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[26] > Image [26] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1953-03-apr7.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

26 WHEREAS, the passing from this life of FRANK LeROND McVEY on January 4, 1953, has removed from the campus of this University the physical presence of one whose influence upon her past has been of the greatest magnitude and whose contribution will live through all her future, NOW, THEREFORE, in this time of sadness, it is but fitting that there be placed of record in the permanent annals of the University an acknowledgment of her everlasting debt to this man. The measure of that debt is in its nature incalculable. Even so, it is with a most humble sense of inadequacy that these words are written, for Frank L. McVey was a man whose qualities, whose services and whose life were such that the genius of poetry would be taxed to capture in words his measure. Frank L. McVey personified vision, dignity, tolerance and integrity. Strength of character - loyalty to truth - the eternal search for knowledge - man' s everlasting struggle to better himself and his fellows - these noble phrases are but descriptive of forces that were a part of the daily life of Frank L. McVey. He was himself the kind of man who would ideally be the product of a University which fully met his famed definition of a University. His mind ranged broadly and deeply across the accumulated wisdom of Man, as across the contemporary affairs of men. His love of reading, of meditation, of research and writing, of sound scholarship, like his belief in the power of reason and his faith in the power of God, burned strongly in him, and all these things that were a part of himself and were the hallmark of his impact upon this University to which he devoted his finest years, are now his legacy to all who may come under the influence of this University forevermore. Kentucky became his state by choice and was honored by his love and loyalty. The University of Kentucky became his physical and in- tellectual home by choice and was enriched by his dedication to her progress. He brought to her campus, more than thirty-five years ago, a distinguished range of experience and accomplishments. As the years passed, his stature as an educator, an administrator, a scholar, an author, and a leader continued to grow, and with him grewthe stature of the University. His position as president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, as president of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, as president of the National As- sociation of State Universities, as officer and respected leader of many other organizations and causes whose worthy purposes and activities stretched far beyond the borders of this Commonwealth, brought honor and standing and reflected glory to this campus. Beyond all doubt, Kentucky is a greater state, and her University a finer institution, because of Frank L. McVey. He constantly sought and inspired others to seek the good, the true, and the beautiful. Frank L. McVey was a talented painter, a student of history and of literature, a lover of music and of nature. An economist, a political scientist, a philosopher, seeking ever after wisdom and finding it to an extent achieved by few men of his time, he used it always in the