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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 10, 1931

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ifwy THE KENTUCKY KKKNEU PAGE TWt) Words may come easily sorrow may be ex- -' pressed In touching vividness or, haltingly, ' TUESDAY AND FRIDAY PUBLISHED gropingly, and withal n sense of awe and Member the pen may humbly attempt to National College Press Association record the passing of a great man. Whether Lexington Board of Commerce MEMBER K. t PA. with tho versatility of the genius, however or with 0,1lel1 NcM).ipcr of Ihr Students of Hie Unlvmlty naught but the willingness of a sincere heart, of Krntuelcy. Lrxlngton each writer realizes Ihc utter futility of any Subscription J.OO b yct Entered nt Lealngton. Ky., attempt to eulogize fittingly the man who in Potsnice ni prond dftss mnll mnttrr life would permit no eulogy. Students at the HERE SHALL THE KERNEL PRESS ALL university will remember the man who through MAINTAIN STUDENT RIGHTS his Interest In sports and through his willingVIRCHNIA DOUOHBRTY ness always to help those who came to him, at . Managing Editor FRANCES 1IOLLIDAY various times has assisted in the selection of Awlnunt Managing Editor WILLIAM AHDERY People everyDramatic Editor Kentucky coaches and assistants. THOMAS L RILEY where will remember him as "Knutc Rockne, ASSOCIATE EDITORS Flnlnr Bm.ilcll the man who loved his fellowmcn." Of him Morten Walker M.irgnrtt CmidltT E. Kfii few will write the conventional "Requlcscat in ASSISTANT EDITORS pace," for none Is willing to admit that Rockne Virginia Hatcher Virginia Nevlia has gone, but take courage In the feeling that Louise Thompson Daniel dixxlmnn the Ideals of clean sportsmanship for which News Editor ioTfN MURPHY ho stood will perpetuate themselves and him, ASSISTANT NEWS EDITORS Sue Dlckeraon WUIiam Sharer Lawrence Itftrrm and through these, Knute Rockne, the charIZEH acter, will live on and on. .. .. Eleanor Smith Society Editor SOCIETY EDITOK3 Emily Hardin Polly Reese Sports Editor CONBOY ED AI .. Jack Keyscr MINIHAN ASSISTANT CLLEN WRITERS SPORTS Ralph E. Johnson W. D. Bohon a. L. Crulchcr Jones Miner Horace George Waitc Mary E. rrlce Crump Lawrence SPECIAL BUI J. D. Adams Luther WRITERS Fannie Curie Woodhead Gertrude Evans Oay Lourldge Edythe Reynolds REPORTERS Eleanor Daiop Harry Varllr Mary Prince Fowler Turner Howard Mary Galloway Griffith Malcolm Barnes Mary Virginia Halley OUbert Klngsbcrn Cameron Coffman William Martin Mary Alice Salyers Ueitna Mnthls O. B. Coffman Gladys McAtee Holllduy Harriet Emmctt Whipple. M. E. Price Robert Baxter BUSINESS COLEMAN R. SMITH . W. W Sacra ALBERT J RALPH STAFF Busness Manager Frank Worthlngton ADVERTISING 8TAFF . KIKEL . Advertising Manager Wm. Ocary Jimmy Randol H. P. Klrkman KERCHEVAL Circulation Manage In observance of the annual custom of planting a shade tree on Arbor Day, still another beautiful touch will be added to our campus today. The need for treos is becoming recognized more as the ruthless march of growing and expanding civilization devastates land of Its natural adornment of trees and wlldflowers. To repair the damage done In past years, to beautify our surroundings for healthful purposes, the traditions of Arbor Day are bringing to the people of our country a realization of the needs of their observance. A happy, restful environment which gives pleasure to the eye Is worth much to the present generation and to the generations to come. Although, as Joyce Kilmer said "But only God can make a tree," we human beings who love them can start their growth and carefully tend them. In all ways the following of the custom of Arbor Day by the university is appreciated by the student body. well. The week of high school features also leaves a beneficial imprint on the' university itself. The students who are sent to represent their schools are naturally the best students, and they carry home memories of the University of Kentucky which will induce them to return here for their college education. High school week and the trip to the campus will naturally be advertised ih each home-tow- n and other students will be persuaded to come Besides this, by fostering these contests, the university wjll encourage a greater proficiency In learning and thus the standard of high school education will gradually be raised. The raise will require a corresponding raise in the college standards and eventually the university will grow and gain in prestige as the institution of high school week becomes more firmly established. For these reasons alone, high school week at any university is a valuable and commendable project. The university shows wisdom in promoting the event and should never discontinue to show every courtesy and encouragement possible to the boys and girls who will probably be students here In the future. YEARS TWENTY-FIV- E