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The Kentucky Kernel, January 20, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky VOL. VIII. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. JAN. 20 1916, MUSTACHE GROWING CONTEST No. 17 FORMER STATE MAN ISE PROMOTED BY THE KERNEL Captain Zerfoss Stars In the Opening Obtains Money Under False Pretenses in Three Game States Last Friday night State's basket-bailer- s Invaded the University of Cincinnati quintet's domains and return- ed the next day with the long end of a 39 to 24 score safely tucked away under their belts. This was the open ing game of the season and any who had grave fears as to whether the Wildcats had built up a strong team this season after the almost complete dismemberment of last year, had them dispelled. Captain Zerfoss put up a great game at forward and scored 16 points for his team. These were all field goals. His side partner did even better in point of scoring and counted 19 of the 34. Schrader and Gumbert both put up great defensive games. The line-uand points scored follow: Kentucky Zerfoss, forward, 16; Hart, forward, 19; Server, center, 2; Schrader, guard, 2. Gumbert, guard, Ireland substituted second half. 10;' Cincinnati Justice, forward, 'Herrington, forward, 6; Kahler, center, 8; Haken, guard; Fitzgerald, guard. Hart threw eleven out of eighteen fouls. Cincinnati got eight of seventeen fouls. Referee Golde, Cincinnati. p Handsome Loving Cup Will Be Awarded Barker Trophy Is Perma-mane- To the Senior who grows the best mustache between now and March 31 The Kentucky Kernel will award a handsome loving cup. The prize will s In be awarded by a vote of the the chapel on the date. This promises to exceed in Interest any contest ever held in the University. The prize will be large andt handsome and well worth the winning. The Kernel makes this offer for the purpose of encouraging individuality of the among the male members Senior class. Many Seniors have been over the fact that they are not recognized by the Freshmen. In the good old days a Senior would be spoken to by every Freshman whom he met on the campus- In this modern day of "watchful waiting" heart-broke- n - Possession of Winner The Patterson Literary Society, represented by G. C. Wilson, F. A. Harri- Contest Editor, The Kentucky Kernel, and "peace at any price," a Senior must get down on his knees and make a noise like a church social in order to get any recognition whatever. The appearance of a number of long, flowing about the University will at least remind the public of the fact that we have a few well tamed Seniors In our midst. Moreover it men to take behooves the fourth-yea- r advantage of this opportunity while it lasts. Perhaps next year the privilege of growing these hirsute adornments will be taken away, for mustaches are very "rough." The rules of the contest are as follows: 1. Names of contestants must be turned in to The Kernel on or before' March 1. LOSERS Bascom C. Boiling, a former student at the University of Kentucky, wanted In three cities for obtaining money under false pretenses, was arrested Tuesday In Omaha, CO-ED- S against him amount to more than $200. Local firms and persons who report2. Candidates may be entered by ed they were swindled are the State University, the University Book Store, any 3. Contestants must be bona fide the Phoenix Hotel, the Kaufman Seniors and of good standing in their Clothing Company, the Bank of Commerce, and W. C. Neagle, a fellow sturespective colleges. Boiling is also wanted in. 4. No oil, grease or hair tonic may dent. be used in the growing of mustaches. Frankfort and Winchester on "cold 5. Dyes, polishes and coloring mat- check" charges. ' Detective Thompson started for ter are strictly prohibited. 6. Contestants who now have Omaha yesterday to bring him to Lexmustaches will not be required to ington. Boiling's homo is in McWhorter, shave them off. Ky. He was a student 7. Fuzz will not be considered. College The mustaches will be judged as to of Law and an officer of the student battalion. the following points: 1. Length. 2. Thickness. 3. Gloss. GIRLS WILL PLAY 4. Durability. 