr esting lectures of the entire series. But only God can make a tree!" of Arbor Day, stated, "The dollars long cooperated with the foresters Phoenix hotel ban room. Memorial its Inception, has been a big factor Thursday evening, April 23. The After the talk by Mrs. Vandenbosch Such were the immortal words of a expended in trees and their care by working, either as individuals activities of ln the concerts will be presented each there will be an open discussion poet who rose to great heights in will bring in a very high per cent or ln groups, toward the planting of Kentucky high schools. Will Thursday evening through May 28. in which all present may enter. the field of literature, yet consider- of profit, but more important, they trees which will contribute to the Last year the concerts were at- The speaker has signified her will- ed the works of his own pen as will add greatly to a happy environ- pleasures of those who will enjoy the women s club to entertain tended by large audiences composed ingness to answer all questions that only mediocre when compared to ment and consequent appreciation surroundings in the years to come. of members of the student body and those present may wish to ask her tho wonders entwined in one of of life." The purpose of the planting will The Women's club of the univer- townspeople, and crowds at the stately arbors which, colony of nature's Today, citizens of Kent'ucky decide very largely the kinds of nhvstcs' at University of sfrt will entertain with a dinner at concerts are expected to be even concerning this romantic stretching its green boughs heaven- throughout the state and students trees to be planted and the method Cincinnati C30 o'clock Monday night. April will Ss larger this year. The musical pres. Great Britain. Is interested ln the ward, sways gently in the breezes Any one who of the university will pause ln their of planting. This will be regulated speaker eSneerlnf a Boyd hall, in honor of entatlons are given at the ampiForum may attend these meetings and offers its coolness to the travel- day's occupation long enough to to no small degree by the amount IsfaT loTm. be of tt faculty who hav. been pertheatcr whenever the weather any phase of Political science. The er weary of his way. of money available for the work and witness the planting, or to actually " mits. Inclement weather forces the organization does not purport) to And yet how few of those who take part ln the planting of trees tho time that can be expended upon The subject of his talk win ue "ine directors of the concert to hold it Electricity deal Intensively or technically with are blessed by this most beneficial which, when those students who are it. Both of these considerations Nature of Matter and inside Memorial hall. of nature's plants appreciate the Professor Wells has made a recschool planting and such Band director Elmer G. Sulzer tho problems of politlcul . science cool quietness found under tho now in school have passed on to confine entirely to planting a few ord for himself as a radio speaker. Notice! said yesterday that lt was his hope but each meeting a talk Is given by shadows of a tree. Today, April the business world, will stand as almostor shrubs about the school or He has been Invited here by the trees some well known person in the field monuments to the thoughtfulness iUnt n vulW Inforost In iiiiikIr rnuld on account 10, will bo observed by all true of among tho students mid also some phase of local or nature lovers of Kentucky as Arbor of their planters. The comfort to home grounds, but in many cases College abilityEngineering his thoughts be developed Would you like to be a big to present to profitably at the university and that tho audi- - national politics is discussed. This Day a time to replenish the fertile be derived from shade trees has this can be trees of theextended and of hisfascinating and popular manname ln radio? cities in a parks and usually is some happening that ences this spring would exceed all Every student in the university grounds which have been forced long been recognized. Tho early who may be interrecords. Selections for the serves mention, duo to Us timell-concer- ts to sacrifice their trees. Through- settlers of this country saved fine towns and even to renovating the ner. Everyone lias a chance to become a memorchards or reforesting nbandoned ested in the modern theory of radihave been chosen with re- - iiess. ber of the staff of the university continent, especially trees about their homes, on the vil- pastures or cut-ovland in the Im- ant energy will find tho lecture of extension of WHAS. Announcers, President Reynolds extends to all out the entire gard to the taste of the student cordially Inmore settled parts, and most lage greens, along the country ln members of tho audience and the a cordial welcome to join the group of the in its cities, there has never roads, and in the fields. During the mediate vicinity of the home or great interest and are technicians, musicians, vocalists all vited to attend. to please even the next Monday night. series is expected and all others who are interested been such widespread inter- last flvo years hundreds of com- school. before most discriminating of music lovers. bined schools have been constructed Kentucky state forest serIn radiocast work are requested Tho is now manifested in trees est The university band was divided NtfcblDfcNT McVLV Kfc'lUKNS and as ln the United States. Every school vice has aided schools of the state CENTRE ENTERTAINS PLAYERS to communicate with Elmer G. tree planting for shade and Into tho basketball and concert . . planting on which has been established has a Sulzer at the publicity bureau Pres. Frank L. McVey will re- - ornament on highways, schools, and yard, ibe it small or large, land in procuring trees for bands for the recent basketball sea Members of the casts of the one-a- ct Immediately. Auditions for the their grounds. The university toson, only members or tne concert turn today from Oxford, Ohio, other public grounds. plays which were presented at various endidates will be arrangcun truly be said that trees those who sponsor Arbor Day each day will commemorate tho event It band will play for the spring series. where he was the speaker at the will year are striving to cause each of according to usual customs, and will the Gulgnol on March 31 gave a ed with tho present staff of the make life more The concerts will be held at 7:15 convocation of Miami University serving as companions worth living, these schools to realize that on each have emplauted upon Its campus second presentation in Danville last university extension studio. to man and students Thursday. The subject of on the following dates: yard there should be planted one or a tree which may climb with the night at East Hall on the Centre April 23 and 30; May 7, 4, 21, ills address was "The Use of Leis- beast, us well as adding value to university, toward unknown heights, campus. real estate. W. E. Jackson, state more trees. ure Hours." and 28. Brethren! Sistern! Ft?" R.O.T.C. OFFICERS TO INSPECT UNIT University rji tni Racqueteers to Meet St. Xavier Team Tuesday r el t a TL Inetalnls Engages Alumnus feSan Plr r lay ai r J Former Student Is Director of Easter Program rj,; .".nr" nr. Elections Held Political Scientists Meet Monday Get Your Ballot! ANNUAL SERIES PLANNED Planting of Useful Trees and Shrubs Will Feature Annual Commemoration of Arbor Day in Kentucky Speak at Wells Engineers' Assembly $? A M&U. Wjiay " - 4