PASS nssocla- - favorite tobacco? MILLER BROS. -- SLATi:, TIN, AND COMPOSITION ROOFING Repairs of all kinds AH work fruarantcod ASHLAND 2758 105 WEST HIGH ST. "Wise Furnaces" JR rr cj COLLEGE COMMENT a rj; K a sj ij F rnr The faculty of St. Stephen's College, the AM. MAKES school of Columbia country undergraduate University, stated In a New York Times article that there Is no such thing as the "Ideal college Along with curriculum," and never can be SALE OR RENT this statement was the announcement that In the future the college would mnkc an Individual curriculum for and with each student Dealer: L. C. Smith arid Corona Typewriters They plan that, at the of a year of resident instruction, the student and a faculty comTYPEWRITER s mittee will confer on "the cultural background COMPANY Hi the student's home, his work In classes, the S Opp. Courthouse WEST SHORT ST. Phono Ash. 1792 S of opinions of those who have taught him, his inBIHBHIMMHIIIinHIBIIMIlBB telligence as disclosed by psychological tests, his intellectually, the extent to which ho interests you walk along Prospect Street IF in Princeton you'll notice how P still needs either orientation studies or discipmany men load their pipes from mathematics and his later line In language and the familiar blue Edgcworth tin. professional objective." We serve hot chicken, croquettes, soups, chilli, delicious At Senior Singing on tho steps of dainty sandwiches. Unusually fine salads and Nassau Hall this spring the pipes average senior at Birmingham-Souther- n The home-mad- e will glow with Edgeworth. pies and cakes a poll hi which 78 College doesn't smoke. In thi3 is A pipe and Edgcworth boys were questioned, 34 smoked and 44 did not. FOUNTAIN DRINKS the smoking combination that has And of the coeds only nine smoked out of won tho college man. Yale, Dartthe 41 questioned. Shoppe mouth, Cornell, Illinois, Stanford all agree with Princeton. FUDGE CAKES beliefs apparFAMOUS FOR CHOCOLATE Public expression of atheistic College men everywhere respond collegiate ently is frowned on in Canadian to the appeal of pipes packed with circles. The paper of the University of Toronto Edgcworth. Be cool, for allowguided by their choice: Try Edge-wor- th has been suspended from publication Taste its ricii natyourself. ing an editorial on atheism. ural savor that is enhanced imVirginia Tech. measurably by Edgeworth's distinctive eleventh process. Appropriations to the University oj NebrasYou will find Edgeworth at your ka were recently reduced. Appropriations to nearest tobacco shop 15( the tin. Or, for generous free sample, adthe state prison were subsequently Increased to dress Larus & Bro. Co., 105 S. put a new roof on the institution, the prison22d St., Richmond, Va. ers having rioted. Comment in the University of Nebraska Daily editorial page read that it might be an appropriate move for the students to riot, and perhaps their appropriations would SMOKING TOBACCO be increased. f TYPEWRITERS Special Rental Rates to Students STANDARD Most PRINCETON LUNCH at BENTON'S Benton's Sweet .. Hungry ? 7 hirsty ? KEEP ON THE WALKS Alexander's JEST AMONG US New York City has created a fund for the study of noise elimination. Maybe that's what they call "hush" money. Sandwiches Short Orders Sundries Toilet Articles Sodas Shakespeare was wrong. "To be or not to be" is a necessity, not a question. but It's good for a girl to have that counts. it's her won't-powdevil, yourself, your triangle: Eternal science. EDGEWORTH con- South "Lime STEPPING - Rilmmnrth U a blend (( iiMTM with its natural savor ' enhanced by Edge- - worth's distinctive. eleventh process. Buy Edgeworth anywhere In two forms " I,; and " I'lug Slice." All I' j' sizes, 15 READWUBBI1 pocket package to pound humidor tin. Opposite Memorial Hall INTO A MODERN WOULD The quickest way to make friends is to make money. Wilson could have done better than to stick points onto a peace treaty. 14 The big-sh- so much buck-sh- ot in the office is generally like to his wife. Asparagus is just plain grass that got ahead. Spring is here. With it comes the usual It doesn't take a criminologist to figure out between classes. The entire campus seems why a pretzel's crooked. to turn out en masse for their between-hou- r stroll. It is true that there Is a crowd on the Politicians ought to learn that saying about campus walks but they are in no greater hurry more truth than poetry. than the strollers. We have noticed that despite all the signs, the brush, and the wires, After a speech on farm relief the farmer some people manage to get on the grass and takes another load away. take their leisurely shdrt cuts across it. Like everything else the grass is young and As "Aunt Hot" says, "After all, these colfresh and it needs taking care of. If we are to legiate fellows who dress to protect everything have another hot summer and fall as we had