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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 10, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available 1 Friday, April For that perfectly immaculate appearance that man diHtinuishcH the d COME TO STATE BARBER SHOP our deep regrets of leaving and to say goodbye to oiu assclatcs and to Tonsorial Artists Extraordinary tty ORACK NOT.I, CROMWELL the members of he faculty who These arc the things that I shall have graciously givm ug wise counACROSS Till: CAMi'US JUST sel during these yars. not forget, When the day's work Is done; To the new cdn-r- , wo extend our The little kindnesses I may have most sincere com ratulatlons and good will. shown To any one; The burdens that I may have helpThcta Sigma Tan held an eleced to bear tion of ofliccrs at it, regular meetThroughout the day, ing Wednesday night Miss CaroFor comrades walking with ine lyn Foxworth of Lexington, was recently elected president and Miss down the way. Alice Mae Durllng of New York, was Not one regret that I had done too elected and social much. chairman. Where there was much to do, Uut this I know, when the long CALENDAR hours pass YES MA'AM In swift review, Friday, April 10: I shall look back and wish that I State Arbor Day. 19.11 SPRING WELCOME had done High school week continued. Oh, so much more. University council meeting at 4 When I turn in at evening to my o'clock at the president's office. We'll loan you an Ansco Camera door. Saturday, April 11: absolutely FREE to use our all xT'rIMX Last day of High School week. weather Films and try our Ko- - Y April has cornel and with her Track meet, University vs. Unit,ilk nn'sn'nK- - A Kood picture gladness, sunshine and blue skies versity of Louisville. (i M sadness, to she also Theta formal dance at cvery time. , V but withusthis Issue ofbringspaper the Phi Deltagymnasium from 9 until for the the Men's editor of this column ends four 12 o'clock. Jbrief years of happy association on Sunday, April 12: The Kernel staff. Vesper Services at 4 o'clock In We take this opportunity to voice Memorial hall. Faculty club tea at 5 o'clock at the club rooms of McVey hall. REGRET W Pj JX J Wk. fZ PAGE THRBE SEMI-WEEKL- Y Society STUDENTS: L' KERNEL. THE KENTUCKY 10, 1931 "Vr."NB t Friday -- - Saturday itnis years Stroller's play. Mr, Wilson Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wilson of Lexington and was a student at the university where he was a member of the Phi Delta Thcla social fraternity last Chewing Gum; 3 for 10c 3 for 10c V.. 1) N Phone Sorority Ilnslovt at Luncheon The Alpha Delta Thcta sorority were hostesses at an Informal luncheon last Thursday at the Canary Cottage In honor of a few Glad to See ROW FRATERNITY members of the Gamma chapter at Cincinnati who were visiting In the You Mr. Cameron Colfman spent the After the luncheon, holidays with friends in Lewlsburg, 'i city. were taken for a tour of the guests the W. Va. Blucgrass. Miss Eleanor Smith was In Louis- - ' vltlc during the Easter vacation. Form the habit of stopping at Miss Eunice Jane Denton spent our place. We're glad to have a few days last week with Miss you anil have the best line of Louise Mason at her home. merchandise to nil your every Hobson Is Miss Mary Sidney H Let us fill those prc- H need. spending the week at the Chi serlptlons. GKT THE LEX. Omega house. FOR ? J imVG HABIT. Miss Christine Johnson was visit5$ ALL OCCASIONS ing friends In Hazard last week. S Phone: Ash. 2881 Miss Martha Adams has returned At Mmc and Vine Sis. from a visit to Brandenburg. MICHLER Miss Anna May Lewis and Jus5 ON YOUR WAY TO TOWN tine White went to Miss White's home in Huntington last week, and s Lexington Drug then on to Annapolis to attend the E)Ul7 V. Maxwell Ph. Ash 1419 Easter dances, Miss Ellen Goode went to Miss Polly Reese's home at Gallatin, Tcnn., to spend the vacation. Miss Eugenia Beck spent last 3616 Jfm fwM -- M JBcraP1 f "OKK K-wT- I FLOWERS Florist week-en- d In Louisville. Miss Mary Elizabeth Brothers has as her guests at the Delta Delta Delta house Mrs. Donald Fraille, and Virginia Heady, Ashland. t ENGAGEMENTS Willis-Wilso- n IN THE ll j Wlw Forthat Main & Deweese iiiiiiiHiuiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiii cai 1 51 WYt.i i I i l Favors, Have Luncheon at our modern Jjl m III Consolidated Drug Stores Tea for Faculty and Staff Members Pres. and Mrs. FranK u. Mcvey entertained with a most enjoyable tea. Wednesday, at Maxwell Place for the members of the