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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 10, 1931

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Best Copy Available j THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, PAGE FOUR Wildcat Thinlies Will Meet University of Louisville of Phi Beta are the singing of carols on the campus at Christmas, and the sponsoring of two vesper programs a year. The Phi Beta minstrels which was a custom for Phi Beta, women's honorary several years will be continued this musical nnd dramatic fraternity, Is year, and will be given sometime Inaugurating a new custom this In the near ruturc. By J. I. ADAMS week In the presentation of one of The University of Louisville track On Monday before the spring vathe music prizes during High cation, Phi Beta gave n musicalc sqund will be host to the University School week. This prize, which Is In honor of Its patrons, which the of Kentucky track team Saturday will be given to a $10 fraternity hopes to make an annual afternoon In Louisville. Coach Bcr-n- le the best girls' chorus In Class B, or Shlvcly has announced that custom. Among the other annual customs "Shipwreck" Kelly will not run against the Falls City thinlies. Kelly has left for unknown parts W. W. STILL and may be lost Indefinitely to the ? not Kodaks Eastman Films Jj 117 N. Limestone Phone 7834 J Wildcat squad. Shipwreck Is preeligible for competition at the Developing and Printing We will cook yon a steak V sent time, however, due to scholas129 W. SHORT ST. 5 that yon will remember J tic difficulties. with pleasure. KYJ Jj LEXINGTON, The University of Louisville iqund Is ono best aggregations of track stars In the history of that Institution, according to reports. In Brady, a star high Jumper and pole vaulter and Taylor, star dash man, the Red squad has two men who arc hard to beat. The remainder of the team Is well balanced, and expect to give the 'Cats some stiff competition. In the 100 yard dash, Hebcr and Foster will represent Kentucky. He1931 bcr has been timed In 10:2 for the 100 yards. Foster has finished close to Hbcr in every race. The form MEAL HOURS: shown by Hcber has quieted some of the anxiety caused by Kelly's absenc from the squad. In the 220 yard dash, Foster looms as a' consistent winner going the distance in 23 seconds, while Hays and Shipley are battling for positions. n the other quarter, Mllllkcn and Par- SODA FOUNTAIN HOURS: In in rent the running in fast time and are M. 9:00 A. M. 6:00 Mllllkcn has "been timed In 53:2. In event, Kentucky the half-mi- le should have two consistent winners $5.00 MEAL TICKET In J. D. O'Bryant and Saunders. 3 Consecutive Meals for Six Days Both have covered the distance in 2:08, and expect to finish one, two $3.50 MEAL TICKET in the Louisville meet. Breakfast and Supper for Six Days O'Bryant who possesses a beauti ful stride looms as a threat to all Big Blue opponents in the mile me run. He was timed m Cats sole two mller, Burress has shown consistent form covering the two miles In 10:40. Williams and Welman are show111 Mil ing well in the low hurdles trials. Ascend South Stairs to Commons They were timed In 27:8. In the high timbers, Shipley and Emmer-ich,a- re rounding into form. Shipley made the distance in 17. In the field events, promise of the best field entrants in years Is shown. Yates and McLane are do ing 21 feet and seven inches in the broad Jump and Scaley Roberts Is five feet ten mcnes. Porter. Turley and Hubbeii are soaring nearly 11 feet in the pole SI vault. A great season in this de 1 partment is expected. The discus is a department in which few schools can boast of a tosser as good as Sam Tuttle who tosses the discuss 117 feet. Andrews is almost as good, 'throwing the platter 115 fete. The shot put is well fortified with" Seale and Andrews, who are throwing the big ball 37 feet. Bud Ca-vaand McLane are hurling the Javelin with Cavana having the Phi Beta to Present Award to Musician i Criterion Cafe ic University Commons Spring Semester, 7:159:15 Breakfast 11:301:00 Lunch Dinner 5:156:45 P. McVey Hall Third Floor lHHlllHilllllHfH Friday, April SEMI-WEEK- edge with a throw of 173 feet. The big Iowa farmer boy will undoubtedly finish the season without meet- ing defeat. The Wildcats will entrain for the Falls City Saturday morning with 22 men forming the local squad. The Wildcats are not expected to win this meet as they arc being pitted against some individual stars who will score heavily for the Loulsvlllians. Due to the absence of Kelly, the local squad will be somewhat weakened in the sprints and Javelin throw. Hcber may take a turn at throwing the spear should Kelly fall to return to the squad. A number of new faces will be seen in the Wildcat lineup this season as a large number of the men are sophomores. Some of these are Burress, Foster, Saunders, Scale, Turley, Tuttle, and Parrcnt. The men who will make the trip arc, Hcber, Foster, Hays, Mllllkcn, Parrent, Shipley, O'Bryant, Saunders, Burress, Williams, Welman, Emmerich, Yates, McLane, Porter, Roberts. Turley and Hubbcll, Andrews, Cavana, Tuttle and Seale. 