but their head most likely have a nice sense of last year we will have to start getting our yalues." tlIIIIIlllCailllIIIIIIIJC3llllltltllllC3IIIIIIIlllllCailIlltlllllIC3lllllltlllllC Our beautiful Gold Ballroom is We have available for fra- - 1 ternity and sor- ority formals. Other attractive 1 private dining" rooms for lunch- - I An exceptionally line assortment and display, and feel sure that we can please and satisfy. Transylvania Printing Co. rite. amnl foil' what's YOUR Meeting Held The Kappa Delta nlumnl of Lexington will give a bridge at the Kappa Delta house , luncheon meeting nt the Chimney on April 25. Tickets will be 50 corner, Saturday, April 4. About ' cents each and the party will be fifteen alumni and members of the open to men as well as women. active chapter were piescnt. Those wishing to mnkc reservations may see Miss Ruth Mayes, 259 hciieflt nrlrlpe tn be Given South Hanover street, Lexington. walks. Dance Invitations Favors, Programs $ Monthly L.nchcon The Kappa Delta students campus In condition right now. will bo kind cnouuh to keen off the grass until It gets a start they will be rcwardca oy pride that they will have in their campus. Evcrvone Is nroud of his campus and owes It to the school and to his pride that It be made as beautiful ns possible. Every cfTort Is being made by the Buildings and Grounds committee to make our campus Ideally beautiful and certainly the students can afford to waste n little cooperation In helping them. It is such a little thing to ask. Keep on tho Visit The century was young, buildings and students were comparaitvely few, the University of Kentucky had most of its life before it 25 years ago. But it possessed some professors, some loyal adherents, who looked to the future with dreams In their eyes, with plans and loving hopes in their hearts. Through the years that passed, years of turmoil and confusion in the war times, they steadfastly held to a vision of the ideals they wanted for their school; they worked unceasingly, tirelessly, with true devotion for the institution that stands today as the University of Kentucky. The Kernel appreciates, knowing that it speaks the emotions of the students of the university, the spirit of loyalty, devotion, ambition that made those men and women strive for the common good of our school for a quarter of a century. we admire and As students revere these faculty members who have "stood by" In all those year of trial and growth. There Is no doubt that the contribution of service for 25 years Is a manifestation of the deepest love and fidelity. Emulation of the attitude set as a standard by those who have so loved the university, might well be followed by the students. L.3IIilll JI1IIIC3II1TI Near Fayette Bank Friday, ATr1"10, men smoke ARBOR DAY HIGH SCHOOL WEEK At the University of Kentucky for the past five days, a high school week has been observed. During this week, high school boys and girls from every section of the state have been guests of the university. Contests in debating, declamation, spelling, and vocal and instrumental music have been held. Tomorrow the contests will close, and the boys and girls who took part in them will return home. High school week, an annual institution at this university and at many other colleges, has a twofold value. The students who come to take part in the contests receive a glimpse of college life. They are given a taste of compe titions where their rivals are not relatives and classmates, but earnest strangers; by this, is developed. They are introduced to a wider world,, and meet many new friends at Best SEMI-WEEKL- Y " KNUTE ROCKNE TheKentucky Kernel grrir g Opp. Court House eons, teas or Founder's Day banquets. Students organizations are given special Let's Start the Day Right by Getting A 25c CLUB BREAKFAST ate . irJWlTCTali Striking a balance for a 4,000,000,000 industry "On a large scale" describes accounting in the Bell System, whose properties cost more than $4,000,000,000. On the outgo side are, for example, four or five hundred million dollars annually for new construction; vast sums for keeping telephone equipment in good order; a payroll running into hundreds of millions a year. Under in Hotel Lafayette ROSE AT COLLEGE VIEW TEL. ASH. 4039 REGULAR MEALS BOARDING BY THE WEEK Short Orders, Sandwiches, Fountain Confections come are such diverse items as a few cents for a local telephone call, or thirty dollars and upward for a call to a city across the Atlantic. The men responsible for this phase of the telephone business have worked out scientific methods of control but their effort to refine old practices and devise new ones goes on. The opportunity is there I BELL SYSTEM Hear the Rythym Kiags Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Nites Sll minii n iiiniiiiimiinn i r i inc jimiiiwttcattMiaiiitrff a nation-wid- e system of inter. connecting telephones