staff and faculty of the university. The house was attractively decorated with spring flowers and lighted candles and about one hundred Incorporated I'llOKNIX STORE 100 E. Main St. CURRY'S CORNER 101 W. Alain St. JOHN'S CORNER 201 E. Main Si. . GOLF SUITS I WANT 5: VwwwwAwywN HI !; ; s of TWEED game itself . UAMJAuiAMA tlPnflPrnil IV.. .MAM i 111110 CluA Ug "I J II 5 II Si g 5 III . Jj . UP II FOR 5 5 III ;! A sandwich, a soda and a walk is a health tip that is guaranteed to wot!:. Light foods are healthful and prevent that afternoon drowsiness that comes from over eating. For luncheon today, or any other time stop at our modern fountain and try a sandwich, or any of our delicious fountain foods. Zlnk-Dav- announcement following Thte beautifully engraved has been hero: Mr. George L. Zlnk has the honor to announce the marriage of his daughter Annette Marie . to Mr. Cecile H. Davis on Thursday, of January the twenty-nint- h One thousand nine hundred thirty-on- e and ci2r IT j i mum Ml WHEN :: ci m tn in n ca i n i fj Bft jj JUST !' mn jiSl IUi Vf jj jj i FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE j I Layer Sandwiches Ice Cream street tf Bridge Party : m Back from Your Vacation Students Hutchinson's Drug Store i; Bank Building Drs. Slaton & Slaton Wchlc. Pcrkins-Brlsblof! Miss Mary Virginia Willis, Mr nnH Mrs. John Weslev Per Ashland, Ky., and Mr. Frank Frazee Wilson of Lexington, were married kins of Williamsburg, Kentucky,their tht nnirapnmnnt of daughter, Olivia Moss, to Mr. John Chas. A. McATEE Francis Brisbln or Lansing, Micni- 103 S. Limestone gan. WANTED! Miss Perkins was graauaiea irom WOODLAND SHOP the University of Kentucky and Models for Fashion Girls for 507 EAST HIGH ST. took her Master's Degree from 'the Show and Beauty Revue to be University of Michigan and is now Phone: Ash. 5640 held In Lcxincton, Thursday, a candidate for the Doctor of Phil April 16th. Must be at least 5 feet 4 inches tall, sood looking osophy Degree In History at the J. D. MORRIS' SHOP University or Micnigan. sne is a how to wear clothes. and know 209 EAST MAIN member of Alpha XI Delta, social If interested, send photograph fraternity, and or pni Beta, proand details to The Shops with a fessional music and drama fra20(52 Reputation ternity. BOX Mr. Brisbin is the son of Mr. and UNIVERSITY P. O. Mrs. James D. Brisbin of Lansing. He was graduated from the Michigan State College, studied law at iiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiii jcuiiiiiiiiiioimiiiiiiirjiii Harvard Law School, and took his Master's Degree from the University of Michigan. Mr. Brisbln is now DRUGS BEST ALWAYS a candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in International Law at the University of Michigan. He is a member of Phi Delta, social fraternity, and Phi Kappa Phi and Tau Sigma, honorary scholastic fraternities. The wedding Is to be solemnized 1 at the home of the bride in the early summer. PRESCRIPTIONS All All 5c Candy Bars I DENTISTS Guaranty 201-- 7 n II :i The Alpha Delta Thcta Mothers' club will meet at 2:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the chapter house. Officers of the organization will be elected and other Important matters will bo discussed. We have the three best Shops in town Super-Specia- ls I WEDDINGS Shoe Rebuilding guests called during the afternoon. Tuesday, March 31, In Louisville. Miss Mary Virginia Hallcy preThe brklc was a Junior at the mar- sided at the tea tabic and was asuniversity at the time of her riage and was a member of Delta sisted In pouring tea by Miss VirDelta Delta social sorirlty. This ginia Boyd and Miss Mary Stewart .season she was chosen by Earl Newman. Carroll as the most beautiful woFour members of the sophomore man at the university. She Is very honorary fraternity served. They charming and has manv friends on were; Miss Lois Ncal, president; Miss Mary Elizabeth Price, Miss Mary O'Brien, and Miss Ruth ill Lilt; 1 line sturdy cloths that wear "on um' 'neUK'u tailoring to back "P t,mt wear with P"oloBed shapeli- - nam. They're smart, characterful patterns e in rich effects and the models are enlivened by interesting sport details. II II II THOSS ENDURING YOUNG MEN ACCUSTOMED TO QUALITY AND INCOMPARABLE CORRECTNESS, DISTINCTION. EIGHT DOLLARS two-ton- II OTHERS SEVEN DOLLARS AND UPWARD AGENTS IN THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES THE FINCHLEY HAT WILL BE FOUND HUUK EXCLUSIVELY R. s. THORPE Incorporated THE MEN! 1TOKE OF LEXINGTON" sons OWOIMTE PUOENIX HOTEL