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100 > Image 100 of Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Kentucky University, Volume 1 (1868-1869)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

98 APPENDIX. ~. I principally by liberal-hearted citizens of Fayette County, of A all parties, who gave me in about sixty days over $100,000 for that purpose; sixtyiive persons giving me $1,000 each, I and about ninety persons giving $500 each. I have since ~ increased the amount to the sum of $I66,262.I6 by subscrip- tions raised in Scott County, in the cities of Louisville and . Covington, by the sale of the college lot in Harrodsburg, and___ t _ by the generous donation of G. W`. N. Y0sT, of Pennsylvania. {li 4 Upon the basis of these subscriptions I purchased thei Ashland and V\/`oodland estates. I have paid for "Vood- lands" the entire cost, principal and interest, amounting to $41,850.QI, and have perfected the title mr the same to the Curators of the University, and placed the deed in the hands l of the Executive Committee. I have also made four pay- 5 ments on Ashland, principal and interest, amounting to T \ $74,336.51. There is one remaining payment on it which will * be due in February, 1870, and amounting to $21,080.00, which I hope to be able to meet Hom accruing subscriptionsg l * In accordance with the wishes of the donor, Mr. Y0s1, I have erected from the proceeds of his subscription the beau- tiful buildings of the "/IM/zzzzd .ZI[LL`&l?/lZL`lZ/ Z~V0rks, together with the adjacent clubhouse, designed for the use of the I students laboring in that department. By the terms of the I. subscription notes to this fund, after the payment in full, the donors are entitled to tuition coupons to the amount of their _ subscriptions. I respectfully request that the Board of ` Curators authorize the issuing of the same. 5 I gg - , g , . . ,,5,;,. ` TIVIE Liisuaiw limo A1l.A]<4\'l`US FUND, fr ... This fund consists in subscriptions to the amount of ` 57,965.00, which I have raised from time to time for the purposes of the Library, Apparatus, and Museums. The larger portion of this fund was collected and appropriated ' I Zi some years ago h>r the purchase of the valuable chemical and _ philosophical apparatus of I). S. FALL, of Frankfort, Ky., the most of which, however, unibrtunately was destroyed by the Ly