'Cat Nine to Meet Wisconsin Badgers (Continued from Page One) The remainder of the first team follows, Kruger, first base; Johnson, second base; Hogue, shortstop; third base; Worthington, Trott and Kelly, outfielders. Louis Toth will be depended upon las usual to fill the valuable role of utility inflelder. Three other dependable outfielders Murphy and Ohr, two lettermen and Carney, will be In reserve for Kentucky. NOTICE! Notice Is hereby given that the Board of Student Publications, University of Kentucky, will receive bids for the printing of the Kentuckian, annual, for the year 1931-3- 2, and receive bids for the engraving and art work for the same publication on Wednesday, April 15, at 4 p. m., in room 53, McVey hall, University. of Kentucky. By order of the Board of Student Publications. MAY Nominations for Queen of the May must be signed by 20 men students of the university and turned in to William Ardery at The Kernel office by 12 o'clock noon Thursday, April 16. The election of the May Queen will be held the following Thursbeing day, only men student permitted to vote. To be eligible a woman student for the honor must have a standing of one for the previous semester. Program Planned By Department of Buildings, Grounds Mr. Maury Crutcher, superintendent of buildings and grounds, announces that since the spring weather set In, much progress has been made In the way of building and remodeling the buildings attached to the unlvcrstly. The old tobacco warehouse opposite the parade grounds Is being remodeled extensively. It will be finished by the first of September. Th physical education department will have a large portion of the building assigned to them. This will be a decided help to this department for conditions have been somewhat complicated due to a lack of room. The agriculture building Is being completed. The roof is being put on and the brick work Is being finished. The observatory building is almost finished, and the last of the steel and sheet metal Is being put on. It will be ready for occupancy In about a month. The building is located 'Just off Woodland avenue at the Intersection of the university experiment farm and Woodland avenue. U. K. GRADUATE PROMOTED D. Y. Dunn, county superintendent of Fayette county schools, and graduate of the university, was promoted from the rank of major in the Officers' Reserve Corps to lieutenant-colonel last week, according to an announcement received by Capt. B. K. Erdman. Colonel Dunn, who was graduated from the university in the class of 21, is a member of Alpha Zeta, honorary agricultural fraternity of the university. H is also Fayette county chairman for the C. M. T. C. of Fayette county. i H pHIHHl victor. STAP.RINO ra e Behind Robt Ames Mary Astor IMcLAGLENl! Imarlene s DIETRICH 1 i tj STARTS TOMORROW J M VM J But it almost amounts LILLIE Youns men who wear BRAEBURN CLOTHES have so much In that they find it a simple matter common llNtt-VERSI- to add the individuality that makes this vogue so attractive .... Braeburn then becomes a distinguished manner. $40 $35 all $45 with two trou sen Corner Imiesfcme at Short All the Way in Are You There? Down A female "Jimmy Valentine" brings to the screen a musical melodrama of comedy, thrills and mystery. If you inhale, you can quickly LOST Pair of horned-rimme- d glasses in .green case. Return to Evelyn Grubbs, Patterson hall-Re- to that Coot BEATRICE NEXT SUNDAY "THE SEAS BENEATH" Always Favor The Dealer Who Sells You could hardly call Braeburn a fraternity Kaufmans NOW PLAYING LOST Man's black and white John pen, finder Holland fountain please return to Kernel office. adv. LOST A black and white man's John Holland fountain pen. Finder please call Ashland 3258-Adv. ' Prof. Alexander Massey, Wilson, scientist and engineer of great ability and a brilliant lecturer, was the speaker at the engineers' assembly at '10 o'clock Wednesday TRIANGLE ELECTS morning in Memorial hall. His Election of new officers for Tri- subject was "One Aspect of 'De Rerum Natura'." angle, social fraternity, was announced yesterday. The new offiProfessor Wilson, who is head of Stqle cers are: president, W. L. Alberts; the department of electrical enJ. C. O'Roark; re- gineering at the University of Cincording secretary, T. K, Bonzo; cinnati, held a similar position at corresponding secretary, H. Green- the University of Kentucky for lllllllllllllllllilllill up; treasurer, R. D. Cook; Stewart, seven years. F. E. Scott; and librarian, H. Ross. First-Workou- 1 HimUUjUUMU QUEEN NOMINATIONS! Freshman Baseball Candidates Report t For Thirty freshman baseball aspirants had their first workout Wednesday, April 7 on Stoll field under the direction of Coach "Bal-dGilb. The frosh will tie up in their first practice with the varsity, this afternoon. No definite schedule has been arranged as yet but the team is to have two games each with Eastern State Normal and Millersburg. They will also play PIcadome and Athens with perhaps more games to be added later. The following men looked good , in the pitcher's box: Broadbent, simone, DeMoisey; in the catchers position Core and Wallace look good. The other men out are: Bay-les- s, Blair, Cook, Cloyd, Chilton, Danuse, Fuller, Honhorst, Hill, B. Hickey, J. Hlckey, Ligon, Myer, Mattlngly, Ma'ssie, McCormack, Respess, Raley, Settle, Stern, Tav-li- n, Tyskewicz, Woolum and Nelson. 10, 1931 out stale tobacco, it's hot and irritating to the throat. tell the difference between fresh and stale cigarettes. 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