5. Evenness of contour. For additional information address GEORGETOWN IS NOW ARRANGED TIGERS APRIL 21 IS DATE OF THE JUNIOR PROM. Hard Fought Contest sults in a The Junior Prom, will be given by the class of '17 on the evening of April 21. The prom this year will be held at the Phoenix, as usual, and is Re- Score SERVER IN LIMELIGHT ex- pected to be the premier social event son and C. P. Nicholson, won the an- of the year. All the committees have nual debate held in chapel last Fri- been appointed to take care of the day night between the Patterson and dance, and the Juniors aro determined Union Societies, on the subject, Re- that this year's entertainment shall year. solved: "That Congress should adopt outdo that of any previous of Secretary the recommendations Daniels of the Navy Department, for OLD STATE STUDENT National Defense." GETS IMPORTANT POST The Patterson men upheld the afof J. Graham McCorkle, firmative side of the question, which was attacked by J. V. Chamberlain, E. McFarland, of this city, has recentHerbert Schaber and J. J. McBrayer. ly been made Traffic Chief in charge Tihs contest gave the winning so- of the now Hyde Park Exchange of ciety permanent possession of the the Chicago Telephone Company, one Barker Trophy, a fifty dollar cup, and of the largest telephone exchanges in irai decided by the JudgeB, Dr. Ed- the world. Mr. McCorkle graduated from the ward Tuthlll, Judge Lyman Chalkley and County Attorney Hogan Yancey. local College of Mechanical and ElecG. C. Wilson, J. V. Chamberlain and trical Engineering in 1908 and has F. A. Harrison with J. H. McBrayer been with the Chicago Telephone as alternate, were selected to repre- Company ever since. The placing of sent the University In an intercolle- Mr. McCorkle in this responsible pogiate debate with Centre College In sition in charge of the newest, largest and most modern exchange of the April. Coach Tigert's galaxy of basketball threw Georgetown College from the Kentucky Intercollegiate Basketball Championship race Tuesday night on the Tigers' floor, 29 points to when they garneder Georgetown's 22, In a furiously contested bout. While Georgetown has another "crack" at State this season, the Wildcats figure that the next contest with the Tigers will provo easy plcklu's on the local floor. Jim Server, the elongated Wildcat center, demonstrated marked ability in scoring field goals, and it was his demonstration that placed the State contingent in front. Jim netted six fields, besides playing an excellent defensive game. (Continued on Page 3) stars practically company is quite a tribute to the work which he has done since entering this important branch of electrical upper-classma- 1916 LYCEUM COURSE CHEW UP WILDCATS 29-to-- 22 nt FIRMS WINNER TO BE SELECED BY THE The judges choosing this team were Professors L. L. Dantzler, T. T. Jones and W. E. Butt, Dr. Paul T. Boyd, and Hon. Maury Kemper. WINS ANNUAL DEBATE LOCAL Opening Game Promises To Be a Very Close One The lyceum course for this year, consisting of three musical numbers and three lectures, has been completed by Professor E. F. Farquhar and the first number will be given in the University chapel February 3. Speakers and musicians of international reputation will bo on the program this season. Tickets are free to all students of the University and can be procured at the registrar's office. An admission feo of 25 cents will be charged for each entertainment to persons outside the University. Hugh Black, the great Scottish preacher and writer, will open the course February 3, with a talk on "America Through Scotch Spectacles." Dr. J. Fred Wolle, noted organist and leader of the Bach festivals for several years, will appear here February 13. Dr. Wollo will give a recital at one of the local churches and the public will be admitted free. Dr. Wolle appoared here in lyceum work last year. Calo Young Rice, a poet of International reputation and ranked by many as Kentucky's greatest poet, will discuss "Contemporary English Poets" and give some readings March 17. The Arts Club, of this city, will give a concert March 24. (Continued on Page 2) The girls' basketball team will leave tonight for Winchester to engago the Kentucky Wesleyan team of that city tonight in the opening game of the season, the Margaret College game having been called off on account of the teams being unable to agree on the rules to be used. This game also had been scheduled for Friday night, but the Winchester girls could not procure the floor for that night. The delay in opening the season was probably a good thing for State, as practically a new team will go on the floor tonight and the extra time was needed for practice. Under the tutelage of Coach Bill Tuttle a has been developed, who are expected to go through the season without a defeat. The team has not yet been picked. though Miss Heller, as captain and center, and Miss Innes, as manager and forward, who were regulars last season, are assured of their places. The other positions will be filled from among the following girls: Misses Pearl Bastin, Frances Gelsel, Dawn Flannery, Haydon, Lillian Celia Cregor and Sarah Harbison. Kentucky Wesleyan was defeated last year in both of State's games with (CootlBved o m I) "1